Best State To Get Divorced In For A Man

The process of divorce is a difficult period for both men and women. However, it is most times easier for women and more difficult for men because women are expressive and so, can get family members and friends to support them during a divorce period. On the other hand, men go through this overwhelmingly difficult period alone because they can hardly share or freely show their emotions to others. Therefore, it is only natural for men to want to get divorced in a state where the process is fast, affordable, and fair to both parties. Let’s see which is the Best State to Get Divorced in for a Man.

On that note, what is then the best state for a man to get divorced in, considering the above-listed factors?

The best state for a man to get a divorce in is Alaska. Alaska is the best state for men to get divorced in because of its processing speed, the affordability of the process, and the favorable laws of equity for both men and women. Divorce processing in Alaska is done within 30 days with a little filing fee of $150. Their divorce laws also portray equity and equality. We will give more details on why Alaska is the best state to get a divorce in for a man below.

Best State to Get Divorced in for a Man

Reasons Why Alaska is the Best State to get Divorced in for a Man

1. Processing speed: The state of Alaska takes 30 days in processing the divorce with a little filing fee of $150 (not the cheapest among the states though).  While other States might take up to three months, Alaska takes only a month to get things done.

2. Filing fee: As stated earlier, the filing fee for Alaska is only $150. There are states that take up to $250. However, there are also States that take less than Alaska but $150 is fair, and considering other factors, Alaska remains the best for a man.

3. Favourable laws: Alaska’s divorce laws are favorable to men compared to other States. For instance, in Alaska, properties are considered separate properties unless both parties decide to make it joint, unlike other states where a man’s properties must be shared 50/50 with his spouse even if she did not contribute in any way to the acquisition of those properties.

Alaska’s Divorce Law on Marital Property Division is Favorable to Men

Alaska divorce law provides for an equitable way to share marital property, that is, properties jointly bought by both spouses during the marriage. In Alaska, properties jointly acquired are shared 50/50.

Alaska is a “No-Fault” Divorce State

In Alaska divorce law, a man does not need to give specific reasons why he wants a divorce because it is a “no-fault” state. Many divorces in Alaska are based on what they call “incompatibility temperament”. This means that a man can be granted a divorce even if his partner is not in agreement with it.

What Makes Alaska Better than States with lesser filing fees?

Alaska is better than other States because of the processing speed and the residency requirement. Alaska is ranked the easiest state to get a divorce in according to Bloomberg. While one needs to reside in the state where he is filing for divorce for up to 12 months, you just need to be a resident of Alaska to file for divorce.

Why Should a Man Filing For Divorce Consider Doing it in Alaska?

A man filing for divorce should consider doing it in Alaska because it is the easiest and fastest state when it comes to divorce processing.


In conclusion, Alaska is the best State to get divorced in for a man because they take only 30 days of processing time. Most States take 80 to 90 days of processing time. Also, for Alaska, the filing fee is just $150 whereas some States take $200 to $250. In addition, to file for a divorce in Alaska, you only need to be a resident of Alaska at the time of filing. It is not so for many other States as they have a specific number of days an individual has to reside in that particular state before he can file for a divorce in that state. Also, Alaska practices equitable divorce laws that are favorable to men.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which state takes the least filing fee?

The State which takes the least filing fee is Wyoming, taking the sum of $70.

2. Which State is the fastest to get a divorce?

The fastest state to get a divorce is New Hampshire where the process takes only a day. However, it is not considered the best because of other factors like the residency requirements.

3. What is the second-best state for a man to file for a divorce?

The second best state to file for a divorce as a man with affordability and processing speed In mind is South Dakota with a filing fee of $95 and a processing period of just 60 days. In other words, a man can finish up his divorce process within 60 days.