Dickinson College Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of a college tells you the percentage of student applications the school receives during its admission seasons and what percentage of applications ultimately get accepted. Knowing the acceptance rate of an institution of choice gives you an idea of how difficult or easy it is to get admitted. With this information, you can classify your college choices into difficult or easy, determine how much preparation you need when applying for each college, and your chances of being accepted. In this article we shall learn about Dickinson College Acceptance Rate.

An institution like Dickinson ranked as one of the best liberal art colleges in the US, receives thousands of applications from students globally. As a potential student with an eye on the school, you may be curious about its acceptance rate.

Dickinson College has a moderately low acceptance rate. During its 2022 academic fall season, its acceptance rate was 40.1%, with the institution accepting about 2,578 applications from the 6,430 received. This rate is at odds with its 71% early decision (ED) rate in 2021.

Dickinson College Acceptance Rate

Attending Dickinson College

Founded in 1783 by Benjamin Rush, a well-known physician in Philadelphia and an ardent supporter of the American Revolution, Dickinson College today highlights the core belief of its founder – freedom of thought and action. 

Armed with the mission of ensuring that all students who go through the institution graduate as individuals ready to serve as leaders, the college has graduated many who became chief justices of the Supreme Court, lawyers, presidents, senators, writers, etc.

Its impressive reputation as one of the best liberal arts schools in the US and globally has made Dickinson College a hotshot among local and international students. Hence, the school receives thousands of applications from students globally during its admission seasons. 

Despite this, Dickinson only accepts students that meet its requirements, gaining a reputation of being a highly-selective liberal arts college. Its current acceptance rate is 40.1% for its academic season in the fall of 2022, and according to the college, this rate will fall further.

Notwithstanding this, Dickinson has a higher acceptance rate for students who apply via its ED form. In 2021, its acceptance rate for ED was 71%, with the college accepting 260 students out of 368. Check out this website for more information about Dickinson College ED. 

Academic Requirements to Become a Dickinsonian

If becoming a Dickinsonian is a life-long dream of yours, there are academic standards you must meet for that dream to come true. They include:

  • A 3.7 GPA minimum. By demanding this minimum from potential students, Dickinson indicates that its students need to be a little better than average. Having a 3.7 GPA in high school requires getting more A’s than B’s with no C’s. If you are at a point where it is too late to change your GPA, you can do better on your SAT or ACT.
  • SAT/ACT. Dickinson College recommends submitting your SAT or ACT score if you have one. Note that this is not compulsory, but you can boost your admission chances with a high SAT/ACT score if you have a low or average GPA. Students who submit their SAT/ACT with their Dickinson application should have 1350 – 1390 in their SAT or 29 – 31 in their ACT.

Asides from these, you also need two letters of recommendation, your application form, the non-refundable application fee, proof of extracurricular activities, etc. Check out this website for the Dickinson College application checklist.

How important is the Acceptance Rate of College?

Many students are quick to look up the acceptance rate of a college of choice to calculate the success rate of their application letter. Knowing the acceptance rate of a college of choice is good information during your college application process. As we said earlier, it helps you determine the success chances of your application letter. 

However, the acceptance rate does not indicate if a school is the best fit for a student or not. It also does not truly represent the academic quality of a school. Hence, determining how vital the student acceptance rate of a college is, depends on you.

If you are concerned about the prestige and pride of being accepted into an institution with a low acceptance rate, college acceptance ratings will be vital to your college choice.

However, if you are purely concerned about academic standing and whether an institution has your desired program of study, acceptance rates may be of little importance to your college choice. 

Unlike many think, the acceptance rates of a college do not equal the quality of education the school provides. So, if you want to attend a top-notch institution, you need to move beyond its acceptance rate and consider other vital factors like:

  • Does the college have your desired program of study? The acceptance rate of a college does not matter if you cannot study your dream course there. 
  • Grants/Financial aid. High college tuition is one factor responsible for the decline of students in college today. Hence, attending a college that offers financial aid/grants to reduce the financial burdens of its students is not a bad idea.
  • Academic environment. Consider the college environment. Is it student-friendly? Will it fuel your academic jellies? Does it have facilities and equipment vital to your program of study?

Carefully considering all these factors will help you select a college that is the perfect fit for you.


As an institution intent on fulfilling its mission to produce graduates that become leaders who serve society, Dickinson College only accepts about 40% of application letters received. This acceptance rate indicates that students aspiring to become Dickinsonians must be academically sound if they want their application letter to return with the admitted stamp. However, individuals who believe Dickinson to be the perfect college for them can apply via its early decision program to increase their admission chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is Dickinson College tuition?

For the academic year of 2022/2023, the college’s tuition is $61,056.

  1. Where is Dickinson College located?

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States.