Do You Need A College Degree To Be Successful?

In this day and age, education has become a life hack for a better career. You know if you need a better future with all wealth and fortune you need education. College degree can get you to a point where not just you, but the whole world will pass you as a successful person. You need to understand that a college degree is just one way to become successful and probably the easiest one. 

Do You Need A College Degree To Be Successful?

Is a college degree an essential factor in quoting you as a successful person? 

No. There are plenty of people who attain a college degree just to end up working for other people at a job that they hated when they started. A college degree shows you a path. As all the greats said, planning and execution make way for winning anything. Yes, that is true, but only for people who need to view an already existing path. Many people believe in their instincts to make a living out of what they love to do. These are not people you see all the time, every day, but they do exist, living their passion.

People with great influence molded our society to become a slave to what other people want. Qualification is just another one of them. Many jobs need qualifications and only people who are willing to go through them earn them, but what if that person needs that and has no money to pursue them? Does qualification mean to qualify for a task to get a job or to have a passion to do it till the end for this world’s sake?

Qualification is different from Success 

Success is a word that has a lot of interpretations in each period. For some people it is wealth, for some, it is wisdom, for some, it can be fame or popularity. As it is said, to be successful depends on many things. People who never got a fortune see something closer for them to grab and call it a success. 

The real factor is, there has never been a true stable meaning for success. It was all the judgmental behavior that only human beings showcase in this world to prove a point of superiority. To judge someone is the lamest of all the things a person can do. To get superior in the eyes of strangers they went to achieve things that are sweeter for eyes, money, gold, luxury, fame, and so on. 

A career in a college degree

In this era of ‘influencing’, you can see a bad actor would put himself in front of a camera and a microphone to preach about success, which meant only fame to them. But for a person whose only way to live in this world is to get a regular job. It can protect him and his family from poverty. So a privileged man explaining the steps to become a success to a middle-class person is ridiculous.

Do you think these people willfully chose that work? And we’re saying this not for everyone, but the majority of them are trapped in a mechanism that institutionalized them for ages. These people also had a dream to become successful  and executives try to put them in a place they decide to.

A career without a college degree 

An artist is anyone who creates anything, not for his own sake. An artist forgets art with the keywords, ‘Billboard’ and ‘Box Office’, they lose interest in the creation after a point. This is also a form of success. If you ask a businessman whether a singer is the most successful person in the world he would deny it. He answers someone he knows, who is in the field he is passionate about. 

To be an artist you don’t need a paper in the form of a qualification. Many of the great artists died before even getting properly appreciated for the modest works they shared with us. No one was fair to them compared to artists nowadays because they decided to be selfless in the process. Still, people go for money and money decides whether you have a life or not.


At the end of the day, everyone is going to prefer a college degree over any instinctive call you have. It sorts you out easily and guarantees you at least a small job. Rather than going for the wilderness that is offered by this world for going for something that means something to you, you can secure a  job and feel independent in society. Many disciplines require fundamental knowledge and we can find many who are genuinely curious about it to know and understand these phenomena. For them, the way to success is to look around the path you choose to go because without people to share, you can never find value.