Massachusetts Institute Admission Requirements

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is perhaps the top-rated university around the globe and it has certain admission requirements. MIT graduates are leaders in a variety of industries and have the brightest minds today. With today’s technology, MIT plays an important role in the development of modern innovation and technology advancement.

To join the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), your school GPA must have been a high side, the high grades on the ACT or SAT, and the ability to demonstrate extracurricular activities and writing skills. Let’s dive into the basic requirements in more detail. 

Massachusetts Institute Admission Requirements

What are the admission requirements for Massachusetts Institute?

High GPA: 

To enroll in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), you need to have high grades from college. MIT looks at the courses taken at high school. They are interested in how you challenge yourself by taking the most difficult courses at college.

According to MIT reports, 97% of enrolled students graduated from the top 10% of the class and 100% were in the top quartile. This implies that you should target a weighted average score of at least 4.13. Aim for a higher GPA score to improve your chances.

Assuming you have some difficult courses, get the help of your tutor as early as possible in the semester. With help, you can face the challenge and get far better grades than you thought possible. Over time, you may also grow interested in courses that you did not have before.

High Score on SAT/ACT

Your Ability to earn high scores on SAT or CAT determines your entrance to MIT. The SAT usually involves writing, reading, and language, and a math test while the ACT involves the English, Math, science, and reading test. You’d be required to earn SAT and ACT scores of at least 1600 and 36, respectively.

By preparing well, you can achieve a higher SAT or ACT score. You just need to Start the practice test as soon as possible in a situation similar to what you would expect to encounter during a real test. You need your time to see how it is. Work with your tutor or counselor utterly. As you continue practicing, your score may increase.

Find the standardized test you want to use. Some students work well with SAT, while others work well with ACT. MIT admits scores from both tests and neither takes precedence. Test timing can be important. The SAT consists of 154 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 3-hour time. The ACT consists of 215 questions that must be answered within 2-hour 55-minute time. 

Try as much as possible to choose the test to take early. This allows you to spend more time preparing for the selected test. Once you get used to the exam, you can detect your weaknesses. This lets you focus on your weak areas to improve the scores in these sections.

You’ll need to start taking the test early, this will increase your chances of improving your score by taking multiple tests. If your family’s income is low to cover the cost, both tests offer a fee exemption.

Extracurricular performance

At admission recommends, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) looks for students who are truly excited and who participate in extracurricular activities that show a high level of intelligence combined with unique talents in their areas of interest. 

MIT Needs to require your extracurricular engagement to determine if you have leadership skills. For instance, when joining a club, be sure to secure a leadership position in the club. Don’t be afraid to run for your leadership positions. If your college does not have a social club in your area of interest, speak out or create awareness about starting your own club. You will probably find that your high school has some other students who want to join the club you started. You can also show your initiative and leadership skills by initiating your own.  

Write an application essay

MIT asks applicants to complete several short essays. Most students write essays on something that inspires them and they use the opportunity to show the school that they are thoughtful enough to be admitted to the campus.

You stand out in your essay. You can’t just put your high school grades in an essay. Admissions officers want to know more about who you are and what defines you. Your essay should tell your unique story, your background, and how you became today’s person. Writing an essay can be a daunting task, but it’s worth it. 

Don’t let your parents write your essay for you. Admission officers are sensitive and know when parents write essays for their children, which might hinder them. For writing an MIT essay, you will need to write several attempts. After each attempt, have a trusted person review it. Keep refining your essay until you pass through it convincingly. Don’t rely on your parents to see on writing your essay. They will surely want to read it, but your parents have a prejudice against you. Ask someone who can see it with critical eyes to review it, such as an English teacher or tutor.

How much funding does it cost to attend MIT?

According to MIT, the total attendance fee for the 2019-2020 academic year is $ 72,462. Many Aids and scholarships opportunity are available as well.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. In which country is MIT located?

United States

  1. Is MIT a part of Harvard?

No, but MIT and Harvard are both based in Cambridge?

  1. Why is MIT ranked so high?

Research, academic, and employer reputation 

  1. Are MIT graduates rich?

At Average, most MIT graduates earn a higher income. 


In summary, the acceptance rate for MIT is 6.7%, which is very carefully selected. It seems difficult or high demanding but it is possible with appropriate support. You also need to do your best in your class and be fully prepared for standardized testing.