U-Haul commercial account- Know More


U-Haul is an American rental service company which provides vehicles and storage units for rent. The vehicles are usually used for moving heavy products or many products at once from one location to another. The name U-Haul itself is self justified; you haul their vehicle or storage unit, use it as required and return it back. U-Haul was founded in 1945 by Leonard Shoen in Arizona, United States. He began the service by storage unit from the garage which belonged to his wife’s parents and from there he expanded the service all around the United States. Here we will see about U-Haul commercial account.

U-Haul commercial account

What vehicles are available at U-Haul

There are various types of vehicles available at U-Haul. There are trucks with storage space starting from 8×3 to big trucks which can be used to shift an entire apartment in one trip. U-Haul also has RV available for rent, so one can go for overnight camping or trips in their vehicle. U-Haul also has storage units which can be used to store products for longer or shorter duration.

U-Haul commercial account 

For small or large businesses, moving products around and storing them becomes a great worry hence U-Haul gives the option of opening business accounts. By opening a business account, the account will by default become a commercial account. Commercial account holders are allowed to choose from various options. U-Haul gives three services for business accounts, such as truck rental, storage unit rental and relocation services. Once you join U-Haul as a business, U-Haul assigns you as a single manager for your company individually who will ensure that your needs are fulfilled. All communication and requirements of the rental service will be done through the assigned manager.

Benefits of having an commercial account at U-Haul 

Being an commercial account at U-Haul 

  • allows you to be open to more than 6000 storage facilities. They also provide an employee who takes care of your storage unit individually.
  • As the account is for a company, every member who has been cleared from the company will have special access to their allocated storage unit and rental vehicles.
  • The company can make reservations through a simple phone call to the manager of the company or via online platforms.
  • The most efficient feature is, U-Haul doesn’t require a member from the company to be physically present to accept the package which is delivered at the storage unit.

Cost of renting via commercial account 

The commercial account holder makes a list of various vehicles which are available for rent.

For moving trucks to cargo trucks all varieties of trucks and vehicles are available for rent.

The minimum charge of renting a cargo truck is 18$ and can vary in price depending on the size of the vehicle. This price range is available for everybody in the company who are cleared to use the commercial account.

The renting for the storage unit varies as the storage unit varies in size. U-Haul allows rental of storage units monthly for companies as they require long duration storage facilities.

The renting cost of storage unit can be cut down as a discount depending on how long they want to rent. For 6 months rental cost will be cut off by 10% and for an yearly rental, U-Haul offer 20 or more percentage of discount.

Relocation service by U-Haul

As the business world is always moving and changing, so does the business. 

Relocation of business from one location to another or moving of packages from one location to another can become tedious and stressful for the employees and this can affect their work efficiency.

U-Haul provides extra help and support to moving and relocation to make the work of employees easier.

U-Haul provides the material required for packing, man power for helping in the package, loading the packages to the vehicle of choice rented at present and driving the vehicle to the new location. At request they also help to unload the package into the new location.

U-Haul as a individual basis don’t provide a employee who would drive the vehicle to and from the location, but for commercial account U-Haul takes the extra step.

How to open an commercial account at U-Haul

Opening a commercial account is 2 easy steps.

  1. To walk in to nearest U-Haul or visit their online website www.uhaul.com and click on open an business account 
  2. Fill in the details required in the form to open a business account and submit.
  3. Wait for confirmation and assistance from U-Haul.


U-Haul Being an easy and cost friendly rental service is also a blessing in disguise to the small business.

The cost friendly individual employee assigned to one business makes its business go to a rental service company in the United States.

With various vehicles and storage units for rent, businesses need not worry about finding another place for storage or another car service for renting vehicles any more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does U-Haul have discounts for commercial accounts 

Yes, U-Haul has various discounts for commercial account depending on their requirements 

  1. Can we open an commercial account on U-Haul

Yes, you can open a business account on U-Haul. Visit their store nearby or their online website for further details.