What are the admissions requirements for Cambridge?

To know what are the admisssion requirements for cambridge … read on this article..

Cambridge college is one of the best universities, ranked number 3 in the world’s top universities in 2021. It offers over 30 undergraduate courses to students all over the world. But making it into college is not the easiest thing with their high entrance requirements. 

The admission rate at Cambridge is 64%, with most courses requiring top A students, while some will put less pressure on high marks. Cambridge receives thousands of applications, a suitable candidate should make sure to exceed the minimum requirements. Entry requirements will vary from different types of courses, it’s advised that individuals should do their research before submitting applications. 

What are the admissions requirements for Cambridge?

Admission requirements to be a Cambridge student for undergraduates. 1 Minimum grade point average (GPA) 

2 Necessary documents 

3 Testing requirements 

4 Other activities required 

.Minimum grade point average (GPA) 

Applicants are required to have a GPA of 3.7 on average. This might change in years to come, so applicants are advised to aim for more than just 3.7 to be the best suitable candidate. 

Having a high GPA gives the applicant a good chance to be considered and be able to get a space in the university. Individuals should always aim for good results from their high school. Although Cambridge will not only consider GPA but also to be a competitive applicant your GPA should be somewhere close to average. Students with high GPAs are the ones who will mostly stand a good chance of being accepted. 

. Necessary documents 

Applicants are required to send some necessary documents that will be required to make the decision. These documents may include an essay, transcript, and letter of recommendation from your school teacher. Not all of these documents are really a must, but applicants can send these to increase their chances of being accepted. An essay should include a biography about yourself, your achievements, goals, experiences, and other things that can help you to stand out. 

. Testing requirements 

It might be required in some programs for an applicant to take entry-level exams before their application is considered Along with a high GPA applicants need to also score above average in their entry-level exam to be considered a strong candidate. These exams are SAT or CAT, an applicant should select one of these. Individuals will be required to achieve a

certain score for these exams. ACT is said to weigh more than the SAT, so it offers an applicant a greater chance of being selected. These exams are designed in such a way that they test skills and knowledge related to the course and general knowledge like writing and language skills. 

. Other activities required 

Individuals are also required to take part in other activities like sports, community service, leadership projects, and vacancy work during school holidays. Being an active member of the community and being involved in your space and adding value to everyday life, making impact on other people’s lives around you. This will also increase your chances and give you some extra points in your dreams of being a Cambridge student. 

What are the requirements for postgraduate studies? 

On the other hand, postgraduate is also not the easiest way to make an entry into this college. Entry requirements are higher. Individuals need to have achieved the very best in their undergraduate degree to stand a chance to be selected. The minimum requirements for this are that a student should either hold an honors degree from a university in the UK or something equivalent to that in any university in the world. Students are also required to have done some training related to their course. These are just the minimum requirements, there’s a lot to be considered before admission, like experience, students should ensure that they are much stronger candidates. 

Part-time course in Cambridge 

Individuals can also choose to do their studies part-time while doing other things. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the course of your choice can be offered part-time. Cambridge also offers part-time courses. Before sending an application, just make sure that you meet the minimum requirements. Your research topic should be suitable for part-time studying. Individuals are required to stay closer to the university as they will be required to attend classes. A letter from your employer confirming time off is required if necessary. Here an individual will also be required to attend an interview. 


Cambridge is a place for all kinds of students, if this is your college of dreams makes sure to aim for more than just the minimum requirements to grab your chance. It is better to do your research and look at your guidelines for more information on admissions. International students may also need other requirements for visas, make sure to do your research on this before sending applications. Admission is survival of the fittest, the goal is not just to meet the minimum requirements, is to make sure you build yourself to be the strongest candidate.

Frequently asked questions 

Can I get funding for my studies? 

Scholarships are available, but highly competitive. 

Will there be an interview process? 

The answer is usually no for undergraduates, but part-timers may expect some interviews. 

How will GPA work for international students? 

GPA will not be considered in this instant 

Do I need only one teacher to add their recommendation? 

No, you can add as many as you want or can also have a teacher from each major. 

Any requirements for transfer? 

There will be certain requirements for transfer. Check the transfer credits on the Cambridge website