Fax Cover Letter Examples

A fax cover letter is detailed personal information sheet that you send to your receiver before fax. It tells your receiver about the information you are going to share in your fax and make it easy for them to contact with you. If you are applying for any job and the firm demand you to fax your resume, you should send to fax cover letter along with it so that they can know brief detail about you before reading your resume. Let us see Fax cover letter examples.

To write the fax cover letter following points should be kept in mind

Fax cover letter examples
  • Do not give complete information, keep it brief, as the receiver will think of having enough information about you and will not consider your resume
  • While faxing your Cover letter mark it confidential as it contain personal information
  • Keep you information simple and easy so that receiver can contact you easily. 
  • Mention receiver address clearly on your fax cover letter as it make easy your fax to reach to concerned person
  • You can also add the summary of the fax 

Fax Cover Letter Examples

Why fax cover letter is important?

Fax cover letter is important because it provide destination to your fax.

What are the tips for writing a Fax cover letter?

  • Write your cover letter professionally
  • Keep you cover letter brief yet precise
  • Mention purpose of your fax
  • Always keep in mind the working hours of the corresponding company.
  • Mention complete address so that receiver find it feasible to contact with you. 

What should be mentioned on fax cover letter?

Name of sender

Date and time

Contact details of sender

Summary or conclusion\


Receiver’s address

Steps to write fax cover letter

Step 1

In the first step mention confidential in the beginning of your fax cover letter, so that despite of being in wrong hands your fax reaches to the relevant person. 

Step 2

In the second step mention following points

  • Write name
  • Write mailing address
  • Write phone number
  • Write email

Step 3

In the third step mention following points

Write the receiver’s detail (To)

The receiver detail contain

  • Write Receiver’s name
  • Write Company name
  • Write Receiver’s fax number

Step 4

In the fourth step mention the sender’s detail.

Write sender’s detail (From)

The detail contain following points

  • Write down Your name
  • Write down Your fax number
  • Write your contact number 
  • Also mention your Email

Step 4

In the fourth step mention date and time of the day when you will send you fax. 

You can write date in format of your choice. 

Step 5

 In the fifth step write down number of pages of your fax, excluding fax cover sheet. You can also include fax cover sheet along with the number of pages. 

Step 6

In sixth step mention subject of your fax. Subject makes it easy for recipient to understand the purpose of fax.

Step 7

In the next step write down the message, keep your message brief your message should also reflex the purpose of sending fax. 

Give a short detail about your fax and why you are sending fax. If you had applied for a job and the recipient asked for your resume you can mention about your qualification in this step. 

Step 7

In this last step mention if you need an urgent response or mention reviews needed. 

Sample No. 1

TO:  Michael page careers


FAX NUMBER: +97143861710

EMAIL: clientmiddleeast@michaelpage.ae

FROM: Jimmy James


FAX NUMBER: 0393826733

EMAIL: jimmy345@gmail.com

DATE: 13/12/2022

SUBJECT: Cover letter for professional fax

PAGES: 5(excluding cover page)


This fax contains my cover letter along with resume for the position of media manager.

I have sent this fax after I came to know about the vacancy of media manager in your company. I am sure, after reading this fax you will observe that I meet the minimum requirements of your company. I hope to get a reply soon.

Yours sincerely

 Sample No. 2

TO: ________

FAX NUMBER: _______


FROM: _______

FAX NUMBER: _______


DATE: _______

PAGES: ___________

Sample no. 3

TO: recipient name

Phone number: phone

Fax number: fax

Email: recipient email 

From: sender’s name

Phone number: phone

Fax number: fax

Email: sender’s email 

Subject: Subject of your fax

Pages: Number of pages including fax cover sheet


With great pleasure it is to inform you that you have been selected for the interview of media manager by our company. This selection is because your hard work that can be seen on you resume. 

Date and time of interview is sent to you by this fax. Feel free to contact me in case of any query.

Yours sincerely  

This is Fax cover letter examples .