How Much Should You Tip Aveda Students?

Most of us have been to a beauty salon or know someone who has, though, how many of us tip their stylist? And how much should you tip your stylist if they are students in training at the Aveda beauty institute? Let us discuss, How Much Should You Tip Aveda Students?

How Much Should You Tip Aveda Students?

The short answer is that not many people tip, and if they do, they usually do not pay the appropriate amount of money that is expected of them. Tipping at the Aveda academy ranges between 15% to 20% of the total service cost. Aveda is a training institute where students pay to train, and they do not get paid for their work.

What are the services provided by Aveda?

Aveda is distinguished for its astounding services in cosmetology, esthiology, and massage therapy programs. Students who graduate from Aveda are the most sought-after in the beauty industry. So, whether you go there for cosmetics, skincare, or massage therapy, you will be handled by talented hands. 

Who works at Aveda?

Aside from their graduates and professional stylists, Aveda allows its students to work with clients to give them real-life experience to be ready to work after graduation. 

How much should you tip for services?

Generally, you should tip a minimum of 15%-20% on the full-service cost. In other words, if you had your makeup and hair done by two different people, you do not tip each individual but rather pay based on the final cost of both of their services.

Should you tip the stylists-in-training?

Despite being amateurs, Aveda students work hard to graduate. Aveda ensures that its students are highly qualified to work with customers so their being undergrads does not mean they will not serve you with excellence. Hence, you should tip them, and the amount of the tip will depend on how much they met your expectations.

Does Aveda allow tipping its students?

Yes, Aveda welcomes giving tips to its students. However, you can only tip using cash, not a credit card. You can hand the money to the student at the end of the service before or after checkout, just make sure to let them know that this is a tip and not part of your payment!

Does Aveda benefit from tipping students?

Since Aveda encourages tipping, do they get anything in return? Well, kind of. When you tip your stylist, this can help strengthen their relationship with the salon and the customers. In addition, it positively affects their quality of service. Who wouldn’t perfect their skills if they know they will get paid in return? Furthermore, if you usually generously tip, it would be easy to schedule a last-minute appointment. 

Tipping for a $300 hair service

A hair service can be getting a haircut, dyeing your hair, or both. Say for example if the total hair service cost was $300, then you should tip around 15%-20% of that (which will be around $52). 

Tipping for a $100 makeup service

The 15%-20% tipping rule also applies to makeup services. If the total cost was $100, then you should tip around $20, and so on.

Should you still tip if you are dissatisfied with the service?

That question is quite tricky to answer. On the one hand, a person usually tips if they are happy with how they were serviced, so it would not make sense to tip if they received poor service. Nonetheless, one might argue that the students are still in training, so they are not exactly experts, and they should not have to pay for their mistakes because they are not yet professionals. If you decide to tip, that is great! But if not, that is okay too. It is your decision after all.

What if you do not tip your stylist?

Although tipping is a personal choice done out of courtesy, workers depend on it. Since the Aveda students do not get paid for their work, their primary source of income is the tips they get from their customers. If you are satisfied with their service, you could tip them as an appreciation for their work.

The bottom line, you are the one who decides whether you want to tip the person who serviced you. That said, you should always tip whenever possible, not only out of courteousness but also because you would be helping and encouraging them. And remember, it is always best to pay at least 20% in tips out of the overall cost of service and the amount of money paid depends on the type of service provided (e.g.: massage therapy, haircut, makeup, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions About Aveda
  1. Can you tip students at Aveda?

Yes, as discussed in the article, Aveda supports tipping its students.

  1. What is the tipping etiquette at Aveda?

Aveda promotes the 20% tipping rule for their stylists.