Do you Need to Party in College?

Along with higher studies, more responsibilities and continuous peer pressure, college also brings the phase of partying with it. College is a very crucial stage of a student’s life where you basically work on growing your personality and partying can be one way to do that. College life of a student usually goes on in a loop, for instance, attending classes, competing with peers in almost everything, aiming for presentable GPA and so forth, that’s why colleges hold parties, clubs and sporting events to enliven a student’s monotonous routine. In this article we shall see if you Need to Party in College?

There are two types of students found in every college, extroverts, who are no less than an eager beaver, always looking for a way to party and then there are introverts, making zillions of excuses just to hide themselves behind the door of their dorms. Party is needful for both the categories especially, for the introverts, to just try to get out of their comfort zones for once and see what is out there, isn’t this what the college is all about? 

It’s true that parties are often considered to be absurd and not that productive but this is just a baseless fact, it totally depends as upon how are you viewing college parties, whether you are thinking of it as one of your classes and expecting to learn a tedious lesson from it which would obviously make the purpose of party pointless for you or you are taking it as a way to elate yourself and a means of escape from your endless overwhelming thoughts. The perspective here plays a very important role to realize the need to party in college. Let’s think it through while knowing the reasons why there is a need to party in college. 

Do you Need to Party in College?

To Socialize

One of the most common advice a student gets before going off to college is to socialise, and party is the best place to start socialising. It doesn’t matter that you are a fresher, a sophomore or even a senior, its never too late to start something new. The very idea behind the party is to socialise and make yourself acquainted with the people around you. People are usually in their most original form in the parties, so it gets much easier to have an easy-going conversation with them without having any filters on.

To Keep Up with Your Peers

College life is all about being up to date, you don’t know when a littlest thing you don’t know about can come across your way and starts questioning you. For example, there might be some slangs you don’t know about which is commonly used by your peers. Parties are the best way to keep yourself updated as when you go amongst the people there, you’ll feel the need to stay current. 

To Live in the Moment

College life starts and ends with a rush, students generally don’t take out the time to just live in the moment and relish what is currently going on in their life. They usually get swamped either with the planning of their future or regretting about what they didn’t do in their past. Parties are the best way to just deviate yourself from these thoughts for once and just live in the moment.

Party is much more than just socialising and being updated, it is also about doing something for yourself, giving yourself some time to just be free of the daily burdening routine, which is what they call me-time in which you can do whatever you want. An introvert can find interacting with people too much sometimes, that’s why there is always an option for them to just enjoy these parties in their own bubble, which would be like killing two birds with one stone.

 Signs to Tell if you Need to Party in College

Given below are a few signs you need to check with yourself before making up your mind whether you need to party in college or not;

  • If it is your own will and you are not being forced by anyone.
  •  If you want to just get out there and make yourself known amongst your peers.
  • If you want to make memories for yourself.
  • If you want to get the best out of your college life.
  • If you want to broaden your horizons.
  • If you want to get more conversant.
  • If you want to get out of your comfort zone.
  • If you want to know what partying feels like.
  • If you know you can maintain a poise between academics and parties.

Is Partying In College Necessary? 

Everyone has their own perspective of viewing things, like partying in college can be terrific for some people whereas extremely frightening experience for some at the same time, so it is on you to inspect in which category you are in or in which category do you want to see yourself in, cause at the end of the day it would be totally your decision as on what do you want for yourself.


Partying in college has its own pros and cons, but it all comes down to how you are balancing things and how much are you in control of yourself. It is a very known fact that young minds easily get affected by college parties, so you should party in college only when you know that you’ll not get swayed in it, you should know how to cope with college as well while attending parties, you should know when to give yourself time without causing any interruption in your college life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you need to party to look cool in front of your peers?

Absolutely not, it should be kept in mind that you should always be yourself, you’ll never look cool if you pretend what you’re not.

Q2. What if you start regretting your decision to go to party?

Don’t overthink it, parties can make you have second thoughts about yourself but this is exactly what it takes to get out of your comfort zone. 

Q3. How to stay away from bad influence in parties?

Find a good company whom you are able to vibe with, keep your guard on and do not ever take any rash decisions in a party. 

Q4. Will it affect your college life if you don’t party?

No, it will not affect your college life that much because partying is just for your enjoyment, although, you’ll probably miss out on a few things, you’ll eventually get over it.