Western New England University Admission Requirements

Educational institutions around the world have strict terms and conditions for admission, and universities around the world that are famous for their education policies and other facilities have to maintain terms and conditions because they get a large number of applications from students that are from different parts of the country and to maintain the uniformity and good name of the institution, they prefer students who have performed well in their prior college or school. After all, they want to be on the safe side so that those students will maintain the same in their journey with the college. One such university which is famous for its education policy is Western New England University. In this article we shall see Western New England University Admission Requirements.

Western New England University Admission Requirements


Western New England University is a privately owned institution that was founded in the year 1919. The university was founded by an entrepreneur of that period in Massachusetts. This is one of the top universities known for master’s degree programs. The university’s current name was assigned to it in 2011. Before that, the university had many names in the course of its career.


When it was founded in the year 1919, Western New England University was also known as the Springfield Division of Northeastern College. When the university was opened, it was an evening college, and the first batch of its students included 13 students, who were given their respective degrees in the year 1923.

In the year 1951, the Springfield Division of Northeastern College changed to Western New England College. The college began its expansion in the year 1961 when it launched various programs for graduation. Before that, the institution only had a master’s program for its students. Seeing the increasing number of students and having recently acquired 56 acres for their college, the expansion began of this university.

In the year 2003, this university built its commonwealth hall and a stadium for the students to practice and to increase the scope of sports.

The current name of the institution was given to them in the year 2011.


The college is known for its good academic performance and alumni of this university are doing well in their careers. Apart from this, the university has 5 departments that offer different graduate and master’s programs to their students. There are 50-degree options that students get to choose from. The names of the departments are:

  1. The College of Arts and Science
  2. College of Business
  3. College of Engineering
  4. University of Law
  5. The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Throughout their studies, students are presented with various ideas and are required to actively participate in various quiz competitions and competitions organized for students. The programs for undergraduate and master’s programs also come with a research program for students who want to research various subjects and can do their research work. The university also has special facilities for students of business administration in which they get a special benefit of joining their stock and administration classes.


The university campus is situated in Massachusetts, with 215 acres of land in Springfield. The campus consists of 24 buildings in which classes are held and office work is done. The campus also has hostel facilities for its students.

Most of the university is covered with forest and open areas, which include small parks and sitting areas for students. The university has 2 research centers that are doing master’s degrees. The university campus also includes a stock market exchange room that is especially for the students doing their business studies on the campus. Open parks are one of the attraction points for this university. The campus becomes very attractive in the autumn season when the whole campus is filled with golden leaves. The campus has been enhanced with a recent building in the department of neuroscience.


The admission process for this university is quite simple and the requirements for admission are also not tough. The overall acceptance rate of this university is around 83%, and the admissions that were done in 2019, the total number of applications that the university received was around 6,800, of which 85% were accepted, and out of those accepted applications, 75% of students were given admissions. The batch consisted of 2000 male students and 1869 female candidates for various programs that are offered on the campus.

The admissions requirements for the university are as follows:

  1. SAT score

The university requires SAT scores for other students. The SAT score shows a student’s ability in English and mathematics.

The average SAT score that is required for admission to Western New England University is around 1100.

  1. GPA

The GPA is the grade point average that determines the student’s performance in academics that he was pursuing before graduation or a master’s degree. The average GPA that is required is around 3.4.

  1. ACT

ACT stands for American College Testing. This is an online test that determines a student’s performance, thinking, and analytical skills in English, as well as verbal and mathematics skills.

The average ACT score that is required for admission is around 22.

  1. A Letter of Recommendation

The college needs 2 letters of recommendation for admission in different courses. A letter of recommendation determines the work ethic or good conduct that they have shown in a prior institution or a workplace.

If the student has these many documents and the required test scores, then they can fill out the admission form that is available both online and offline. After filling it out, they need to attach certain documents and pay $40 as the application fee.


College admissions these days have become tough because the number of students applying for admissions is in large numbers and the number of available seats is low, so they need to have some terms and conditions.

Western New England University is one of the good institutions for master’s degrees in Massachusetts. The college was founded in 1921 and currently offers 50-degree options in its 5 divisions of study. The admission criteria are quite simple. Students need to fill out the application form and should have SAT and ACT scores, which are 3.4 minimum GPA, and also have a letter of recommendation.