10 Engineering Schools Changing The World

Engineering is the navigation for the future. Since time’s inception, engineering has helped humanity provide the needed change and development for our evolution. From the wisdom for developing tools for; our cars, homes, and health care systems, the impact of engineering is in every area of our lives. As we advance as a species, the need for faster and more efficient tools is also increasing. From crisis with our climate to environmental emissions, pandemics, and even needing sustainable homes, humanity’s needs are increasing, calling for quicker improvements with our global engineering outputs and solutions.

10 Engineering Schools Changing The World

One way to guide these needed advancements we need in the world is by implementing mental models within educational institutions. Already, most institutions have started investing in disruptive technologies. A lot more are delving into formerly uncharted territory. We have seen unprecedented growth in the adoption rate of emerging technologies implemented in the school curriculum, fostering mental expansion amongst students. Some engineering institutions are causing positive change in the world, encouraging more open-minded designs to be accepted by students globally. This article focuses on some of the engineering institutions contributing to global change.

Top 10 Engineering Schools Changing The World

All over the world, different schools are getting on board with advancements. Increasing engineering institutions take on research important to our future and necessary for global change.

The universities are listed here as drivers for change in our world today. They include; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Cornell University, Texas Tech University, University of California, Berkeley, John Hopkins University, and Stanford University. Those 10 Engineering Schools Changing The World are-

A Deeper Dive Into Each of These School

1. Stanford University:

Among the 10 Engineering Schools Changing The World, Stanford University has always been a forerunner in making contributions to future developments. Stanford Institution, located in Stanford, California, is a well-known private university that is ranked among the best worldwide schools in the world. The University boasts of incredible achievements and a vibrant alma mater. Comprising over 74 living billionaires, astronauts, 85 Noble laureates, and a president of the United States, it’s no surprise the school is as respected.

Stanford has a reputation for having the most successful entrepreneurial start-ups and successful funding. Stanford in 2018, was organized into seven academic schools; The School of Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Law, Business, Education, Humanities and Sciences, Medicine and Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences. Stanford University is also known for raising funds for research and development. As far back as 2011, the institution, raised over $ 6 billion for campus development, including; renovations, grants for student research, and the construction of a stem cell research center. In 2022, Standford University announced its financial support for neurodegenerative diseases by donating over $75million.

In engineering and the future, Stanford University plays a very pivotal role. Setting up a committee in 2015, the university sought to answer future propelling questions like, how can the school of engineering make a significant world-changing impact and how it can be positioned to address opportunities and challenges of the future. Since 2007, its Global Engineering Program, has equipped several engineering students to embrace the mindsets and designs of the future.

2. Cornell University:

Among the 10 Engineering Schools Changing The World, Cornell University has very strong founding principles of teaching and making contributions to all fields of knowledge. Established over 157 years ago, the university boasts of an alumni community of; 35 billionaires, and 10 Fortune 500 companies. Their diverse student body list comprises 25,000 combined graduate and undergraduate populations from over 119 countries.

The institution is listed consecutively as a top STEM school for females by Forbes. Cornell University has a Diversity in Engineering Program (DPE), known to encourage different experiences and perspectives while implementing global solutions. The DPE offers engineering programs for students across departments having missions to; inspire, impact and collaborate.

3. University of California, Berkeley:

Among the 10 Engineering Schools Changing The World, The University of California, Berkeley’s College of Engineering is considered among the top three in the world. The University has always been a major contributor to advancement in engineering in the world. Global contributions such as the Manhattan Project and also being instrumental to the discovery of 16 chemical elements, places the university as a leading force in the drive for global change.

Described popularly as a disciplinary, innovative and hands-on educational experience, the University of California, Berkeley, offers programs that challenge norms and paradigms. The school boasts of innovative engineering equipment and research centers that provide the requirements to change the world.

Programs at the University of California, Berkeley, have been known to challenge convention, promoting creative and imaginative ways of bringing solutions.

4. Georgia Institute of Technology:

The Georgia Institute of Technology is popularly referred to as George Tech, located in the state of Georgia. The public research institution was founded almost 137years ago. It has grown from a singular mechanical engineering offering institution to accommodating other engineering disciplines. Ranked amongst the R1 universities for a high level of research carried out in the institution.

The varsity is ranked 4th top public university in the United States and 5th best college for engineering. At Georgia Tech, an entrepreneurship program exists called; Create-X, which allows students to convert ideas from concepts to final products. The Create-X program is a platform for enabling students to embrace future thinking patterns and provide sustainable solutions. Divided into three iterations; Learn, Make and Launch, the program is designed to help carry students through the processes involved in identifying problems and creating solutions. It offers over $30,000 in startup funding for implementing solutions.

5. Carnegie Mellon University:

Carnegie Mellon University is a popular private university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Carnegie Mellon University was formed by the merger of two previously existent institutions, The Mellon Institute of Industrial Research and the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Founded in 1900, however, the merger didn’t happen until 1967.

Carnegie Mellon University is known for cutting-edge technological research and positive contribution to advancements in the world. They are known for pioneering many notable works in different fields of research. They opened the first computer science, robotics, and machine learning departments. Carnegie Mellon University is ranked an R1 Doctoral University, for the very high level of research activities that go on in it. Being home to over 20 notable Nobel laureates, 52 Tony Award Laureates, Members of the National Academy, and different broad categories of individuals.

The university is also known for notable partnerships with innovation-driven organizations to foster research and development for the future. One such partnership is the Carnegie Bosch Institute(CBI), established in 1900, in alliance with the Bosch group. The CBI focuses on advancements in, infrastructure, consumer tech, and several other research areas in engineering. There also exists the ANSYS partnership within the university. This partnership gives engineers full access to software and tools to drive home future tech and development.

