Best Nursing Schools in Georgia

If you are a resident of this great state and you are aspiring to pursue an education here, specifically a nursing degree, then this article could prove to be of use to you. One of the most important things you would be researching is if there are any good schools in the state of Georgia. Like other states in the United States of America, Georgia possesses some very high-end quality schools. Here is the list of best nursing schools in Georgia.

Best Nursing Schools in Georgia

         First off, in the state of Georgia, Nursing is considered a very lucrative and highly sought-after course because even though it is not medicine, the course is very much centered on healing people and saving lives. Georgia is a state in the United States of America that is quite popular for providing a good education for low tuition to its residents. Now that is out of the way, it is a no-brainer that to be able to practice as a nurse in the state of Georgia, you will first need to be trained as one and also go through certification. Your go-to research topic now would be good nursing schools in Georgia. Well, in the state of Georgia, every nursing school is mandated to adhere to some pretty strict policies and standards to ensure that you become on par with any nurse in the world. Also, in the area of job seeking, if you intend to work in Georgia as a nurse shortly, then getting certified from any of the nursing schools in the state will be your surest and safest bet.

The Top Nursing Schools in Georgia

           If you prefer to enjoy pursuing your nursing education within the four walls of campus instead of online, then you will probably be stuck on the internet looking for the best nursing schools that the state has to offer. However, when making your final decision, remember to take to heart the popular saying that says all that glitters is not gold. Even though a particular university seems to offer quality education and looks pretty and all, it is important to consider tuition. This is especially if you are not a permanent resident of Georgia. However, if you are permanently resident in Georgia, then you may have the opportunity to be a little bit skeptical and choosy when choosing a university to pursue your nursing degree because you will be entitled to lower tuition. With that being said, the following institutions have built up quite a reputation and are considered the top nursing schools in Georgia.

  • Georgia Southwestern State University

Georgia Southwestern State University is considered one of the best schools in the state. This is probably because of the school’s flexible learning structure. Yup, if you do intend to study nursing here, you can still choose to study online from the comfort of your space. That is not all, Georgia Southwestern State decided to take it up a notch by offering a variety of learning structures to both nursing and aspiring nursing students. In addition to the conventional 4-year curriculum, this university also decided to include an accelerated BSN curriculum as well as RN-BSN program for already registered and certified nurses. They have an NCLEX pass rate of 90.28% and this has put them in the books of so many aspiring nursing students.

However, on the note of how much tuition would cost to pursue a nursing degree at Georgia Southwestern State University, they are considered quite pocket friendly. To be able to study nursing here, you should expect to be paying tuition of about 5,000 to 6,000 dollars annually. It is not clear exactly how much out-state students would need to pay as the tuition changes for every academic year. 

  • Georgia Southern University

This school is also highly considered by aspiring nursing students for one main reason which is the school’s insanely low tuition. However, when quality is put into the mix, they do not have the best NCLEX pass rate when compared to other giant schools in Georgia. With an NCLEX pass rate of just 75.56%, Georgia Southern University offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, and also, the school offers programs for already registered and certified nurses to continue their education. So, if you intend to pursue a nursing degree at Georgia Southern University, and you are a little light on cash, then you may want to consider applying here.

Now that is out of the way, you may be wondering, just how low is the tuition to be able to study here. Well, for a student who is a resident of Georgia, you can study nursing here for an average of 5,000 dollars annually. When compared to other universities in the United States of America, this is considered dirt cheap.

  • Georgia College and State University

This is another school that deserves a spot on the table of best nursing schools in Georgia. This institution has the staff when it comes to providing a quality education because the NCLEX pass rate of the university is 95.56% which is the second-highest pass rate among the other nursing schools in the state. In the past, Georgia College and State University were established as an institution for women’s education but today, the institution is well known in Georgia because from an online BSN to a DNP, the school offers just about any nursing degree an aspiring student would die for. As you can see, as mentioned earlier, the quality of their education is one of the best in Georgia.

However, when it comes to the issue of paying tuition, the institution might come off as a little pricey when compared to other nursing schools in Georgia. If you are an in-state student, then you should be ready to cough up about 7,500 dollars on an annual basis. This, however, is still very much accepted by aspiring nursing students because when compared with other nursing schools in the United States of America, this is still really affordable.

  • Columbus State University.

