Are bunnies good pets for college students?

To know are bunnies good pets for college students….Read on this article….!

       Having pets through college requires a lot of commitment be it bunnies or any other pets of your preference. The biggest commitment that bunnies requires is attention, so if college students are willing to give them the said thing then bunnies are good animal to be kept as pets during college.

Are bunnies good pets for college students?

      To become a bunny parent during college, it requires you to have your study time and the time that you are going to give your bunny figure out. As these little fluff balls are the biggest trouble makers so you always have to keep an eye on them, keeping them away from all the wires and your books or you might be left with shreds in the name of your books. 

Let’s dig into the more details of how to become a bunny parent below.

Steps to have bunnies as pet during college

  1. The first step college students to look for when having bunnies as pets is to make your place bunny proof, as they like to get into every little place and nib their teeth on everything, be it wires or your furniture. The alternate for chewing should be chew able toys.
  2. They should always be bought in pairs, while cats and dogs can live on their own the bunny can get lonely easily, lonely bunny sometimes become depressed, to have a healthy rabbit you got to give them a friend of their own breed.
  3. The bunnies require a good time to exercise as well as a little roaming here and there. These things help them in digestion as well as keeping their mental health in check.
  4. The bunnies require gentle handling. They are prey animal thus means they will get startled easily with little of mishandling, for you to not mishandle your bunny all you have to do is be patient when first having them bought in your place.

Caring for your bunny

              The above steps have given you a little peek of what to know before owning a bunny. Bunny live around for 8 to 12 years and if you want to have one, you need to give them the loyalty for as long as they live. They are the third most surrendered animal according to PETA. 

     Not only for your time in college but time after that you need to take care of bunny. Do not bother to have one if you want to leave them after sometime. Frequent grooming as well as regular checkups would be your top priority when owning a bunny.

The Diet of bunnies

            Water, water and a lots of fresh water, must be provided at all times.

           Unlike most pets, bunnies are herbivorous and their diet should only be consist of green vegetable, grass, hay and some small treats. They should be given frequent meals in small amount. Cabbage, spinach, broccoli and lettuce should be included in their diet. Moreover, they required a high fiber diet as sometimes the above-mentioned food have low fiber consistency. But, the high fiber food like carrots and other root vegetables should be given once in a day.

         There are some foods that your bunny digestive system will not accept and could be harmful for the overall health. Speak to your vet about the most befitting diet for your bunny.

The habits of bunnies

           Bunnies are the playful and curious creatures, humans and other pets around them stimulate their behavior. They like to jump when happy, and lightly bite you to show off their affection towards you. They are required to play regularly as well as exercise.

     Bunnies are neither nocturnal nor diurnal. They are crepuscular means they are most active at dawn and dusk. Also these are the times when you have to give them your utmost attention, as they required it, being a college student, these two times seems good to play with bunnies which will give you enough time to do your assignments and take your classes.

      The scent of the bunnies is the way to communicate with their owners, the bunnies put their scents on their owners through scent glands located under their chin through chinning. 

       Bunnies are the high maintenance pets, and destructive too.  Their places should be clean and safe from electrical wires, they can ruin furniture by scratching it so have your furniture bunny proofed. Moreover, give them frequent vet appointments to keep them groomed.

         Another thing to keep in mind is to never give your bunny water bath, furthermore water bath can put your bunny in to shock. Bunnies have habits of cleaning their fur through licking.


           The conclusion for the above-mentioned question is that, if you are willing to spend not only your college life but your life ahead with bunnies simultaneously taking good care of them then you should consider taking them as your pet, otherwise not as they are breathing living beings and it will do their mental health as well as physical health no good if left alone and on the care of shelter homes.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How bunnies are different from other pets?

The biggest difference that bunnies and other pets has is that the bunnies are not predator unlike most of the pets. While other predators can show their illness but the bunnies can mask their illness for which their owner has to keep a keen eye on their behavior.

  • Is it possible to litterbox trained my bunnies?

Yes, your bunny can be litter trained. However you have to keep their litterbox in place where the bunny is most likely to go ensure that your bunny is spayed/neutered as it makes litterbox training simpler.

  • How to bunny proof my place?

To make your place bunny proofed, try to cover electrical cords with un chewable substances, the furniture with acrylic plates. 

  • How many times a year does a bunny shed fur?

Bunnies shed four times a year, the fur should be brushed regularly to avoid matted fur. Adding to that bunnies’ nails grow continuously and needs to be trimmed once a month.