Do Colleges have Archery Teams?

Do Colleges have Archery Teams?

To know do colleges have archery teams…Read on this article…!

Archery is one of the most loving sports in countries like the United States of America. Many youngsters love archery and this makes archery one of the most loving sports in the world. Various training centres have been set up to train the youngsters in archery. The charm of the sport has made it one of the most important sports in the Olympics.

The craze of the sport has made many colleges in the United States add archery as an important co-curricular activity and sport and along with this, they are having their teams which play for inter-state matches. Archery is seen as one of the most handsome sports for the youngsters of today. Even colleges accept its beauty and consider it the best sport to play. 


Archery is a very different sport which requires great skills and patience. It requires good precision and focuses. Many youngsters in the United States have together formed private training institutes to make sure that everybody knows about the beauty of the sport. The skills with which the archer uses his bow and arrow to focus on the target come from years of experience and learning. It is considered a competitive sport and hence is selected by various colleges for training the students. It is a recreational activity which uses various shooting techniques and forms. The sport depends on the accuracy of arrow flights. A correct stance and body posture are very necessary for providing a great flight to the arrow. All these techniques are taught in the colleges which have archery as the main sport.

Colleges and Archery

Most colleges have archery teams and it is considered a matter of pride when any college addresses itself by saying that they have a team of archers. Since there are various colleges with archery teams, there are various matches also which are conducted regularly. This keeps the spirits of the archers high. According to stats and figures, students who were passionate enough to learn archery well in their college became archers at the national level and their learning in the sport started right from their college days. The college trained them so well that they found themselves worth participating in national level matches and proving their might. The coaches of the archery teach all the important skills and methods that are required for competing well. In the colleges of the United States, archery is prioritised a lot and for this reason, the coaches focus on the new trainees strictly in archery.

Why do colleges focus On Archery this much?

Archery is a very competitive sport and requires great skills. It is that sport which challenges the mental stability of the archer. Colleges focus on the overall development of the students today. They want their students to be mentally sharp and alert. Archery is a sport which challenges the archer mentally. It tests the precision, focus, patience, alertness, etc of the archer. Other than this, archery is seen as the best way of meditation. It teaches the students to calm their minds down so that they may focus on their target or aim. This is what we do when we meditate. The students are taught to keep their minds stable while their coaches train them in archery. It has a lot of competition and youth today like complex and competitive things and archery is the best option to serve the purpose.

The benefits due to which most of the colleges have added up archery as an important sport are:

  • It improves focus;
  • It improves hand-eye co-ordination;
  • It improves patience;
  • It improves confidence;
  • It improves social skills;
  • It improves calculation and precision;
  • It improves accuracy;
  • It improves upper strengths and body postures.

How do the coaches train the archers in the colleges?

In the colleges, the coaches train the students firstly how to attain mental stability. They teach their students how they can keep their minds calm and relaxed. Having a cool and relaxed mind helps the archer to focus on the target and start to measure their precision. The coach teaches the trainees to aim for the centre of the board or the target so that the trainees reach somewhere near to the aim in the proximity. After adjusting themselves which involves :

  • Having a cool and relaxed mind
  • Perfect body posture
  • Perfect sight
  • Good position for handling the bow and arrow
  • Good precision and the idea of the target
  • Perfectly calculated distance

The coach asks the trainee to leave his arrow from the bow so that the arrow strikes the target right in the middle.

In a nutshell, a coach teaches the trainee the focus, patience, precision, body posture, and calculation of the distance.

How the teams are formed?

The team member selection process depends upon the testing criterion and is under the supervision of the coach in charge. The coach takes up the training session for the period during the whole semester. After the period of training in acquiring knowledge in archery, he tests his students through a general test or match. The students who perform well form the team. The team, however, should learn the methods of coordination, interaction and analytical behaviour. This boosts the performance while creating a chance for victory in the sport. The college teams’ archery prefers inter-state matches between the teams of different other states.     


Colleges know the benefits of valuing archery as a sport. They train their students to perform well in archery. Archery is so famous because it benefits health and personality directly. It improves the personality of the archer and makes him look very can and sophisticated. The one who practices archery tends to have better perception skills than any other non-archer. The colleges of the United States have prioritised the sport. Every second college in the United States has an archery team. They play the sport for their college whenever the opportunity knocks on their door.  

Frequently asked questions
  • Can I get into any private archery training centre and still perform well for the college students?

Yes! It all depends on your skills and hard work.

  • How much time does it take to learn archery?

If you are dedicated enough it will just take 6 months for you to be a competitive archer.

  • Can I participate in national level archery matches and represent my college?

You have to acquire great skills and fulfil all the eligibility criteria before you can participate in the national level archery matches.