Is South College a Good College?

South College is a good college in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is a private and for-profit college in Tennessee. The college offers over 80 programs for undergraduates. The college is a Liberal Arts College and it comes among the top five colleges in the South. It is a co-educational academic institute which aims to work for the overall development of its students. The college has proved itself to provide scholarships generously. 

South College is a good college for the overall development of the student. It focuses mainly on career building and professionalism in the students. It teaches the students how to apply the knowledge in their lives, think critically and communicate in a very effective way to express their views. Stephen A. South is chancellor of the college. 

Is South College a Good College?


South College was formerly known as Knoxville Business College. The college has around 156 badges in the ranks. The authorities established the college in 1882 and the college offers its students over 60 undergraduate programs along with certificates, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctoral programs, etc. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools recognises it and its degrees. As we know that it had many different names initially, then the final name was considered in 2002 which was South College only. In 2003, the college became eligible for the participation of the students in the HOPE scholarship. Later in 2007, the college introduced a new program- Master of Health Science and it also introduced- Doctor of Pharmacy, a professional doctoral course in 2012.

The college introduced its first hybrid program in 2015 after which the students of the college could participate in the Promise scholarship program. The college has two well-known grants – South College Promise Grant and South College Military Grant. It has an online operation centre too for helping the people or the students with queries regarding the college or anything related to it. The college makes every possible effort to bring learning and growth to the peak and the well qualified and learned professors help the college in the cause. 


The college is so famous for its academic performance. The academic excellence makes the college renowned in the region. There are over 80 programs for the students. The college lets the students select the courses of their choice very freely and helps them grow with them. Any student can choose any program of their choice to pursue their career in the field. It is the responsibility of the professors of the college to make the students learn in their chosen fields. Many students find it difficult to choose the programs. They have no choices or they are confused among a few courses or programs. The college holds a session for these kinds of students to help them in choosing the programs of their benefit. The professors talk to the students to make out what kind of interest the student has and on this basis, they suggest or advise the students to choose any program. The college has programs like:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical therapy
  • Nursing
  • Legal studies
  • Education
  • Health 

The college offers various modes of learning as it believes in no compromise with the studies. The college aims to clear all the barriers between the student and the education. It offers learning modes like:

  • On-campus learning
  • Hybrid learning
  • Distance learning

These methods are helpful for residential, non-residential as well as international students. The parent institution which is the South Association of Colleges and Schools recognizes the college and its degrees and hence any certificate or degree is conferred by this institution only.

What is the cost of education in the college?

Annually any student has to pay around $38,352 for an education at South College. It does not matter to which place the student belongs, the cost of education is the same for all. The cost can be classified as:

  • $16,450 for classes
  • $16,056 for housing or stay
  • $1,298 for books or notes
  • $525 for other fees like sessions and library. 

However, if any student applies for financial aid which includes all the grants and scholarships from the institution and state and federal governments, the cost of education lowers down to $17,816.  

How many students enrol every year in the college?

In total, there are around 2,843 undergraduate students in the college and every year there are 200-300 applications for enrolment. The enrolment or admission depends on certain factors like acceptance rate, fees, programs, GPA, eligibility, test scores, etc. However, the students already enrolled are highly satisfied with the programs and the courses which the college offers its students. They work in coordination with the professors to mark their progress. It keeps them intact for learning and growth.

What are the acceptance rate and graduation rate of the college?

The acceptance rate of the college is 100%, but still, it is exceptionally difficult for the students to get into the college. As we have mentioned above that there are certain factors which affect admissions into the college like the student m, must have a good GPA which the college expects to be around at least 3.15. You should have proper documents and good test scores. It is not easy to get into college. One must work hard in the real sense to get here. The graduation rate makes the admissions tough and selective is 30% only.

Does the college receive any endowment?

The college receives no endowment as it is a private institute which works for-profit. It meets all its expenses directly through the tuition fees from the student. It provides scholarships to the students with help of those scholarship programs like one was Promise scholarship program. The students participate in these programs to get scholarships.


South College is a good college to get into in the region. It works for the overall development of the student. It has highly satisfied students and so the enrolments keep on increasing year by year. The faculty of the college is very helpful and kind towards all its students. They focus especially on average students so that they are not behind other students.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many days do classes start after admissions?

It takes around 6-8 weeks after the admissions are over and the classes start. 

  • How can I apply to get into South College?

The college has an online portal for registrations and one can make registrations online.

  • Does the college provide scholarships to international students?

The college provides scholarships to all irrespective of their residence and locality.