What SAT Score is Required for UCSF? 


UCSF is one of the top medical universities in San Francisco, California. Getting enrolled in such a prestigious institute is the desire of every competent student. However, the majority get stuck during the admission process as they haven’t any idea about the required GPA, SAT score, and admission acceptance rate. If a student is aware of the mandatory requirements, he/she can calculate the chances of admission and can prepare accordingly.   Here we will see about What SAT Score is Required for UCSF? 

The average SAT score required to secure admission to UCSF is 1233. SAT score for the 25th percentile is 1130, while it is 1330 for the 75th percentile. To be considered for admission, the student must score at least 1130. A higher SAT score maximizes one’s chances of admission. This article will discuss the SAT score required to get admitted to UCSF.   

What SAT Score is Required for UCSF? 

UCSF Admissions Criteria 

To calculate the chances of admission at UCSF, the student needs to consider three numbers, including school GPA, SAT score, and admission acceptance rate. These three measures collectively provide the student insights regarding his enrollment standings. A higher SAT score can compensate for one’s lower GPA and vice versa.  

Admission Acceptance Rate 

The UCSF has an admission acceptance rate of 64.6 percent. It means 65 out of 100 students get admitted to the institute. If the student is a high achiever with excellent academic background, he can readily ensure his admission.  

Average SAT Score 

The student must achieve a SAT score above 1130 to get evaluated further. Mathematics alone has an average SAT score of 620, while the reading and writing section has an average SAT score of 613. The combined average SAT score required to enroll in UCSF is 1233. A SAT score higher than the average sounds good.  

 Average GPA 

The UCSF requires students to have an average GPA of 3.54 in high school. Strong educational background can help ensure admission even if one has a lesser SAT score. Taking IB or AP classes can drastically improve one’s GPA by boosting the efficiency.  

How Can a Student Improve SAT/ACT Score? 

It’s a well-known proverb that practice makes a man perfect. The students need to learn multiple strategies to improve their SAT scores. Practicing the test, going through mock exams, solving past papers, and setting a target score range can help one accomplish a higher score. Moreover, retaking the exam several times can enhance the student’s performance. The applicants must allocate the specific time for practicing mathematics, reading, and writing-based questions. The students can also use admission calculators to estimate their chances of admission.  

What is UCSF Final Student Selection Policy?

Having an average SAT score secures the student’s admission, given he has exceptional academic performance. SAT score of 1330 will guarantee one’s admission even if he has an average GPA of 3.54. With a GPA below average, one must score high on SAT to compensate and compete with other applicants. However, the final verdict not only depends upon these critical indicators but also on the student’s extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, cover letters, and other documents. The admission acceptance rate also plays an important role in making final selections. 


In a nutshell, the SAT score of 1130 is compulsory for further evaluation. A SAT score of 1330 can ensure one’s admission to UCSF. If one has a higher SAT score, he will have a greater chance of selection. Similarly, a strong educational background, higher GPA, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, and cover letters can improve one’s prospects of getting into the institute. As the SAT score is no more mandatory for the 2022 term, the students must focus on improving their grades.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1). Is it mandatory to include SAT scores while applying at UCSF? 

The candidates must submit the SAT score at UCSF if they have already taken the exam. However, it is not mandatory for the spring and fall 2022 students. The application branch decided to avoid evaluating SAT scores while finalizing admissions.  

2). Which SAT score guarantees the student’s admission at UCSF? 

SAT score of 1330 makes a percentile of 75 or above, so it can maximize one’s prospects of admission at UCSF. However, one cannot ignore the importance of GPA, acceptance rate, recommendation letter, and other required documents in the final verdict.  

3). Does the average SAT score ensure the student’s admission at UCSP? 

The average SAT score of 1233 is deemed acceptable, given one has a better GPA and other academic achievements. However, considering the moderate admission acceptance rate of UCSF, the student must not rely solely upon this score.  

4). Is it challenging to get into the UCSF? 

Keeping in mind the acceptance rate of 64.5 percent, the institute seems moderately selective. Therefore, getting into it can be challenging for the average student. But, those with exceptional academic backgrounds and good SAT scores are on the safe side.