Marine Biology Colleges In The US

If you are aiming to choose marine biology as your career then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you the importance of marine biology and its expected increase in jobs for marine biologists. This will also deal with the best marine biology colleges in the US that are offering the best programs for aspiring students who want to learn and grow in their career. Let us know Marine Biology Colleges In The US.

Marine Biology Colleges In The US

It is predicted that the US will experience a surge in hiring marine biologists in the future and therefore you must make sure to learn from a university that interests you the most and has great potential as well as a better hiring reputation. 

Marine biologists are extremely important in today’s date as they study the organisms that live in the oceans and salt waters. Marine biologists study their functioning and their interaction with the environment around them in a scientific manner. There are many areas in biology and this field is concerned with the organisms in the ocean, their adaptations, habitats, interactions etcetera. 

It is a known fact that our earth is more than 70 percent water; of this, more than 96 percent is filled with living organisms that are breeding and doing various sorts of other things that we are not aware of. These facts enunciate the importance of the study of marine biology and a step toward knowing more about our surroundings and knowing more about the organisms that surround us. 

Students that have the potential and the curiosity to study them are highly in demand and therefore should opt for the best college that suits their needs. Students graduating as marine biologists go into various fields that have promising professional careers, they go into becoming marine engineers, research scientists, environmental consultants, policy advisors etcetera all having excellent salary packages, while some students want to keep on their academic career and look for Ph.D. programs to explore more interesting things that this field has to offer.

There are various factors that you need to look for before choosing a university for your marine biology career such as some universities provide excellent fieldwork experience, scholastic foundation, faculty, scholarships etcetera.

Here is a list of some of the most popular marine biology colleges in the US that provide excellent education, and give you excellent facilities that will help you further in your career-

Boston university 

Boston University provides a marine science program for bachelors. It is a private university located in Boston Massachusetts, aspiring students must consider this university. Unlike other universities, Boston University also offers a particular degree option in the marine biology field which is called the Boston University marine program or BUMP. This program is quite famous and offers great hands-on training in various areas like ocean biology, marine ecosystems, marine conservation, exploration et cetera. To study this program students have to take other courses which are generally like science and biology, these courses or taken to expand your knowledge of various details that are usually unnoticed. The marine science courses offered by Boston University or as follows – biology of sharks, dynamical oceanography, aquatic geochemistry, and marine biogeochemistry.

If you are someone who is eager to learn by doing fieldwork and who needs plenty of research opportunities then you must try Boston University as it already has partnerships with the Stillwagon bank national marine sanctuary, New England aquarium as well as the University of Belize. These areas of research are a part of the marine biology graduate program at Boston University.

The University of North Carolina at chapel hill

The University of North Carolina and Chapel Hill offers a bachelor’s program in biology with a minor in marine sciences. It is a huge campus and the best part is it is a public university which is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The North Carolina University does not offer a major in this deal sadly. But you must consider this as this institution is on the top rank when it comes to biology programs. The North Carolina University has a major and minor system in which the students who are aspiring and eager to learn marine sciences are advised to take a general biology major which is of 123 credit hours, this is because this is the umbrella field that has marine biology. They are then advised to select a minor in marine sciences which is a minimum of 12 credit hours. The North Carolina University at Chapel Hill offers the following marine science courses- marine invertebrates biology, modelling of marine and earth systems, barrier island ecology and geology, and marine phytoplankton. Another best part about this university is that it gives you excellent practical training, this is because the university of Karolina is a parent to the Institute of marine sciences and the aquarium research Centre, these to all the leading research institutions and specialise in marine studies, they give students access to great practical training in this field. This university is comparatively affordable and has great training programs.

University of New Hampshire 

The University of New Hampshire offers a bachelor of science in Marine Estuarine and freshwater biology. They offer this particular course at their main Durham, NH campus. This provides students with a thorough Marine science education. The University of Hampshire sadly does not allocate a residency program or even a quarter out to sea. However, it is extremely unique in its way as it does offer a vast number of quality marine biology courses which are also a mixture of freshwater biology courses. The best part about this university is that it has ample freshwater reserves. The courses offered by the University of Hampshire in the Marine, estuarine and freshwater biology courses include- ecology and marine environment, aquatic animal diversity, introduction to aquatic botany, and aquatic plants in restoration/management. Another good thing about this university is that it is a public university and therefore is extremely affordable comparatively. Also, it has great experience with freshwater marine biology which is another good part. 