With an NCLEX pass rate of 89.68%, Columbus state is another sought-after institution for aspiring nursing students. However, the most popular nursing program in the school is the RN-BSN online program. This is because the graduates of this program have been known to have a high employability rate and there is also the fact that it runs for just a year. This program is, however, for only registered and certified nurses. To be clear, this does not mean that Columbus State does not offer the conventional BSN program. They do but the online program has the higher application.

On an annual basis, a student who is a resident in Georgia should expect to pay about 7,300 dollars just for tuition. 

  • Kennesaw State University

With the university being able to cater to both physical and online students, aspiring nursing students in Georgia do seem to gravitate to the institution during college application season. With a high NCLEX pass rate of 95.16%, the school has stolen the hearts of many nursing applicants. Another fact that cannot be ignored is that the school is part of the top 50 biggest schools in the United States of America. Just like other nursing schools in Georgia, Kennesaw also offers the regular 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. For an in-state student who is aspiring to get their nursing degree here, the school has set the tuition fee to be about 7,400 dollars per annum. 

  • University of West Georgia

The University of Georgia is one of the best nursing schools in the state with an NCLEX pass rate of 91.35%. However, the main reason that nursing students tend to flock to this school when it is college application season is because of the insanely low tuition. The University of West Georgia may not have the resources to run an online nursing program or offer as many nursing degrees as the other universities in Georgia, but they still offer the conventional 4-year Bachelor’s degree because they offer such quality education for affordable tuition, they are well deserved on being referred to as one of the best nursing schools in Georgia.

Now that is out of the way, you may be wondering how insanely low the tuition of this institution. Well, for a resident of Georgia, with about 4,200 dollars per annum, you can successfully pursue your nursing degree here. 

  • Georgia State University

With an NCLEX rate of 85.50%. Yes, the institution also offers an online program in addition to the regular one. The main point that seems to attract nursing students is the school’s love for research and impacting society and the community. So, if you have a passion for actually using your skills to positively impact your community and society at large, then this may be the best choice for you. The tuition of Georgia State University for a resident of the state may run to about 9,000 dollars annually. 

  • Augusta University

With an NCLEX pass rate of 86.60%, this university is one of the best nursing schools in Georgia. One reason for this fact is that the school has worked hard to put in place top-tier research facilities. This makes Augusta University the number one when the MSN or DNP program is involved. Do not worry, the school’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is also very hot cake in Georgia. How much does tuition cost? For an in-state aspiring nursing student, you will need an average of 8,600 dollars to study here. 

The Top Private Nursing Schools in Georgia

                Yes, there are private universities in Georgia where you can get a nursing degree. The tuition of these schools is very pricey but if your pockets can handle it, then go for it as they are not lacking in any way when it comes to providing quality education. 

  • Mercer University

Mercer University bagged 91.45% in the NCLEX pass rate which makes them one of the best nursing schools in the state as its education system and structure are of the highest quality. The school has the resources to offer both an online and accelerated program. This has encouraged many aspiring nursing students to apply here.

On the topic of tuition, it only makes sense that it will be way higher than what the public schools charge. To be able to pursue your nursing degree here, you need to be able to pay about 37,000 dollars per year. Although expensive, the school is known to offer some sort of financial aid to deserving students.

  • Emory University

They say to save the best for last. Emory school is the best and most expensive nursing school in the state of Georgia. With an NCLEX pass rate of 96.26, then take the crown for the school that offers the best quality education in the state. The graduates of this school are also known to be quickly employed. So, if you have deep pockets to fund your education at this school, then you should go for it.

However, the tuition that it takes to study here is more than enough to scoop your eyes out. You need to be able to pay about 53,000 dollars per annum.

The Top Online Nursing Schools in Georgia        

          If you are someone that works and is very busy or someone that just does not find attending school physically, then it may be in your best interest to strongly consider applying to any of the institutions listed below. The following online institutions have made their mark and earned the reputation of being among the best institutions for offering the RN-BSN program to already registered nurses.

•    Purdue University Global

•    Walden University

•    Grand Canyon University

•    Capella University

         In conclusion, Georgia is one state in the United States of America that always welcomes the services of nurses and never seems to have enough of them. However, to become a registered nurse in the state, you must first undergo the necessary training. This article has made your research for the best nursing states in the school a tad bit easier. The top public, private, and online nursing schools in Georgia and the reasons they are considered the best nursing schools have been duly talked about in the course of this article. Good luck.


  • Do nurses get paid well in Georgia?

Yes, they do

  • What should I note when applying to a nursing school in Georgia?

The two most important factors you should take note of are the NCLEX pass score and if the school is accredited or not.