What Is Each Year Of College Called?

Undergraduate programs are becoming a necessary instrument in everyone’s career because it dictates the future. It is a form of qualification to pass through the door of many opportunities that this world is offering. It became more and more influential and sustainable when it became more easily affordable. Every student who enrols themselves in a bachelor’s program has to be attending college for four years to complete the course.

What is each year of college called?

What is each year of college called?

According to college in the United States, the four-year degree program is the most commonly accepted duration to complete it. In these four years of college, each year is significant in completing it and are named as Freshman – 1st year, Sophomore – 2nd year, Junior – 3rd year, and Senior – 4th year respectively. Each academic year is divided into 2 semesters, so a total of 8 semesters to complete a four-year degree program. 

The total duration of being in college can vary from this if it takes you a long time to pass each exam and assignment. You will have to attend exams after every semester to proceed to the next one even though most of the colleges need you to but then at least four years in college some only need you to be In the college for three years. It can vary according to the rules and regulations, and educational protocols followed by the educational institution you have chosen. It is different in different parts of the world and mostly depends on the Rules that are implemented by the top authority in that country.

  • Freshman year

      Freshman year in college is considered to be the first year of the bachelor’s program you have chosen. This year, it is mainly considered as an introduction to all the students and to meet new people. Even though the entire year is not considered to be just an introduction to getting used to everything around the college campus you need an entire year. Students will be having lectures, assignments, and exams while they are in their freshman year.  As I said earlier, the first year is also considered two semesters, So you need to adapt to the college surroundings and the people inside the university.

  • Sophomore year

The second year in college is known as sophomore year. This year consists of the third and fourth semesters of your 8-semester graduation studies. Most get comfortable around here with everything around them and the people they meet every day, including the professors, guest lecturers,  office staff,  other assistants, and all the other students. 

      The word Sophomore is derived from two Latin words, one being Sophos meaning ‘wise’, and the other Moros, meaning ‘foolish’, and together they can be called ‘wise fools’. This is not considered an insult, but these days it is, but the fact that the students go through one year of wisdom and reach the second year not to be masters at that but to keep learning. They need to go a long way to be recognized as one.

  • Junior Year

The junior year or the third year of college in the US comprises the fifth and sixth semesters of the whole journey to complete the course. This can be called the penultimate year and there is only one more year left for you to gain graduation. This year with the exams and other assignments, you will be given special Internships and other works that can be later used to evaluate your work rate. 

  • Senior Year

The last and final year of your academic studies in a college is called the senior year. The word means you will be considered as the senior most students in the college. This year comprises the fifth and sixth semesters of your bachelor’s degree. 

  • Super Senior Year

The super senior is not a classified year in the academics of an institution. But they are classified for students who didn’t complete the course within the regular amount of time allotted for them, which is 4 years. It can take up to eight years to complete the course, again, it depends on the system and rules of the particular college. 


The levels and grades of the education system vary from one place to another. The most familiar way you’ve experienced in our institution won’t be similar to a school or college or university in another country. On the other side of the world, in most Asian countries you only need three years to complete a bachelor’s degree in college. And this four-year system is mostly seen in the western world. So with different places, the name they use to signify one thing can be noted differently. Even though the total number of years required to complete a course can vary, to complete the course within the given time gets you a degree.