What Are The Central Michigan University Admissions Requirements And Gpa?

Central Michigan University is a public research university located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan founded in 1898, it has total 13,048 enrollment as of fall of 2021 with a campus size of 480 acres. It has 300 top flight undergraduate, graduate, master’s. Specialist and doctoral programs, CMU in total spends $15.6 million on research and development alone. Central Michigan University  is one of the nation’s 100 largest universities and has more than 50 locations across North America including Hawaii and Canada. Let us know What Are The Central Michigan University Admissions Requirements And Gpa?

What Are The Central Michigan University Admissions Requirements And Gpa?

What are the Central Michigan University admissions requirements and gpa?

Central Michigan University is considered to be one of the top universities in the United States so the admission process of the university is very selective.

Admission Requirement

  1. Application of admission
  2. Application fee
  3. High school transcript
  4. A solid academic background with at least 2 foreign languages with 2 years of elective in fine arms and 1 year of hands on computer experience.
  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of mathematics
  • 4 years of biological and physical sciences
  • 4 years of history and social sciences
  1. ACT/SAT is optional as of fall 2022.
  2. An average GPA of 3.52 and an average SAT score of 110
  3. The students also have to be well rounded in other extra curricular activities, interests and involvement.
  4. Three letter of recommendation

What are the academic divisions in Central Michigan University?

  1. The College of Business Administration
  2. The College of Arts and Media
  3. The College of Education and Human Services
  4. The Herbert H.and Grace A.Dow College of Health Profession
  5. The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  6. The College of Medicine 
  7. The College of Science and Engineering
  8. The College of Graduate Studies

Is it hard to get admission in Central Michigan University?

When it comes to education, Central Michigan University is selective in choosing its applicants, with an acceptance rate of 60% which means that only 60 students get selected out of 100 applicants. They majorly have students who SAT score between 1000 to 1210 and ACT score of 20 to 26 which means that they look for students who have a strong academic background and they also prefer their students to be food in extracurricular activities as Central Michigan University has their sports team which plays in NCAA Division 1  which is considered the best. However, that does not mean that they are flexible with their admission requirements if they like the student and consider them to be bright even with a low GPA they still might consider them for admission. The admission not only depends on the students standardized test result but also the subjects they have chosen.

Does Central Michigan University have a sorority?

  1. Alpha chi omega
  2. Alpha Gamma Delta
  3. Alpha kappa alpha
  4. Alpha phi
  5. Alpha sigma alpha
  6. Alpha sigma tau
  7. Delta phi epsilon
  8. Delta sigma theta
  9. Phi mu
  10. Phi sigma sigma
  11. Sigma gamma rho
  12. Sigma kappa
  13. Sigma sigma sigma 
  14. Zeta tau alpha

Central Michigan University had other sororities as well however some of these sorority houses have shut down and have stopped recruitment.

Does Central Michigan University have a good student life?

Central Michigan University gets its students from all over the world and walks of life and considers itself to be a community which is diverse, tight knit and active. The university has a gender distribution of 40% male and 60% female and 30% students live on campus with the other half staying either at home or off campus. They have 15 athletic teams with Division 1 status, 350 organizations which include social and academic groups with the option for students to start a new one as well and they also have Greek organizations that are fraternities  and sororities  , Alternative break program which offers the student an opportunity to volunteer with the Mary Ellen Volunteer Organization. Central Michigan University is considered to have one of the safest campuses across the united states, the school also has a Peer Involvement Advisor on campus who can help students to find a suitable organization according to the interest of the student and they have plenty of events which take place on campus for the student’s entertainment which includes concerts and academic seminars.

What are some of the majors that Central Michigan University is known for?

The university’s most popular subjects includes Psychology(336 graduates), Business(235 graduates), Marketing(190 graduates), Kinesiology and Exercise Science(183 graduates), Community Organization and Advocacy(149 graduates), Logistic and Supply Chain Management(119 graduates), Hospitality and Tourism Management(103 graduates), Radio and Television(103 graduates), Stenography(69 graduates), Teaching(200 graduates), Parks, Recreation and Leisure(80 graduates), Public Administration and Social Services(100 graduates), Human Science(60 graduates), Accounting(90 graduates), Finance(90 graduates) and Computer and Information Science(300 graduates) .

They recently have also started online classes for students who are not able to come to college or are working and can attend classes regularly.


Central State Michigan has a reputation of being a good college which is visible in its ranking in terms of academic, sports and campus life. They accept students who majorly score A or B in school. In very rare cases they choose an average student which makes them selective in terms of what kind of student they are admitting. Central State Michigan university has retention rate which is the satisfaction level of student of 77% which is extremely high meaning that the students liked the college, the courses and the faculty enough to come back next year and continue in the same institute. With over 200 courses and the tuition fee not being too high the college can be considered a good college.

Frequently asked questions

What is the tuition fee of Central Michigan University?

Like every college in the United State, this university als has a different fee for domestic and other students. The fee for local students is $12,960 and for others it is $24,120, this fee is before financial aid.

How many fraternities does Central Michigan University have?

The university’s fraternities are considered to be one of the oldest ones in the country, it has more than 60 fraternities and sororities with over 4,200 students being a part of it.