Rutgers University New Brunswick Transfer Requirements

Rutgers New Brunswick was established in 1766 and is the flagship location for Rutgers. The New Brunswick campus is a major research facility in New Jersey, it is one of the Rutgers campuses, and is the biggest of all 3. The New Brunswick campus is home to the Big Ten Scarlet Knights and is also a proud member of the Association of American Universities. Let’s see Rutgers University New Brunswick Transfer Requirements.

There are 2 Rutgers campuses in New Jersey. Rutgers Newark is the smallest of the 2, while the New Brunswick campus is the biggest, and is also known as the Doctoral Universities – High Research Activity. The third campus is the Camden campus. 

Rutgers University New Brunswick Transfer Requirements

Rutgers University New Brunswick Transfer Requirements

Transferring to colleges can be exhausting but if you meet up with all requirements, and beat the deadlines, the process would be seamless. Some requirements must be met before your application can be considered. You need your college transcript and high school transcript. Other documents are not mandatory, but if you possess them, it will fast-track the admission process and improve your chances of your application going through. Some of them are personal statements, SAT/ACT scores, reference letters from your previous institution, and interview. Rutgers accepts transfer students during the fall and spring semesters only. So, all transfer applications should be submitted before April 30.

Documents Required

Having these documents would give you an edge over other candidates in the selection process. 

  • College transcript 
  • High school transcript
  • Personal statements 
  • Reference letter 
  • SAT/ACT scores

In addition to this, you also need a minimum of 12 credits for your application to be considered. For those that would be submitting their SAT test score, you must know the average score at Rutgers. They have an average SAT score of 1300, so you should be aiming for a score close to this to have a competitive application. 

After your enrollment has been confirmed, a transfer credit evaluation would be carried out. The criterion used in determining your transfer credit evaluation is the relevant courses you have taken in your previous institution that are relatable to courses in Rutgers. The courses that would be evaluated should be taken from accredited institutions, and the minimum required grade is a C. 

Different universities receive numerous transfer applications every semester, and the same applies to Rutgers. According to their admissions team, 26% of the student population are transfer students, so you can be certain to meet students with similar interests. 

Prerequisite Test Scores 

To have a competitive transfer application in Rutgers New Brunswick, it is pertinent you have a GPA not lower than 3.3 out of a 4.0 grading scale. You should also ensure you submit your standardized test scores for an improved chance. Though submitting your test/exam score is not a prerequisite to getting admitted, but it would improve your chances of being selected. 

The average SAT score for those admitted into Rutgers is 1,300 but you should know that it is not mandatory to submit your SAT scores. For those that want to submit the ACT, the average test score is 30%. This is not mandatory either, it would improve your chances of getting admitted. 

Admission Deadline 

If you meet up with the deadlines, you will receive a notification by April 15 for those that applied during the Fall semester, but for the Spring semester, the notification date is December 1. These dates are subject to change, any alteration made would be communicated appropriately to all parties involved. You should visit the school website at intervals to remain updated. Though the school would constantly keep you in the loop by sending important updates to your mail address.  

Rutgers University New Brunswick has an admission rate of 67%, but the acceptance rate for transfer students is 55.2%. Transfer students have a fair selection chance. There is a $70 application fee, but the tuition fee is dependent on which program you are enrolling for. You can always access the school portal to remain appraised of the tuition fees. 


There are different reasons why students request a transfer, regardless of the reason you are requesting for a transfer it is certain that you would enjoy transferring to the school. Some students transfer because they are relocating, or they had some issues in their previous school. 

You should know that what would make your study at Rutgers amazing is the culture, community, and people. They have an amazing culture that welcomes everyone, the atmosphere at Rutgers is welcoming, and you would always feel at home. When you feel at home, you can be certain that your study at Rutgers would be fruitful and successful. 

 Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is it possible to transfer from Rutgers Newark to New Brunswick? 

Yes, you can transfer from the Newark campus to New Brunswick. You just need to ensure your documents are in order, and your application is submitted on the intra-school transfer application as at when due. For transfer students looking to switch majors, you should fill out an online application form requesting you to change your major. If you also want to do a double major, the same form needs to be completed. This is Rutgers University New Brunswick Transfer Requirements.

  1. Are there Transfer mentorship Programs? 

Rutgers offers transfer mentorship programs; this allows you to relate with people that have been there and have passed through the same process. They can help you get prepared, calm your anxiety, and allay your fears. 

  1. Are transfer students eligible for scholarships? 

There are different scholarship opportunities for transfer students at Rutgers New Brunswick. The major factor to consider for eligibility is the applicant’s academic prowess, funding, and credentials submitted. The value attached to these scholarships differs. It all depends on which you put in for. 

  1. Is Rutgers a sports school? 

Rutgers is a leading public school, and they are among the Top 25 public schools in the United States. They are a popular sports school, as they invest largely in their basketball and football team. All sportsmen have a chance of standing out at Rutgers, and for those looking to go pro, Rutgers has created a platform for that.