Western Carolina University Admission Requirements

Western Carolina University is one of the top universities with its main campus located in Cullowhee, North Carolina. It has an instructional site located at Biltmore Park in Asheville. The university offers a diversity of academic programs ranging from nursing to forensic science. The university not only offers such programs on-campus but also through its hybrid and online platforms. Let’s see the Western Carolina University admission requirements.


Academic programs

With its student-faculty ratio being 17:1, the university has more than 120 undergraduate programs and minors. It has more than 40 postgraduate programs and certificate programs for pursuance. The undergraduate programs include a Bachelor’s of Science and a Bachelor’s of Arts in subjects ranging from accounting, finance, and biology to the theater. One can access the list of subjects offered under undergraduate programs through the official website.

Among the graduate programs, the university has more than 40 graduate programs. The university offers doctoral degrees, programs in masters, specialist degrees, educational licensure programs, and several other non-degree programs for postgraduate studies. Apart from Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs, the university also has various certificate programs. The university provides more flexible options in learning through its distance learning programs to keep the process of learning updated with the skills needed in the present times.


The Western Carolina University admission requirements are –

For Freshman Year

Western Carolina University provides a formal campus tour to the students to experience education and living at the university.

Overall performance in high school along with SAT or ACT scores are taken into notice. The university also requires the completion of core courses. Such core courses include English, mathematics, sciences, social sciences, and any world languages other than English. The high school transcripts must be submitted along with the application and information including,

weighted and unweighted GPA, grades, and rank may be taken into account if applicable. Transcripts of other competitive high school courses may be submitted. Such requirements may vary according to the course taken. A background check may be undertaken if required to verify the information filled out in the application form.

Deadline for freshman application: The deadline for application can be accessed through the official website according to the application type.

Acceptance rate: Western Carolina University has an acceptance rate of around 48%.

For Graduate Programs

Graduate programs are of two types:

  • The graduate degree program,
  • and graduate from a non-degree program.

How to apply: Application for the graduate program requires filling out the application form through the official website with a non-refundable fee of $65.

While one must have an undergraduate degree, An applicant may be asked to take additional classes to create a strong background under the course undertaken.

The requirements for graduate programs vary according to each program. The decisions related to the applications are made by the committee under each department. The deadlines and requirements for each of the graduate programs can be found on the official website.

Submission of documents: transcripts of the completed degrees and any additional coursework need to be submitted in a scanned pdf format.

For International Students:

For Freshman Year

For international students applying in the freshman year, the documents for admission require transcripts of high school grades with SAT/ACT scores. Additionally, students must submit scores of an accredited English Proficiency test (list of accepted tests on the website). One can fill out the application form with the details of their passport for registration.

How to apply: students can fill out the application form online through the website and need to pay the admission fee for the same.

Please note that the documents must be submitted with an English translation if it is not in English.

For Graduate Programs:

Students applying to graduate programs must have completed a bachelor’s degree which meets the standards of the US level of bachelorette under the United States Department of Education (USDOE). The transcripts for the same must be submitted and should be evaluated by anyone among the list of the agencies under the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services

Other Requirements: The requirements for graduate programs vary according to each program. The decision regarding applications is made by the committee under each department. Transcripts of high school, diploma, or certificate courses must be submitted along with the application.

The submission includes scores from an accredited English Proficiency test.

The deadlines and requirements for each of the graduate programs can be found on the official website.

How to apply: students can fill out the application form online through the website with details of passports.

Exchange programs

Western Carolina University also offers exchange programs, along with programs including, IEP(English Intensive program ) to improve English during the first semester.

The Western Carolina University admission requirements for exchange program students to enroll themselves in a course covering a minimum of 12 credits over the term of the undergraduate program. One needs to cover a minimum of 9 credits under the graduate program.

Students need to submit details including copies of transcripts, copies of the passport photo page, scores of the English Proficiency Test, and the certificate of finances.

The Financial Guarantee Form includes the costs per semester to be paid by the students, i.e

$6000 for the undergraduate program.

The details for the deadline for applications and the list of courses are available on the official website.

Additionally, the details for housing, immunization, and medical insurance are asked upon arrival. For in-campus study under the Exchange program, one must apply for a J-1 Visa.

All the students under the exchange program are required to live on campus and thus need to select housing and meal plans for themselves. All students are supposed to have relevant medical insurance, as mentioned by the US department of state.

How to apply: The application and all documents need to be submitted online through the official website.


Offering flexibility and student support, the university provides immense learning and growth opportunities. Western Carolina University is an educational, economic, and cultural center that has over 100 years of experience in the sector of education. It is one of the top-ranked institutions for its undergraduate research programs. The university provides an open platform for the students to explore various programs. The student body of student affairs along with various international programs and counseling sessions on campus help in the holistic growth of the individual while providing the best experience.