Do Colleges Have Ultimate Frisbee Teams?

“Ultimate Frisbeeis a flying disc game which includes two teams. The player of one team has to pass the Frisbee disc to his team-mate without making physical contact with them and the “Frisbee” disc needs to be thrown in the goal net in order to win the game. The opposition team is on the defensive side and puts their all effort in stopping the other team to score. In this article we shall see if Colleges have Ultimate Frisbee Teams?

It has been confirmed by the USA ultimate committee known as (USAU) that there are around 800 college ultimate teams in North America itself including over 18000 students playing every year. The championship is further divided into 10 regions of America which ultimately falls under the US College National Championship. 

The excitement and sports-man spirit of every team vary from college to college and each college motivates their students to participate and give their best performance in the game.

Do Colleges Have Ultimate Frisbee Teams?

 Role of Ultimate Frisbee in Colleges

Ultimate Frisbee originated in the year 1968 by a school student Joel Silver while playing Disc Frisbee with his fellow mates as he said it is the “Ultimate” game. The college championship came into existence on November 6, 1972. The first ever game was played between Rutgers and Princeton in Rutgers university, Jersey. The game was won by Rutgers.

 Since then there is no looking back and the championship took over the American colleges having such a huge amount of participants who showcase their athlete skills every year. The winners of the championship get rewarded with a large amount of money for their zeal and hard earned success. 

The universities compete in two categories: Division 1 and Division 3. Both Divisions are being conducted during the period of spring and lastly heading towards the national championship tournament. The time duration of a game is 40 minutes between 2 teams.

How Can a Student Qualify For the Ultimate Frisbee Championship? 

  • The championship is being held every spring, due to a pandemic the virtual practice sessions also came into existence.
  • The student must be a graduate 
  • Must have a good track record in education as well as athletes.

Popularity amongst Colleges

The game is quite popular amongst the college students. Every year many outstanding teams are formed having crazy and exciting names and showcase their presentation of sports with various colourful uniforms in the most playful way. The various teams in colleges are divided into different categories for men and women and have their own set of rules. The women are given equal opportunity to show their upper hand as athletes. 

The most famous Ultimate Frisbee teams include Dark side, Tuffs, Oregon and brown. The 2021 Ultimate championship was exclusively aced and won by Dark side, followed by many other teams in North America. 

There are many pre championship fun-fests and dress up parties being organized by various colleges to boost the confidence of teams and make an historical count in the world of Ultimate Frisbee. The world of college ultimate championship shows new talents and emerging champions to the world every year with its remarkable event.

Things You Should Know About The Game

 The ultimate game is played between teams having a maximum of 7 players, a minimum of players required is 4. The major roles include the handlers and the cutters. The handlers throw the disc and the cutter catches the disc. The role is given according to the ability of players and participants, followed by stacks which play the role of moving the disc in the field towards the opposition Team’s net to make a goal. 

The defensive team performs the exact opposite roles while stopping the other team from making a goal, which can be done by various actions like Man to Man, Force Flick , Force Home, Force Away etc.

There are certain sets of Rules being followed by the players which includes not to run with disc in hand, the goal must be done under the total time of 40 minutes, the player should not push the other opponent in any case if done might get declared disqualified.

The sand tournament has a different set of rules having 5 players from each team on the field for a point, in addition to two handlers for vertical stack and two handlers for horizontal stack. The cutters need to be more in action as they are few in comparison to the opposing team. 

In an interview one of the authority members said that every student should look forward to the Ultimate Frisbee Championship as it holds a pathway to the dream of an athlete, not only giving national recognition but international recognition as well by getting identified in the Olympics game too.


Above article must have given you the idea and overview of how prominent and classy the Ultimate Frisbee game is. The Ultimate Frisbee is the most exciting and constructive game introduced in the world of college championship. It not only brings out the athlete inside the student but also enhances his/her leadership, confidence building and team spirit, needed to ace in this tech driven world. For many decades Ultimate has given amazing opportunities to the students to achieve goals by hitting the goal in the field itself. What fun isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What college invented Ultimate Frisbee?

The Ultimate Frisbee game was first played between Rutgers and Princeton in 1962.It was introduced by both universities and won By Rutgers University, having a score of 29 and the date was 6th of November.

  1. Why Is Frisbee called Ultimate?

Joel Silver Unknowingly said while playing Frisbee in school one day with his mates that it is the “Ultimate” sports experience, got so bench marked that soon after that the game was termed to be Ultimate Frisbee by the club.

  1. Is Ultimate Frisbee played on many College campuses? Is it a popular sport?

Ultimate Frisbee is being played in more than 42 countries all over the world, says USA Ultimate organization. The most popular campuses include the North American Universities. Be it Men league or Women league both kinds of universities support the sport tremendously and is the hot topic amongst the college campuses.

  1. How many people play Frisbee in the USA?

Looking at the statistics in 2017, we can conclude that around3.13 million people play Frisbee in the US.