University Of California-Santa Cruz Transfer Acceptance Rate

The University of California-Santa Cruz is one of California’s most famous and well-known universities. It admits existing and transfers students to its campus at the beginning of every semester. Students’ percentage who get accepted into the University for the upcoming semester in comparison with the total number of students who applied is known as the acceptance rate. Let us know What are the ‘University Of California-Santa Cruz Transfer Acceptance Rate’.

University Of California-Santa Cruz Transfer Acceptance Rate

University Of California-Santa Cruz Transfer Acceptance Rate

Every year students transfer from one college or University to another. The percentage of a student transferring from one University and getting acceptance for admission to another university is known as the transfer acceptance rate of students. This article will share details related to the UCSC transfer acceptance rate.

The number of transfer applications received in 2019 was 11,813. Among those applications, the University accepted an application from 7987 students. So we can say that the acceptance rate was 67.61% in 2019. Getting transferred and accepted to the University of California, Santa Cruz, is difficult. The total number of enrollments for fall 2021 was 19,842, out of which 1,727 new transfer students got admission. In 2022 admissions, the transfer acceptance rate was 61%. It is another fact that 80% of transfer students can graduate in 3 years or lesser.

University Of California-Santa Cruz Transfer Students

All the students from the educational institutions and community colleges in California are welcome to UCSC as transfer students. As a transfer student, you can grab your University of California degree in less than three years. 

Like all other prominent educational institutions, transfer students’ admission and selection process requires academic and documented preparation. The faculty of UCSC approves the criteria for the selection of transfer students. 

Junior transfer students can grab their graduation degree in less than two years when they initially enroll.

University Of California-Santa Cruz Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer acceptance rate at the University of California-Santa Cuz was 67% in 2019, which has reduced to 61% in 2022. Among the complete student body, 33% are transfer students. The acceptance rate was reasonable, but how much was the yield, i.e., how many students enrolled? The enrollment was nearly 22% in 2019, similar to the ratio in 2022 as well.

Documents required for transfer students

A high school transcript is required in some cases of transfer students. A college transcript is required from all students applying for transfer admission. The University requires a personal statement essay from all the students applying. In some cases, standardized test scores are also asked of students.

Good Standing Statement and Interview

Apart from the above documents, a good standing statement taken from the previous institution is required by the University from all students. The interview is not required.


The University asks for a minimum requirement of 90 credits to apply for admission as a transfer student.

Transfer Deadlines

The fall Transfer Deadline is November 30, whereas the decision date notification should come by May 1 for fall admissions. It is always recommended to complete the application one week earlier than the deadline.

Transfer GPA requirements

A minimum college GPA of 2.4 is required from transfer students, whereas the high school GPA requirement is 2.8.

Semester units

You must have completed 60 semester units, or you should be done with 90 quarter units of transfer coursework to pass the selection criteria.

Transfer coursework pattern should be followed with a minimum of C grades. The pattern identifies 2 English subjects, one mathematical subject, and four subjects in miscellaneous categories such as arts, biological science, physical science, etc. The minimum GPA requirement in this regard is 2.4, but higher GPAs are more in competition.

Other Criteria for selection

If you have completed the associate degree of transfer, your chances of selection are higher than others. Your participation in the honors program and honors course performance also plays a role in your selection as a university student. UCSC’s general education course program also plays an essential role in your selection.

Transfer from the lower division

Suppose a student has not reached junior standing. In that case, the University will only give admission to a limited number of transferees, but they must complete all coursework requirements before enrolling in the admission program.

Non-residents of California

Non-residents of California are also eligible to apply similarly to the residents, but their GPA must be 2.8 or above for transferrable courses at the University of California.

International transfer students

Students from all over the world can apply to this University as transfer students. Still, they must submit a record of coursework from their respective institutions so that the University can evaluate it for Final Selection. The applicant must prove his English speaking adequacy as a requirement for admission.

Criteria exceptions for transfer students

Some students might be given admission with an exception even if they do not fulfill the abovementioned criteria. This is because of their academic accomplishments and unique talents.

Senior Applicants

Suppose a student attends a four-year program in a university or college and decides after two years to transfer to the University of California-Santa Cruz. In that case, he must first ask permission to submit the admission application. They must also fulfill all transfer requirements. The same thing applies to those who completed 90 UC transfer semester units.

Second Baccalaureate Applicants

Second Baccalaureate candidates are also allowed to apply for admission after applying for seeking permission of admission. Non-impacted major’s appeal is accepted only.

Reasons for transferring to University Of California-Santa Cruz

Save Money

You may want to save money by first entering community college and then completing a four-year degree.

Bad experience at the previous institute

Bad experiences or dissatisfaction in the previous institution could be another reason for transferring to the University of California- Santa Cruz.

Personal liking

You always liked UCSC, but you could not decide to join it earlier because of personal reasons. Now when you have the opportunity to join, you will love to be a part of it as a transfer student. 


The University of California is an excellent choice to join as a transfer student because you get every possible attention as a student to complete your education. The transfer acceptance rate of the University of California-Santa Cruz is almost 61% which is a competitive rate. Although the minimum requirement of a GPA is 2.8 due to competition, you must ensure that you reach at least a 3.6 GPA or even better of 3.74. You must also provide access to your test scores to ensure a smooth entrance into the University. 


  • Is it hard to get accepted into the University of California-Santa Cruz as a transfer student?

The transfer acceptance rate of the University of California-Santa Cruz is 61% which is a competitive rate. If you fulfill all the admission requirements, then it is not much difficult to get accepted as a transfer student. 

  • What was the transfer acceptance rate of the University of California-Santa Cruz in the previous few years?

The transfer acceptance rate of the University of California-Santa Cruz in the previous few years was between 61% and 67%. This is a reasonable acceptance rate for transfer students.

  • What GPA do you require to transfer to the University of California-Santa Cruz?

The minimum GPA requirement is 2.8, but applying is always recommended if you have a GPA of more than 3.4 because competition is too high among transfer students.