Are Border Collies Good For College Students?

Are Border Collies Good For College Students?

To know Are Border Collies Good For College Students…Read on this article…!

College students often look for a pet companion after moving out of their homes. Adopting a pet companion is often observed in off-campus students since college-provided dormitories usually don’t allow pets. There are many kinds of pets to choose from, but often people opt for a cat or a dog. Border Collies are medium-sized, energetic herding dogs. 

Border Collies aren’t the best choice for college students. Young border collies are very energetic and require a lot of physical activity throughout the day. College students are often preoccupied with their work to entertain an active breed like that. Older border collies can be calmer, but they still require a lot of physical activity.

Are Border Collies Good For College Students?

If you’re planning on getting a dog in an apartment with other roommates, maybe it could work. It will work if somebody is always there to play with the border collie till the point of exertion. They can be a lot of responsibility if you’re not ready to deal with their active lifestyle. If you look at it from another perspective, maybe they can help you become more energetic and relieve stress as college students often need something to defuse the built-up tension. 

Border collies need a lot of space and attention. If you are going to be out of the house for hours on end, they’re not a good option. It would be stressful for both the dog and the owner. There are many ups and downs to owning a border collie, but like most dogs, if you’re ready to meet the various demands of their lifestyle, they’re bound to stay loyal and keep you happy. 

College students into sports can take advantage of a breed like this. They can take their border collie with them to train every day. An active lifestyle is an essential part of owning a border collie, and if you’re used to a sedentary lifestyle then this breed isn’t for you.

Border Collies Aren’t Easy Work

Getting a dog of your choice is often not simple unless you pick up a stray that you took a liking to. Usually, you’ll do your research on different breeds and the lifestyle that matches the most with yours. Then, you’ll have to find a breeder and decide whether you could truly support a dog like that. 

Border collies need to be trained properly from the start or they’ll become a nuisance to everyone around the house. They’ll start destroying the property just so they can have something to do. If you’re not up for that kind of responsibility, there are plenty of other breeds to look at. Border collies require an active lifestyle with a lot of proper training. 

They’re not cheap to get from a breeder but they’re far less expensive compared to other popular breeds. It can cost you around $600 to $2000 to purchase a purebred border collie. You can get older border collies from shelters and adoption centers for a much lower price tag. 

Things To Know Before Getting a Border Collie

Taking care of any dog is a huge responsibility. A college student already has a lot on their plate, so it’s necessary to check whether you’re prepared to take care of a dog before adopting or buying one. An active breed like the border collie comes with a lot of needs and necessities to be met. 

Here’s a list of a couple of things you should know before getting a border collie:

  • They’re not known to be loud but if they’re not trained properly or if they haven’t received enough exercise for the day, they can resort to barking and aggression. 
  • They need space to be active. College students often live in smaller apartments unless they’re sharing with a couple of roommates. If you don’t live in a moderately-sized apartment or don’t own a backyard, the border collie will get agitated with the lack of space. 
  • Border collies may act up if they’re not trained properly. If you’re a new dog owner then resort to hiring a professional trainer for your border collie. They can become a great companion with proper training. 
  • Border collies have a thick coat of fur and they’re prone to shedding. It’s important to brush them at least once a week. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, you should take your border collie to a professional dog groomer. 
  • Since they’re active dogs they don’t get sick as often. Some border collies may be prone to collie eye anomaly, epilepsy, canine hip dysplasia, arthritis, and many other conditions. Routine check-ups should be made with your vet. 


Most college students don’t have the time to take proper care of themselves, much less an active dog. This breed isn’t the one for you unless you’re someone who grew up with an active lifestyle and won’t mind taking your dog on plenty of walks throughout the day, playing numerous rounds of fetch with them, and have the funds to take care of their other needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Border Collies Hard To Train?

If you don’t have experience with dog training, yes, they’ll be hard to train. It’s recommended to hire a professional dog trainer to get you through this process. Border collies might turn into a neighborhood menace if they don’t get proper training. Despite that, they’re one of the most intelligent dog breeds that you’ll find, so, with proper training, they’ll become your most trusted companion. 

How Many Exercises Do Border Collies Need?

Border collies need a lot of exercise throughout the day. Just a couple of walks won’t be enough for a breed like this. They need to run around and the owners must be prepared for daily playtime routines with them. You might want to introduce your border collie to canine sports, especially herding sports. 

How Long Do Border Collies Sleep?

Since they’re active throughout the day, border collies usually sleep for around 8 hours every night. They sleep for short amounts of time throughout the day but not more than an hour.