What ACT score does EKU require?

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), situated in Richmond, EKU is a public university. EKU is a regional comprehensive university with branches in Corbin, Hazard, Lancaster, and Manchester, and also over 40 online undergraduate and graduate programs. EKU is globally the 769th in the ranking of the universities and 295th position in the United States. EKU is home to almost 15,000 students in the united states. EKU is a state school with four campuses, two in the east, in Manchester and Hazards, and one or more in the middle and southern regions of Kentucky, in Lancaster and Corbin. In this article we shall see What ACT score does EKU require?

What ACT score does EKU require?

ACT requirement for EKU

To gain acceptance into  Eastern Kentucky University, you should have an aggregate ACT score of 23. Remarkably, most applicants who are accepted to Eastern Kentucky University have cumulative ACT scores in the 20-26 bracket. EKU now needs a minimum ACT combined score of 20 to be accepted for admission. Moreover, ACT scores are sort for admission. History had it that 95% of applicants submit their ACT results for entrance to this school.

As we usually advise, it is better to get a score that is close to the minimum score or higher so that you can have a great chance of entry. Although your admission officer may not ask for your test score it is advisable to submit it so that you can have proper placement.

SAT requirement for EKU

Eastern Kentucky University considers candidates’ SAT scores for determination allowed to ask. Other than that, applicants should be aware that SAT scores are needed to consider entering college. All potential applicants that are enrolled in EKU have an aggregate  SAT score of 1080. In rare situations, nevertheless, even applicants with SAT scores of 990 or less may be approved. Roughly 8% of university applicants submit their SAT results for admission evaluation.

Estimated or Average GPA requirement 

A better GPA is frequently seen to be a crucial element in an applicant’s ability to gain admission to every college of their choice. A high GPA is an important factor for admission at Eastern Kentucky University, as it is at most other universities.

 However, information on the average public school GPA of those admitted to EKU is inaccessible. Candidates applying to Eastern Kentucky University ought to be aware of the admissions requirements, including required documentation and all information considered when making an admissions decision. 

All applicants must also submit to the institution several vital documents, like their secondary school GPA, upper secondary records, completion of a high school program, and admission test results (SAT/ACT).

Other requirements

including required documentation and all information considered when making an admissions decision.

  •  A completed application.
  • Authentic transcript. from your former school
  • Scores on standard tests (ACT/SAT/GRE/MAT/GMAT).
  • Recommendation letters from your counselor and Teachers 
  •  Statement of intention.
  • Proof that you are a professional English speaker.

EKU’s Commitment

Eastern Kentucky University aims to provide ideological and artistic opportunities that foster academic habits and open-mindedness, convey a deep awareness of American democracy and the citizen’s responsibility in sustaining its strength and vitality, and impart an required documentation and all information considered when making an admissions decision., and educate productive and responsible citizens.

EKU acceptance rate

Eastern Kentucky University has a permissive admissions policy. The university’s overall admittance rate was 94 percent in 2020. Eastern Kentucky University accepts applications for admission throughout the Autumn, Spring, and Summer semesters. Foreign students with a GPA of at least 2.5 and a TOEFL score of at least 71 have a decent chance of being selected.

The institution offers a variety of opportunities for students, including high-quality education, remedial tutoring, and health services.

EKU tuition fee and other financial requirements

Apart from the $35 application fee, the tuition fee per semester is, the yearly tuition fee is $10500.About 81% of students who attended EKU got financial aid amounting to about $90 million in different categories. Additionally, students can also request loans to pay their school fees which must be paid back within a given time frame.


Eastern Kentucky University is an exceptional college. It offers practically any discipline you can envision, and tuition is reasonably inexpensive. Classes are small, and academics are usually approachable. Ensure to start your admission early so that you will be able to finish up before the set date for closure. If you have any difficulty, you can send a mail to the contact mail on their portal.

Frequently asked question

Does EKU accept Superscore?

EKU does not accept superscore. You can choose your highest ACT score and send it to EKU perhaps you might be lucky to be admitted since the acceptance rate is high.

Is EKU a d1?

In the Ohio Valley Conference, EKU’s intercollegiate sports clubs participate in NCAA division 1 (1-AA in football). You will have free entry to all athletic events as a student.

What is the ACT composite score for EKU?

Eastern Kentucky University’s average ACT composite score is a 22. The ACT score for the 25th quartile is 19, and the ACT score for the upper quartile is 24. To put it another way, a 19 puts you below average, and a 24 takes you above average.

What is Kentucky University best known for?

In 1916, the university was named the University of Kentucky. The College of Kentucky will be one of the country’s top 20 public research universities, a global leader in instruction, discovery, and service, as well as an accelerator for intellectual, sociological, artistic, and economic growth.

Is Eastern Kentucky University an excellent school?

Is Eastern Kentucky University an excellent university to take part in?

the result. Regional Universities South grades Eastern Kentucky University as 52nd. Schools are ranked based on their performance on a set of widely recognized excellence factors.

What is Kentucky University best known for?

In 1916, the university has renamed the University of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky is one of the country’s top 20 public research universities, a worldwide provider in teaching, research, and service, as well as a catalyst for intellectual, social, cultural, and economic growth.