What is the Acceptance of Johnson University?

To know what is the acceptance rate for Johnson and Wales university…read on this article…

Do you think you have a guaranteed chance of securing a merit admission into the prestigious Johnson & Wales University? It’s no news that there are diverse acceptance rates across different universities which are influenced by the college-specific admission requirements that prospective students must meet in order to be admitted into any university. 

The acceptance rate of Johnson and Wales University sometimes varies due to the number of applicants and how many applicants meet the basic admission requirement. While putting this into consideration, there are also many conclusions as to the acceptance rate of Johnson & Wales University. However, a trusted news source gave a vivid conclusion backed by some facts as regards the admission rate of the Johnson & Wales University. It was said that the acceptance rate as of the fall of 2020 was 87% and that the SAT and ACT exam scores were part of the determining requirements that granted students merit admission into Johnson and Wales University during the fall of 2020. 

What is the Acceptance of Johnson University?

A Little About The Johnson and Wales University

The Johnson and Wales University is a privately owned university located in Providence, Rhode Island. And unlike the majority of other privately owned universities, Johnson and Wales University is a non-profit university. It was founded in the year 1914 and has been in the business of graduating bright minds. It is blessed with a multicultural campus environment as it is said to have over 8,500 students with nationalities springing up from 71 countries and over 55 states across major continents. The university is designed to cater to both curricular and extracurricular interest which includes: study groups, student groups, sports clubs, fitness classes, and many more. Also, there is a very great opportunity for students seeking institutional aid while taking a degree program at the university. For 5 years now, over 90% of all enrolled students have been beneficiaries of institutional scholarships and grants provided by the university.

               Johnson and Wales University offers a wide range of academic degree programs which include:

Associate Degree Program

Certificate Degree 

Transfer Degree

Terminal Associate Degree Program

Bachelor’s Degree

Master’s Degree

Post-Master’s Certificate Degree

Doctorate – Professional Practice Degree

Doctorate – Research and Scholarship

As of 2020, the top 10 majors at the Johnson and Wales University that had the most graduates were:

Food Service Systems, Administration and Management

Business Administration and Management, General

Parks, Recreation and Leisure Facilities Management, General

Culinary Arts and Chef Training

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration

Tourism and Travel Services Management

Fashion Merchandising

Hotel and Motel Administration and Management

Marketing and Marketing Management, General

Computer Graphics

Basic Requirements for Admission Application

It’s no news that every university has a set of basic standards and requirements that every prospective student must measure up to or meet of which Johnson and Wales University isn’t an exception. Below are some of the basic requirements every prospective student must meet in order to secure a merit admission into the prestigious Johnson and Wales University: 

High school grades and GPA Scores (Always require)

High school class position or rank (Always optional but recommended)

School records

College preparation classes (Recommended)

SAT / ACT Examination with scores between 980 and 1170 (SAT) or 19 and 25 (ACT)

TOEFL Examination (International students with foreign languages)


A duly filled pre-application form

Transfer Students Application Requirements

Furthermore, coupled with the basic application requirements listed above, Johnson and Wales University have additional or some more requirements for transfer students seeking merit admission into the university to continue their study of any of the accredited courses. Some of these additional requirements are listed below:

Minimum college GPA of 2.0

Minimum credit requirement

Admission agreement with the previous institution

Additionally, prospective transfer students must be very sure that their preferred course choice is one that is offered and accredited by the Johnson and Wales University. Also, prospective transfer students should bear in mind that the different courses would have different grade requirements in order for them to be accepted by the course lecturers or department. 

Post–Acceptance and Academics

Being accepted and able to complete the financial obligations awards every applicant, not just a student number but a student lifestyle and experience that is geared towards a successful academic journey at Johnson and Wales University. 

A study showed that about 46% of the classes at the university have less than 20 students and that the student-faculty ratio of the University sits around 15:1 which is satisfactory in a university environment. It becomes easy for interpersonal relationships and productivity. Johnson and Wales University is home to over 8,500 students across 71 countries and 55 states, hence inter-cultural relationships also not just with fellow students but with their faculty.  

               Conclusively, every university seeker has a great chance to earn a degree admission into the Johnson and Wales University on merit if the requirements are met in accordance with the university’s demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to more than one Johnson and Wales University Campus?

At the time of application, you must select one campus, and thereafter acceptance, you can decide to change campus if you want to.

Can international students access housing facilities? if Yes, what kind of housing is available?

Yes, housing facilities are available for international students. There is a wide range of housing options available which you can choose from. They include halls of residence that offer suites, traditional rooms, apartments, etc. These spaces are equipped with cable, wi-fi internet, and laundry facilities. 

Can I transfer to Johnson and Wales University from another university?

Yes, international students leverage this opportunity many times. Meanwhile, transfer students should submit their mark sheets, grades, and transcripts to the admissions office to know the number of credit units that are transferable to the university. All courses that were completed with  a “C” grade or better than that but with a minimum of 2.0/4.0  grade points which are similar to the level and contents are awarded credits and will be recognized by the university.