Is 23 Too Old to Start College?

Are you 23 years old and contemplating starting college and you’re also wondering whether it’s too old for you to start college? Then you are in the right place because we will help you see important reasons as to why 23 is not too old for starting higher education. For acquiring education or knowledge, an age is just a number.

Your age should not come in between your knowledge and your opportunities to gain education and a good career. There are many reasons which will show you that 23 is not too old to start your college life, however there are some things that you have to keep in mind.

No, 23 is not too old to start college. It may be more difficult to blend in or get through with it, but it would still be a tremendous gain for you. Here’s why:

Is 23 Too Old to Start College?

More Opportunities 

23 years old is not very old to start college because it is going to provide you with the perfect opportunities at the perfect time. Presently there will be several jobs in your area of expertise that you will not be able to apply for, because you do not have a college degree and all jobs require a higher education. 

If you get this college degree which you always wanted then you will be capable of applying to the job that you love. A higher education degree is going to open up more opportunities for you in versatile fields of employment. It has also been seen that a 40 year employment life of people who have a bachelor’s degree can get more salary  than the people who work without a bachelor’s degree. It is never too late to explore the subjects that you want to study and the career that you want to achieve.

Strong Sense of Goals

Since you are already 23 years old and you have experienced more in life, you will be able to make mature decisions when it comes to your curriculum and the manner in which you study. You will have more real world experiences to guide you and help you choose the major that suits you the best. You will also be motivated to acquire the degree once you see why getting a college degree is so significant. This will help you realise the fact that age doesn’t matter when it comes to education and expecting a better life.

Better Understanding of Curriculum 

Since you are already at an age of maturity, it will help you understand the curriculum far better than your peers. You will understand concepts and theories far more clearly and you will not be confused in class. It will also make it easier for you to realise why curriculum and the classes matter and this will help you get better marks in your exams and have a better academic result.

23 is Not As Old As You Feel

The main thing which you have to consider is the fact that the age of 23 is very young. You still have a long 40 year window where you can expect to work in huge multinational companies after you graduate. So do not think that your time has already passed because you have a very long time where you will get all the opportunities and benefits if you get a college degree.

There Will be Older Students

It is possible that there are likely older students who are going to study with you and it is not uncommon for people to go back to college when they are in the 30s and even in their 40s. There are several people who did not get the opportunities of doing a higher location for their personal reasons and they do go back to college after a certain point of time. Therefore, do not feel insecure because there will be people who will be exactly the same age as you and people who are older than you.

Age is Just a Number

There is no designated age for gaining the knowledge and education that you deserve. Educational institutions do not judge you by age and they give a degree certificate to anyone who is diligent and works hard and is academically successful. As long as you respect your education and you study properly in the curriculum, people will only see your achievement and no one will notice your age.

Good at Socialisation 

Since you are 23 years old you are very young and you can socialise with new peers from your college but you are also not old enough to have extreme knowledge about certain subjects. This gives you the perfect window to experience new things in life while you are also mature enough to select your own curriculum and your own major. Your personal life experiences and your age will give you a lot of motivation and maturity which some of your classmates might not have.

Do What is Right for Your Future:

It is a given fact that a higher education and College degree is going to give you more opportunities than a high school degree. Therefore you should always prioritise your higher education and your opportunities for gaining a job rather than you in security about your age. 

23 is very young and it is the perfect age to go to college and complete your education so that by the time you’re 30 you can have the job that you had always wanted. When you achieve your degree at the end of the day, it is not going to matter at what age you acquired it. 


All that will matter is your achievement and your success as well as the fact that now you can fulfil your goals as well as your dreams. So go get that agreement and do not worry about your age.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can you start a new major in college at 23? 

Yes you can choose any major you want. Every college in America gives the opportunity to select diverse majors and mix up different subjects from different categories.