Why should I go to Lincoln University?

It is a public university in England. It is a research university in England and it works for providing the best quality education to all its students. The university is a public and non-profit educational institute. The university offers various programs for its undergraduate students. The college works well with research programs. It is among the top universities in England. It is a co-educational academic institute which aims to work for the overall development of its students. The university provides scholarships generously. Here we will see about Why should I go to Lincoln University?

Lincoln University is a good university for the perfect development of the student. It focuses mainly on career building and professionalism in the students. It teaches the students how to apply the knowledge in their lives, think critically and communicate in an effective way to express their views. Victor Adebowale and Baron Adebowale are chancellors of the university. Professor Neal Juster is Vice-chancellor of the University.  

Why should I go to Lincoln University?


England’s best public research university gained university title in 1992. The authorities established it in 1861. Since then it is working sincerely for providing the best for the cause. The university got its present name in 2001. Since then, it has become a renowned university in the region. The university has various programs to offer undergraduate students. The university also offers certificates, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctoral programs, etc. It is affiliated with some higher parent institutions. The association of schools and colleges recognise it for its programs and courses.

The annual budget of the university is around 138.6 million euros. Around 16,500 students are studying in various programs at the university. The main campus has the perfect educational environment for the students, making it serene and comfortable for the students to learn and grow. The university makes use of best practices to make its students learn better. The teaching methods which the university uses are unique. The university focuses especially on the average students so that they do not lag. They offer scholarships to support the children financially. The university is widely known for its academic excellence creating fame for itself in England. This brings more applications every year to the university.


The part which everyone believes is important for any college to be the best is that the college should focus majorly on academics and Lincoln University has proved itself in academic excellence very well. There are many programs at the university. The university allows the students to select the courses or programs of their choice very freely and helps them grow with them. Any student can choose any program and pursue their career in the field later. It is the responsibility of the professors of the college to make the students learn well in their chosen fields.

Many students find it difficult to choose the programs of their benefit. They have no choices or they are confused among a few programs and courses… The university holds sessions for these kinds of students to help them in choosing between the courses as there are over 150 majors in the university. The professors talk to the students and make out what exactly the students want, then they suggest to the students the programs based on their judgements. The university has programs like:

  • Health
  • Public administration
  • Communication
  • Social service
  • Journalism
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Security 
  • Law enforcement
  • Firefighting 

These are the programs which the university has to offer its students.

How many modes of classes are available?

The university offers various modes of learning as it believes that there should not be any barrier between the students and their education. There should not be any compromise with studies. Various modes are:

  • Hybrid learning
  • Distance learning
  • On-campus learning

These methods help residential, non-residential as well as international students. The parent institution recognises all the degrees and programs of the university and so all the degrees are valid here.

What is the cost of education at the university?

Annually any student has to pay $24,134 for education at Lincoln University. It does not matter to which place the student belongs, the cost of education is the same for all the students. The cost of education includes:

  • Tuition fees
  • Housing or stay
  • Books and supplies
  • Others

If any student applies for financial aid which includes all the grants and scholarships from the institution and the federal and state governments, the cost of education lowers to $18,000.

How many students enrol every year in the college?

In total, there are around 14,032 undergraduate students at the university. Every year around 2,000 students apply for admissions. The enrolment or admission depends on certain factors like acceptance rate, fees, programs, GPA, eligibility, test scores, etc. However, the students who are already enrolled in the university are highly satisfied with the university. The students work in coordination with the professors to mark their progress. This keeps their growth and learning intact.

What are the acceptance and graduation rates of the university?

The acceptance rate of the university is 70%, which makes the admissions selective or moderate in the university. As we have mentioned above, there are certain factors which affect the admissions of the students to the university like the student must have a good GPA which the university expects to be around at least 2.93. You should have proper documents and good test scores. The students must perform well to get into the university. The graduation rate of the university makes the admissions selective here which is just 45%.


The university is prestigious and does not compromise on learning. It provides all its teachers and professors with certain sessions or pieces of training for delivering the best to the students. The professors use the best teaching methods and innovative ideas to help the students learn and grow. It has made ascertain changes considering the feedback. It is good for international students too as the application process of the university is the same for all. The learning environment of the university makes it so unique and well for the students. However, the cost of education keeps some families from sending their children to university. Still, the university provides generous scholarships to its students.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long do the classes last?

Classes are usually 45 minutes for each subject every day at the university.

  • How can international students apply?

After visiting the website students can apply easily. 

  • Is it important to be regular here?

Lincoln University is not a party school and hence the students need to be regular here.