Prada Outlet Locations- Know more

Prada Outlet Locations; Prada is an international Italian fashion brand initiated by Mario Prada in 1913. The brand comprises bags, shoes, clothing, and other fashion accessories. The brand flourished after Miuccia Prada got the desk. After her control, the brand emerged as a modern growing fashion supplement.

Prada Outlet Locations

As extracted from stats on the company profile, the brand is extended across 70 countries. By 2020, the brand had 659 stores across the globe including owned and franchised stores. As confirmed by, there are 25 outlet stores of Prada. Apart from this Prada items can be bought at a decent discount in a few countries including Japan and USA. Most Prada outlet stores are located in Europe.

Outlet Stores:

An outlet store is generally described as a place that offers goods to its customers at a relatively low cost. Initially, outlet stores were considered those where the company would have their incomplete or damaged items.

Prada Outlet locations VS retail locations:

1. Number of Stores: Comparatively the retail stores of the outlet are more than the outlet stores. A total of 635 retail stores and 26 outlet stores.

2. Costs: At retail stores, items are sold at retail prices which means there is very less chance of getting a discount whereas outlet stores have a section that offers products at cost-effective rates.

3. Targeted Audience: At retail outlets, people are usually those who are very particular with their style and modern accessories. These are people belonging to the higher class. However, customers at outlets are not very much concerned about getting the latest styles and can go with something that may be out of fashion.

4. Quality: The quality of products does not differ but there is a difference in the fact that products are the latest at retail stores. At outlet stores, one can find a few items that have very tiny flaws, and sometimes they are so small that people can’t figure them out.

Outlet locations of Prada:

Prada, being a huge brand has also set up some of its outlet stores in different countries at various locations. These countries include Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United States of America.

Outlet locations in the USA:

Prada outlets in the US are mainly located in the following cities:

  • Florida
  • California
  • Texas
  • New York (nearby)

Apart from these the famous Prada outlet locations in major cities are listed as:

  • Cabazon: Desert Hills Premium Outlet
  • Livermore: Paragon outlets drive
  • Orlando: Premium outlets – Vineland Ave
  • Sunrise: W Sunrise BLVD
  • Central Valley: Woodbury Common Premium outlets
  • San Marcos: San Marcos Premium Outlets

Few other cities having Prada outlets include Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin.

Flagship Stores:

Other than outlet stores, one can also find flagship stores in the USA. Flagship outlets are usually described as primary locations of the retailer or the first retail outlet of the brands. There are two flagship locations of Prada in the US. These two locations are:

  • Los Angeles: Beverly Hills
  • New York: Broadway

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Offers at Prada Outlet Stores:

According to an article published by styled 24/7, the discount available at Prada outlets is no more than 30% on the previous collection. During special seasons or festivals, one can expect some extra discount or any other offer.

Miu Miu:

Miu Miu is a supplementary brand of Prada, owned by Miuccia Prada. The headquarters are located in Paris. The brand features bags, shoes, and clothes for both men and women like Prada.

Miu Miu Outlet Locations:

A few of the outlet locations of Miu Miu, a subsidiary of Prada are listed below:

  • California: Marina Square Shopping Centre
  • Florida: Swagrass Mills
  • New Jersey: Outlets at Bergen Town Centre
  • Virginia: Potomac Mills

Prada Online Outlet:

The webpage of Prada does present a few offers on relatively special occasions but that happens very often. It is suggested that people should be cautious of other websites selling Prada items at extremely low prices. As the information on tells that outlet locations are the only authentic source of Prada items. 

Do the products available at the Prada outlet location less qualitative than in retail stores?

According to an experience shared by a customer published on, there is no separate collection to be prepared for outlet stores but it’s the same as those available at retail stores. At an outlet store, they usually put stock which is not up to date but not something from more than three years ago.

Are Prada outlet locations better than other brand outlets?

Prada has outlet locations across Asia and Europe presenting its customers with some amazing variety. It is published on the webpage of TheRobinReport that other brands should receive some guidance from Prada regarding the quality of outlet stores.


Prada has its outlet locations in Asia, Europe, and America with Asia holding immense importance as it is one of the epitomes of its sales. Prada is a well-known brand across the world. Being the 8th most expensive trademark across the globe, the brand has launched its outlet stores across the world hence creating an opportunity for its customers to get access to luxury items at a relatively lower price.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Which country has the highest number of Prada Outlet locations?

Most of the Prada outlets are located in Europe, with Italy having the highest number of Prada outlets as it is a brand that has its roots in Italy.

  1. Is there any return or refund policy at the Prada outlet?

Prada follows quite a user-friendly policy regarding the exchange of products. The store says that items can be exchanged or refunded within 14 days and the day on which an item is purchased is counted as one of these days. The same policy goes for outlet stores.

  1. Which US state has the highest number of stores?

In the US, New York has the highest number of outlets making up 25% of total outlets in the state. 8 outlets of Prada are located in New York.