When Should I Hear Back from UCLA Graduate School?

Established in 1882, University of California, Los Angeles is one of the most elite schools in the United States. Be it academics or sports, the university does not fail to perform in any sector: 410 student-athletes have made it to the national Olympic team and 27 students have gone on to become Nobel Prize winners since the institution’s inception. The campus is also famous for its architectural beauty and consequently often is a choice-destination for filmmakers. These factors make it one of the most sought-after public universities and it often situates itself on higher echelons of various global university rankings. In this article we shall see When Should I Hear Back from UCLA Graduate School?

UCLA usually starts to respond to the applicants with a decision from February itself. This process goes on till almost Summer or July. However, the time it takes for them to respond depends on the respective school. The decision is usually conveyed to the applicant via email. One important aspect to note is that rejection decisions come faster than the acceptance decisions as the admission committee knows which applications do not meet the required criteria immediately. Let us now take a look at the steps for making an exemplar application which the committee might find impossible to reject.

When Should I Hear Back from UCLA Graduate School?

Steps for Building an Exemplar Application

  • Begin Early – Do not wait to start preparing your application at the last moment. It is recommended that the student start on his application at least 6 months prior to the opening of the application. 
  • Make Sure to Cover All Components – The application contains multiple components like the personal essay, academic sample, recommendation letters, and the transcripts. The number of components depends on the subject. It is vital that each one of them is ready before the application portal opens.
  • Check the Application for Grammar – One of the most common reasons for rejection is that the application is not proof-checked for grammar. Make sure that each component of the application is checked at least twice for grammatical mistakes that might have crept in during the writing process.
  • Submit on Time – Once the application portal is open, make sure to fill in your application as soon as possible. Some unforeseen issues might come up which might take time to resolve. Hence, it is better to begin filling in the application on the website as soon as possible. The university will not accept late applications. 

UCLA as a Globally Recognized Graduate School

Offering an upwards of 120 graduate programs, UCLA’s programs stand atop in almost all global rankings. These 120 programs are divided among more than nine schools, out of which five are professional schools which concern fields like medicine, law, and management. The university especially focuses on interdisciplinarity and hence provides holistic as well as rigorous education. Those who successfully complete their graduate degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles often find themselves well prepared to face the world both in terms of jobs as well as for further academic study. 

Acceptance Rate for Graduate Students

The university receives almost 21000 applications each year. This combined with the number of applications it receives for Undergraduate programs makes it the university with the most applications in the United States. However, each year, it only accepts 6,000 graduate students. This makes the graduate acceptance rate around 27%. While the graduate students who gain admission have top tier marks, UCLA does not focus solely on it. The university focuses more on the personal and academic essays along with the letters of recommendation. This makes the entire decision-making process much more well-rounded.

Time Taken for the Decision Process

The decisions are generally taken by the UCLA Graduate Division which works under the guidance of the Graduate Council of UCLA. The decision process of UCLA generally takes three or four months from the date of the closing of the application portal. Nevertheless, the actual time to take a decision depends on the department as well as the school one has applied to. The Division mostly consists of professors from the concerned Graduate department. This is ultimately headed by the Vice Provost of graduate programs. This ensures that the graduate applications are thoroughly verified and only the best applicants are selected to study at the prestigious institution.

By What Time should I Reply to the Decision?

Once the students have received their offer letter, they have to reply within the stipulated time as decided by the specific department or school. The time frame for acceptance varies and ultimately depends on the department or school. It is recommended that the student consider his or her choices thoroughly before accepting the offer. It is ideal to spend a couple of weeks to make the decision as this will have a huge impact on one’s future. However, it is a general courtesy to decline the offer once it is decided that one is not going to attend as it will give the opportunity to the students on the waiting list to study at their dream university.


University of California, Los Angeles is one of the top tier schools not only in the United States but also in the global scenario. Accordingly, it receives a huge number of applications from various parts of the worppld. The decision process for these applications takes almost three to four months as each application goes through a highly selective screening process. The graduate student-to-be is informed via email after the selection decision has been made. After receiving the decision, the student has to either or decline within a stipulated time frame. The students who attend UCLA’s graduate programs are often deemed to be one of the best in the world. Best of Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get admission into UCLA with a low GPA?

UCLA does not singularly look at the GPA of the applicants and focuses more on the personal and academic essays along with the letters of recommendation. Hence though people admitted into UCLA have a high GPA, one should definitely apply to the university even if one does not have an outstanding GPA.

Can I apply to several graduate programs at once?

No, UCLA allows only one graduate application per applicant. Therefore, choose your program wisely.

What is the minimum GRE score requirement for UCLA?

The minimum GRE score required for admission depends on the concerned department/school.