University Of Hawaii Transfer Acceptance Rate

The University of Hawaii is also well known, as UH is a famous public university that offers quality facilities to its research students, and its research facilities are on six islands in Hawaii. It has seven constituent colleges where different departments of UH are running. The University of Hawaii participates in the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and if you are eligible for WUE, you will get the benefits that WUE students get. The University of Hawaii started its journey in 1907 and now educates over 50,000 students worldwide. You can pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs at UH. Let us read about “University Of Hawaii Transfer Acceptance Rate”

University Of Hawaii Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer acceptance rate of the University of Hawaii depends on the number of allocations for transfers, and the acceptance rate of the university depends on the number of applications for an academic year. In the previous academic session at UH, almost 4000 applicants applied for a transfer, and the transfer acceptance rate at UH is 81.49%. It may increase or decrease if transfer eligibility is fulfilled by the students who applied for a transfer. The previous academic session’s acceptance rate for admission at UH was 87.3%, the highest acceptance rate of the University of Hawaii to date due to a higher number of applications for admission than in previous years.

The acceptance rate at UF is determined by factors such as how many students filled out the admission application form and how many are eligible for admission, as well as the number of seats available in UF programs. Based on these factors, you can expect to be accepted at the University of Hawaii.

University Of Hawaii Transfer Acceptance Rate:

Transferring students from one college to another could be beneficial for students because if they have a high GPA and sinewy academic records, their transfer acceptance rate will be higher. However, the freshman acceptance rate is higher than the transfer acceptance rate. The transfer acceptance rate at the University of Hawaii is competitive, as the average acceptance rate at UH is between 75 and 85%. If students meet transfer eligibility requirements, their chances of acceptance at UH increase; conversely, if they do not meet transfer eligibility requirements, their chances of acceptance at UH decrease.

In an academic year at UH, nearly 3,179 students enrolled for transfer, but it accepted only 1619 transfers, which means the transfer acceptance rate was only 50.93%.

Eligibilities for Transfer Acceptance at the University of Hawaii:

The minimum GPA required for transfer acceptance for in-state students at UH is 2.0, and for out-of-state resident students, the transfer acceptance rate GPA is 2.5. You can send your academic transcripts directly to UH from the schools you are transferring to.

If you have 24 or more semester transfer credits from your previous college, you will be eligible for transfer acceptance at UH. If you have less than 24 semester transfer credits, your transfer acceptance will depend on your academic performance in college and high school.

University of Hawaii Acceptance Rate:

In the academic year 2020, the acceptance rate at the University of Hawaii was 83.7%. However, the acceptance rate varies every academic session at UH, but the average acceptance rate at UH is from 65% to 85%. The acceptance rate may also differ from other universities in Hawaii, as Hawaii has three universities, one of which is Manoa, where the majority of University of Hawaii students pursue various programs UH. The freshman acceptance rate may also vary according to the semesters at UH because it follows the semester system.

The acceptance rate at UH in the fall of the 2021 semester was 81.7%. According to Niche, the acceptance rate of UH is 84%, while US news and world reports say that UH has an acceptance rate of 70%.

The acceptance rate of UH in the 2021 academic year was 58.4%, which was less than in the academic year 2020 when its acceptance rate was 83.2%.

Eligibility for Admission to the University of Hawaii:

If you are seeking admission to the University of Hawaii and want to present a strong application and increase your chances of acceptance, then you must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • Your average GPA score should be from 3.0 to 3.74.
  • The University of Hawaii at Manoa follows a test-optional policy, but if you have participated in the SAT and ACT, then your minimum average SAT score should be 1070 to 1280, and your ACT score could range from 21 to 27 to increase your chance of acceptance at the University of Hawaii.
  • Your high school rank should be in the top 40% of your school.
  • You must participate in the subject tests of UH, and if you score well on these tests, your chances of acceptance will increase.
  • Your academic track record should be good, and you must have appropriate knowledge of the English language. If English is not your native language, then you must pass English subject tests to get into UH.

How Do You Fill Out the University of Hawaii Application Form?

You can apply using the Common App or through the official website of the University of Hawaii. Then choose whether you are applying for a newcomer admission form, a transfer admission form, or an international student admission form. It will open the form for you and then fill in details like your name, number, email, country, address, and other descriptions. Kindly upload all required transcripts and check the details you filled in. Pay the application fee of $70, and then submit your application form.

Before you apply for any program at UH, read all the eligibility criteria for the program because eligibility may be different for some programs.

Reasons for the high acceptance rate at the University of Hawaii:

Everyone wants to study at a public and famous university. It increases the number of applications to UH. It has made the ACT and SATs available to students and allows those who do not achieve a high score on these tests to continue their education at a well-known university.

According to the US News and World Report survey report, the University of Hawaii is ranked 166 among national universities. It won 83 straight games in top public schools. According to the Niche survey report, UH is ranked 138th among America’s top public universities.

The lower tuition fee at the University of Hawaii also draws more students because it is lower than the national average. The average cost of attending UH is $15,193 per year.

It has given the world some great people working in their fields and spreading the name and fame of the University of Hawaii around the world. 


The transfer acceptance rate of the University of Hawaii is almost 88 percent, and sometimes it goes up and sometimes down according to the number of transfer applications, eligible students from those applications, and available seats in programs for transfer students in the programs they applied. The students applying for transfer acceptance must fill out the application form for transfer students. The University of Hawaii’s acceptance rate for newcomer students varies every academic year. The application fee at UH is $70 for all students.


How long is summer break for Hawaii students?

The students can enjoy a two-month summer vacation at their schools in Hawaii.

What are the semester durations at UH?

The average semester duration at UH is six months. It starts from August to December and January to May.