What are IUPUI’s Admission Requirements?

Whether pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies, there are numerous colleges and universities across Indiana available for students to choose from. Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis is one such college. In this article we shall see What are IUPUI’s Admission Requirements?

IUPUI is one of Indiana’s several public universities, located in the state capital of Indianapolis. Being a combination of two other major schools – Indiana University and Purdue University – it also offers a variety of degrees in numerous fields. It’s public position, degree variety, and urban setting make it an alluring option for students to apply to. Here’s some of the requirements the school has for prospective students.

What are IUPUI’s Admission Requirements?

Steps for Applying

  1. Apply before the preferred semester deadline
  2. Fill out the necessary financial aid forms
  3. Complete the minimum prerequisite education
  4. Complete the SAT and/or ACT
  5. Write the Application Essay

Apply Before the Preferred Semester Deadline

For undergraduate studies, there are four semesters incoming freshman can apply to: Fall, Spring, Summer I, and Summer II. Each of these semesters has two deadlines for their applications—one priority deadline, and one general. The Fall Semester’s priority and general deadlines are May 1 and June 15, respectively. Likewise, Spring’s deadlines are December 1 and 9; Summer I’s are March 15 and 30; Summer II’s are May 1 and 16. There is a nonrefundable application fee of $65, but students demonstrating financial need may have a waiver for this fee.

Fill Out the Necessary Financial Aid Forms

IUPUI, as a public college, offers cheaper costs for education. The average estimated total cost for the 2022-2023 school year varies for students. For in-state undergrads, costs could be anywhere from $24,780 for living on campus, $26,478 for living off-campus, or $17,364 for those living with parents. Out-of-state students from Michigan or Midwest Student Exchange Program states could see costs of $29,266 or $28,794, depending on if they live on or off-campus. Other out-of-state students could see costs of $47,218 or 48,916, depending on living situations.

Of course, the school offers a variety of options to pay for undergraduate studies, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs. November 15 is the priority date to apply for full-merit financial aid consideration, while February 15 is the date for admissions-based scholarships. Scholarships are also divided into admissions-based, Honor college, competitive, and diversity. The school accepts Federal Pell Grants, SEOGs, Frank O’Bannon Grants, CVOs, NGSG, and Pledge Grants. Loans are split between federal, school-based short term, and private, and work-study opportunities vary depending on student need and chosen educational field. Deadlines for these are based on general FAFSA deadlines, with the priority date being April 15.

Complete the Necessary Prerequisite Education

For in-state high school students, Indiana looks for completion of a Core 40 high school diploma, with a preference toward Core 40 with Honors. Out-of-state students are expected to complete an equivalent diploma. Those who did not graduate high school must pass either a GED test, TASC test, or HiSet exam, and homeschooled or alternative schooled students must still provide credentials and equivalent levels of academic excellence. The average GPA for incoming undergraduates is roughly 3.49, though accepted GPA generally varies on submitted test scores, or a lack thereof. Transcripts must be sent to the school with applications, and should include any dual-credit, college courses, or international education completed, where applicable.

Complete the SAT and/or ACT

While not necessarily required for applications, students that complete either of these tests are given higher priority and may have laxer requirements regarding high school GPAs. IUPUI looks for a cumulative SAT score of 1120 on average, and an average ACT score of 22. The school also takes the highest components of each test and will accept the higher scores each times students take the exams.

Write the Application Essay

The last required component for any IUPUI undergraduate application is a short essay. It need only be 200 to 400 words and simply specify the student’s possible undergraduate and career plans.


IUPUI is a public university. As such, it offers a relatively straightforward application process, and decent requirements for incoming students. Whatever the situation for high school, IUPUI is flexible and willing to take in a variety of educations and backgrounds. With enough academic rigor, and prospective or interested student can join the ranks of this Indiana academic institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about International Students?

International students, as incoming freshmen or otherwise, have slight differences in application requirements. The Honors College deadline is November 1, while the regular application deadline is May 1. Financial aid deadlines are February 15, and housing deadlines are March 15. Their total cost of attendance will roughly total $48,393. They will also need the necessary high school transcripts or equivalent, along with the general application. Students will also need to prove their proficiency in English via TOEFL score of 80, IELTS score of 6.5, SAT score of 560 in Literary sections, and/or an ACT score of 21 in English.

What about Transfer Students?

Those transferring undergraduate studies from another school must have completed at least 26 credits at their previous college, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 out of 4.0. If 26 credits haven’t been completed before transferring, students will still need a minimum 2.0 GPA, and will also need to have qualified to return to their former college. Outside of this, the usual undergraduate application must be filled, and the school will need both high school and college transcripts. Costs and finances will depend on if the student and/or previous university was in-state, an MSEP member, or out-of-state.

What about Graduate Students?

The graduate program for IUPUI is decentralized, meaning applications and requirements will vary from school to school and degree to degree. Deadlines will, therefore, vary on due dates, compared to undergraduate studies. The school has created a base application called the Centralized Application System, or CAS, for the basis of graduate applications, but other requirements vary. Generally, though, students can expect to give a personal statement/essay, 3 to 4 letters of recommendation from professional or academic resources, and/or required entrances exams, such as GREs, GMATs, LSATs, MCATs, PCATs, OATs, or DATs. International graduate students are, again, required to take the TOEFL exam.

What about Adult Students?

For those pursuing their education later in life, IUPUI does offer help in the application process. There is no specific application or requirement for adult students. Rather, the university guides adult students to fill out one of the previous applications, depending on if they are graduate or undergraduate, if they have ever pursued a partial or completed college education before, and/or if they are an international student. Any requirements are the same as the general respective application.