Duke university

There is absolutely no way that we could exclude Duke University which offers a bachelor of science program in biology with a marine science concentration. This is a huge campus privately owned in Durham, North Carolina. Duke University offers the best of the best Marine biology programs in the whole US. Their degree has a specialisation in marine biology and various other components make it a top-notch biology degree. Their distinctive feature and a feature that makes them stand apart from all the other universities is that Duke University does not study marine biology as a separate entity from the other general biology. By doing so they are giving their students great knowledge of the general biology that is the basis of marine biology. They make sure that their students get the best experience possible and get their basics cleared while also specialising in marine studies. Some of the best courses in marine biology offered by Duke University are as follows- Sojourn in Singapore: urban tropical ecology, Marine ecology, comparative physiology of marine animals, and biology and Conservation of Sea turtles. The Singapore course is meant to study abroad in Singapore. If you want to gain all the knowledge possible before the job search time then you must consider Duke University as it lets you have extensive research experience as well as laboratory experience all before graduation, this is to make them smart before their job hiring period as by then they will be having all the knowledge of textbook and field knowledge in marine biology.

Stony Brook University 

Stony Brook University offers a bachelor’s in science in marine sciences, it is a mid-sized public university located in Long Island New York, Stony Brook University has a strong Marine science program but it is also a renowned stem college. Its model is somewhat the same as Boston University as there are four areas of specialisation that it focuses on which include, experimental marine biology, biological oceanography, marine pollution as well as disease of aquatic organisms. Students after enrolling in the university are required to begin with the basic knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology and then after a while, they are moved to the upper-division electives. Some of the famous marine science courses offered by Stony Brook University or as follows – diseases of aquatic organisms, biological oceanography, marine pollution, and experimental marine biology. One of the best parts about this university is that it is a public university and is therefore extremely affordable as compared to other universities. This university also provides its students with excellent opportunities as well as hands-on training in research within the marine sciences field. They have art laboratory facilities, they also have access to both the Atlantic Ocean coastlines as well as Long Island Sound.

Oregon state university

The Oregon State University offers a Barcelos in science in biology with marine biology option. This university is located on the west coast of Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. Unlike various universities, it also does not offer any major in marine biology but they offer students A concentration program in the biology department which they can select. One of its distinctive features is that the Oregon State University has a Hatfield Marine science Centre residency located in Newport Oregon. This is an excellent field exercise for students because they get to live for a whole term and also simultaneously complete their course on-site. This helps them to gain A good amount of exposure and also makes them experienced in the practices within the marine biology field. Some of the famous Oregon State University courses offered in marine biology or as follows – aquatic biological invasions, estuarine ecology, aquatic microbiology as well as biological oceanography. Another best part about Oregon State University is that it is a publicly owned university and is therefore extremely affordable and has one of the best marine biology resources. Its location is near Portland, Oregon as well as the Pacific Ocean. The US news and world report also called them the most innovative school in the US.

University of Tampa

The University of Tampa is another university that offers a bachelor of science in marine science biology. This is located in Florida. Tampa University is located close to Eckerd College and therefore helps you get experiential learning as well as a unique opportunity to study at the marine science field station which is also located nearby the campus. The courses offered by the University of Tampa in marine science biology or as follows – general chemistry, physical oceanography, introduction to marine sciences as well as marine botany. You do not need to worry as this university gives traditional learning experiences as well to its students for this program. The faculty at the University of Tampa is amazing, more than half of the faculty has devoted their studies to marine life which renders the whole biology sector of the university on extension. This is an extremely Uni feature as compared to other schools on the list which makes this university a great choice to consider when looking for marine biology programs in the US.


A career in marine biology can help you get a great amount of variety of science-related jobs, as well as innumerable opportunities to travel and to explore more to research marine organisms as well as their relationship with various bodies of water. If we look at the financial side of it then marine biology is a high-paying career. It is a smart financial decision, because the very basic salary for marine biologists is close to $75,000 a year. You can earn even more after gaining a significant amount of experience within the particular industry. If you are someone who knows that the marine biology feel is made for you then you must work hard to get into one of the universities mentioned above in the article. All of these universities promised you to help you land somewhere safely.