How Do You Not Get Homesick In College?

How to adapt to the college life faster? Leaving for college is most times a time of excitement for most students because it represents new opportunities and experiences, and for many is the freedom that comes with it. But with this newfound freedom may come feelings of homesickness. Let’s start with How Do You Not Get Homesick In College?

How Do You Not Get Homesick In College?

You should, first of all, ask yourself this question; ‘What am I missing?’ It may be your favorite sport, hobby, or your best routine. When you have been able to conclude, then ask yourself ‘How can I fill this void’. This practice has proven to be successful among many persons.

Other tips for coping with homesickness;

Being homesick in college is something most students have passed through, although it is a topic that people do not like discussing, this could be because some are afraid that talking about it may affect the decisions of their relations or siblings in terms of college matters. It may also be that they think of it as less serious and more likely to pass away over time. Here are some useful tips or practices for preventing homesickness while in college;

Acknowledgment of the feeling as normal and temporary

The first step in the healing process is acknowledgment. Admit and accept that what you are going through is normal and everyone has gone through it, and know that it is temporary and will surely pass away in due time.

Talk to someone about it

It could be your close friend or a family member or a counselor, but share your feelings with someone, and inform them of what you are going through. It isn’t advisable to bottle up emotions because that may lead to depression. Talking to someone about it helps to ease the burden and allow you to heal.

Recreate those experiences you miss the most at home

You can try and fill up that void by asking yourself what you are missing from back at home and recreating these experiences in your college. For example, it could be that you miss taking a swim in the pool in your backyard, you could decide to recreate this experience by taking a swim in a pool located in the college or its environs. This will help fill up that void that you may feel like part of homesickness.

Acquaint yourself with your new surroundings in your college

Familiarize yourself with the activities and routine on your campus. This may be by joining social clubs, taking part in voluntary services, and also by making new friends. Be open to new experiences and adventures, doing this will help you to adapt faster and take your mind away from the experiences you miss the most from back at home.

Create daily routines and activities to help you adapt

Keep yourself busy with activities and routines, this will help prevent keeping your mind idle. It is proven that having a timely routine helps you get through the day and keeps your mind active which in turn helps prevent depression and homesickness.

Keep in touch with friends and family

This will help you feel close to home and may prevent feelings of loneliness. Contact your close friends and relatives often to keep that bond at home. Not doing this may make you feel disconnected from home, leading to homesickness and feelings of loneliness and depression.

Engage in social activities often. 

Find opportunities to connect and make new friends in the college, this may be through parties, seminars, or anything. Being a loner isn’t advisable, especially in college. Engaging with people often will help you create new experiences and stop you from reminiscing on the old ones which lead to homesickness among others.

Live in the present and not in the past

Live in the present and for the present. Anticipate the future and try to create good memories while you are in college. Memories that you can think about and feel happy. Your first time in college is an experience that only comes once, so try to live in the moment, savor each experience that you pass through, and do not dwell on your mistakes but the success.

Join societies that share the same belief or faith with you.

It is true to say, surrounding yourself with individuals who share the same faith with you, will help you to feel secure and more at home. Because immediately, a bond shall be created between you and these persons. Surrounding yourself with people who may be likened to you, will prevent or reduce homesickness.


Endeavor to share with others to ease your burden but admit it to yourself first. The tips listed above have been practiced globally and proven effective, you may decide to adopt the one that suits you best, and if one doesn’t work then you can try another. Homesickness may pass away on its own after you’ve spent some time and adapted to the system/environs,  which happens most times. But some take longer than others, which if left for long may lead to depression and others. Practice the tips listed to help with homesickness in college and also your life. 

Frequently asked questions

Can homesickness go away on its own?

Yes, of course, when you have spent some time in college and gotten used to the system.

Does cutting off from those at home help with homesickness?

No, it doesn’t, especially if you share a deep connection and strong bond with them, you will only make it worse ,I’m afraid to say.

Can homesickness cause depression?

In the long run, yes it can, that’s why it’s best to tackle it from the start.

Leaving for college is a big step, whether you are coming from close by or from far away, and if you’re going through homesickness do know that you are not the only one. It is expected, especially in the first few months of college. Those around you are probably feeling the burn too, but are just keeping the schtum.