Other areas of partnership include; NASA, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, and several other organizations. Carnegie Mellon University produces engineers that are well developed and ready to tackle the problems of the future, thereby, creating solutions that are changing the world.

6. John Hopkins University:

John Hopkins University has the reputation of being the oldest research institution in the United States. Founded in 1876, the private research university is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The school implements a brilliant combination of research and teaching, making it stand out in terms of graduate products and internal learning systems. John Hopkins University is one of the leading universities in the world and has consistently led every other institution in research expenditure for decades.

John Hopkins University produces world-class engineers fit to tackle global challenges and transform their existing societies. The University champions industries such as quantum electronics, physics, and engineering. Since the early 80s, John Hopkins University expanded its teaching tenets to include Computer Engineering and became the frontier for fields like electronics, imaging and speech processing, and several others. With unique diverse learning systems, students progress beyond traditional learning methods, inducing curiosity to create newer learning models and stronger systems.

The popular John Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering is among the world’s top 20. Leveraging tech, John Hopkins University remains committed to producing engineers equipped to stir the direction of change in the world.

7. Princeton University:

This Ivy League university is the fourth oldest in the United States. Established in 1746, Princeton University pioneers groundbreaking research in the engineering space. Ranked as one of the globe’s top 10 universities consecutively, Princeton University is always at the fore of technology.

The unique learning and teaching method the university employs is requesting engineering undergraduates to alongside lectures, have a project that they work on as independent projects. Also, undergraduates write a thesis at Princeton University.

The university is designated as an R1: Doctoral university, indicating that it has a high level of research activity. Princeton University has a long list of notable alumni including, 75 noble laureates, Rhodes scholars, 2 US presidents, Supreme Court Judges, and several other notable personalities. Princeton University launched a project unifying multiple discloses within its campus to work on a metropolis project, creating an ecosystem for sustainability. This program launched, seeks to provide durable infrastructures, have a positive impact on climate, and be resilient to any change whatsoever. This project is in partnership with the National Science Foundation and funded in part by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Ranked amongst the global 20 engineering schools, Princeton produced engineering graduates ready to take on global projects, in diverse fields, and provide durable solutions to crises. Princeton University remains a university committed to shaping the future of engineering and causing a change in the world. When you choose Princeton University, you’re choosing a university that prepared you to be an agent of global solutions, with cutting-edge technology and futuristic curricula.

The Ivy League university has an acceptance rate of 5.5%, making it one of the toughest schools to get into.

8. Texas Tech University:

According to the Carnegie Classification for universities, Texas Tech University is an R1 university, for the very high research activity undertaken by the institution. Texas Tech University has a yearly budget of over $200m specific to research work, positioning it at the fore of technological advancements globally. The University is notably one of the engineering schools propelling change in the world.

Texas Tech University has changed the world in different fields. Researchers, students, and faculty members have contributed in spaces like grid computing, nanophotonics, epidemiology, and different other areas of engineering. Other notable contributions include the Intelligent Systems Program, in partnership with NASA, a project that revolutionalized computer science for the organization.

Established in 1923, the public research university has grown into a blustering 13 college institution offering over 150 courses. The University also has over 60 research institutes and a diverse student body from over 100 countries. In recent times, the university’s online program was ranked amongst the world’s top 20 by the US News and World Report. Having an alumni community that includes notable people like; 3 United States governors, leading astronauts, and different key industry players. It is no wonder the university is always viewed as a major contributor to the advancements within engineering that are changing the world.

9. University of Michigan:

The University of Michigan is one of the top engineering schools causing a change in the world. With strategic plans that focus on challenges to be faced in the coming decade, the university encourages students to take on futuristic mindsets. Home to different labs involved in a myriad of research, the University of Michigan remains a leader in the future of today’s engineering advances. A noteworthy example of such labs is the Ford Motor Lab, which is a partnership with Ford Motor Company, established to revolutionalize battery technology. Also, the UM3D lab was specially erected to give engineering students access to the most recent software and multidimensional environments for simulations and prototyping.

With such a rigorous curriculum there is little surprise as to why the students of the University of Michigan see the world differently and are major contributors to driving change.

The University was founded in 1817 and has grown into having 9 professional schools, 19 colleges and over 250 disciplines. The University is ranked second in terms of research expenditures and retains one of the top spots in world rankings. A centre for excellence and driving change, the University of Michigan, is a birthplace for some of the world’s leading contributors to change in the world.

10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is a world-class university. The University has labs covering a broad range of fields and areas within technology. From system architecture to robotics, microsystems technology, and even nanoscale science, MIT is in a class of its own within the research space. The University has programs in STEM, designed to facilitate the growth of young developers, shape their minds, and give foundations for global mindsets. MIT also offers free learning systems for engineering professionals.

The private land-grant research university was founded in 1861. It was founded to tackle the then-rising industrialization in the country and remained consistent with spearheading trends and advancements in various fields. MIT has an alumni community with over 98 Noble laureates, 28 Turning Award winners, Heads of state, scholars and so many other prestigious individuals.

MIT is affiliated with several innovations and discoveries, some of which includes; Reverse transcription, Cryptography, Electronic ink, Julia programming language, Lisp, and tons of other discovery. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), remains one major frontier for pioneering change in the world.


Each University listed has contributed tremendously to technological advancements on our planet. From unique curricula to implementing research and new models of thinking, these universities offer solutions in terms of mindsets to their students who in turn, drive change in our world today. Now it is clear about 10 Engineering Schools Changing The World.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which is the number 1 Engineering college in the world?


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the world’s leading engineering college.

2. What are some engineering schools causing a change in the world not on the list?


Some other important engineering schools are; Wentworth Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, Ohio State University, and many more.