How Much Bank Balance Is Required For A Malaysia Student Visa?

Malaysia ranks among the top-rated countries for the best educational institutes in the world. The institutes provide excellent learning opportunities to their students. Moreover, their faculty and career centers are also very cooperative. The institutes offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. let us know How Much Bank Balance Is Required For A Malaysia Student Visa?

How Much Bank Balance Is Required For A Malaysia Student Visa?

Students between the ages of 12 and 18 are required to maintain a minimum bank balance of RM 1000. The student needs to have a bank balance of RM 1000 to succeed in a-levels. If a student keeps a bank balance of RM 1000, he or she can receive free insurance coverage worth RM 30,000.

Why do students prefer Malaysia for education?

Students ranked Malaysia as a perfect place for their education. The education system of Malaysia is well-known because of the career opportunities they provide. Moreover, the university’s culture and discipline attracted international students for recognition. However, the country has the best tourism sector. 

To study in Malaysia, international students mostly require a student visa.

Student visa

Malaysia’s government has always welcomed international students with enthusiasm. The Malaysian government has formulated the student visa process. The effortless policy increased the chances of the students acquiring the desired degree from Malaysia.

Let’s look at the application process:

1- For international students, the policy of consulting a Malaysian consultant is no more in practice.

2-The passport validity for one year is mandatory.

3-The students only have to clear the test of the selected university and attach all the required documents.

4-Students will get admission status through the Malaysia immigration center within seven days.

5-Submission of documents and passports is necessary.

6-The student will get the admission letter and confirmation via the Migration Immigration Department.

7-Inform the university about your flight details. The university representative will attend to you within two weeks. You will receive the student’s pass.

8- Some universities have imposed process charges.

Student visa fees

The student visa fees for the students depend on the institutions they want to get admission to and the courses they prefer to study. Another aspect of a Malaysia visa is health insurance. Students will also receive an I-Kad and Malaysian identification along with authorization.

1- Private Higher Institute charges RM 2,000 for student Malaysian visa fees.

2- Private institutes charge RM 1060.

3- International centers charge RM 1060.

4- Public institute charge RM 1500.

The processing period for visas

The processing time usually completes within 1 to 3 weeks. Moreover, Visa approval takes 14 days for the verification of documents. Students need to keep themselves up to date about their desire for university admissions; to get into it on time.

Category for student passes

Students get their passes according to the university they choose to study. Let’s look at the categories:

1- Students at public and private universities may be required to obtain permission from the local immigration office to receive a student visa.

2- Students at a private higher education may be asked to receive a visa from an immigration office through the institute.

3- However, applicants from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan can receive their visa after writing an application to the immigration department at Putrajaya.

4-Students at private training centers may receive their visa through the institution’s website at education Malaysia global services.

5-Students of the language institute may be required to apply through the institution to the department of immigration at Putrajaya.

The paperwork needed for a student visa

1-Signed student visa immigration form by the candidate.

2- Offer letter from the university, approved by the immigration department of Malaysia.

3- Student must attach academic transcript/credentials.

4- Attach medical certificate.

5- Two photos the size of a passport with a white background (35mm x 45mm)

6- Two duplicates of the passport

7-Financial documentation and bank statements

8- Proof of a genuine connection and reliability

9- Proof of a full-time program of study that has been authorized by the ministers of home affairs.

10- Letter of recommendation

11- Students with any symptoms of infection or disease should get vaccinated before reaching Malaysia.

12- Moreover, students who have more chances to get jaundice, should get the vaccination before entering Malaysia.

13- Student should clear their English proficiency in the English language for a visa approval letter.

Guideline for photographs

The student’s photographs should be against a white background. The 35mm x 45 mm is the required dimension. There should be no shadow or color in the photographs.

Reason for visa rejection

There are several reasons why a student visa can be rejected:

1-There is insufficient documentation.

2-A criminal record of any kind

3-Documents that are false

4-A bank account with an ineffective balance

5 – Ability to communicate effectively

6- Program and inappropriate course selection


The above obligations and recommendations demonstrate why Malaysia is a top choice for education. From start to finish, the visa process and all the documentation allowed the dream of getting an education in Malaysia to become a reality.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Can a student remain on after they graduate?

Yes, a student may remain in the nation only if they are employed or have a business of their own.

Question 2: Can Malaysian pass recipients start a career in addition to their studies?

Ans. Yes, the holder of a Malaysian pass may work, but only during non-academic hours.

Question 3: Can students revoke their Malaysia passes?

Ans. Yes, by emailing a cancellation request to EMGS, the student may cancel the Malaysian pass.