Wayne State University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Wayne State University, also known as WSU, has 13 affiliated colleges from which you can pursue more than 350-degree programs. It is offering education to more than 25,000 students who are enrolled in its various programs and are part of WSU’s public research university. It is well-known for its high research activities and provides quality facilities to its research students. It is one of the leading and third-largest public universities in Michigan. WSU started its journey in 1868, and now it has almost 7,000 administrative and academic staff to provide efficient education and educational help to the students of Wayne State University. Let us know What are the ‘Wayne State University Transfer Acceptance Rate’.

Wayne State University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Wayne State University Transfer Acceptance Rate

WSU’s acceptance rate could be good news for students seeking admission through transfer applications at Wayne State University, as its acceptance rate for transfer students is 88.1% in the 2019 academic year. Students who want to transfer to Wayne University should fill out the form before the deadline and meet the eligibility requirements established for transfer students.

You can apply for transfer admission in each semester of WSU, as one is in the fall of summer and the next is in the fall of spring, and you could get a decision on your transfer after eight weeks or a bit later on. In an academic year, WSU received more than 4,200 applications for transfer admission and accepted 3731 students. The transfer acceptance rate may vary every semester or academic year because it depends on the number of applications for transfer, eligible students, and seats available for transfer students in the programs of Wayne State University.

Wayne State University’s Transfer Acceptance Rate:

When you get admission to an institute. If you think that this university is not suitable for you and want to transfer your acceptance from this university to another university, you can apply for transfer admission at Wayne State University. The transfer acceptance rate at WSU is high, and if you fulfill all the eligibility requirements for admission, you will get accepted. Sometimes, the transfer acceptance rate goes up when the number of applications exceeds the number of seats available for transfer students at Wayne State University. If the number of applications matches the ratio of available seats to eligible students, the transfer acceptance rate rises. You must try to fill out your transfer application before the deadline because sometimes transfer students face issues filling out forms, and due to some mistakes in their applications, the admissions committee rejects their applications.

Statistical Data on Wayne State University’s Transfer Acceptance Rate:

In the 2019 academic year, over 4,200 students submitted transfer application forms, and 3,731 were accepted for admission to WSU, resulting in an acceptance rate of 88.1%.

WSU had 2,166 transfer students in the 2022 academic session, with an acceptance rate of 81%, and over 3,000 students applied for transfer admission this year.

The average acceptance rate of Wayne State University is from 78% to 90%, according to the previous track record of admitted students in previous academic years at WSU. It changes accordingly every year, and students applying for transfer acceptance must have an excellent last academic performance.

Eligibility for Acceptance of Transfer Students at Wayne State University:

If you are applying for transfer admission at Wayne State University, you must meet the following eligibility requirements to increase your chances of acceptance.

  • You must have at least 24 transferable credits to increase your chances of acceptance.
  • Your grade should be C or better than C.
  • You have a good chance of acceptance if your GPA should be higher than 2.5. However, this eligibility is now optional for the admission of transfer students.
  • You must keep all the transcripts and documents from your previous institute.
  • If your transferable credit is less than 12 credits, you have to provide your high school transcripts, and your admission will be based on your high school grades, GPA, and AP scores.
  • Transfer students must pay a non-refundable fee of $50 to fill out the application form.

Reasons Behind the Transfer of Students at Wayne State University:

When we look for colleges for our higher education, we consider many factors about the colleges to find the best-fit college for our study. Wayne State University could be a perfect place to pursue your higher education as it has an affordable fee structure compared to some other public and top universities in the constituency of Michigan.

Wayne State University has over 350 degree and certificate programs for students to choose from, and you will have a greater variety of programs to choose from and pursue your favorite program from a leading university.

You will get quality facilities on the campus, supporting academic faculty, highly rated courses, a high success rate, the ranking of Wayne among top institutes, and a few more factors that attract students from around the world to Wayne State University.

Wayne State University Fees and Other Expenses:

If you are pursuing your degree programs at WSU, you must know about the fees and other costs you must pay at Wayne State University and plan your budget accordingly.

Wayne State University charges a gross amount of $29,525 from in-state resident students, including the tuition fee of $11,912 and the books and supplies cost of $1,246. WSU charges another stipend of $1,605, and room and board pricing is $10,694. Students should keep an average budget of $4,068 for their expenses.

Out-of-state residents must pay an average total cost of $44,895 at Wayne State University, including the $27,282 tuition fee, which is near twice the tuition for in-state residents. Other fees imposed are $1605, and room and board pricing for out-of-state resident students is $10,694. You can keep $4,068 for your expenditures; books and supplies charges are $1,246 for non-resident students.

Students can also apply for some scholarship programs that may reduce their expenditures at Wayne State University. The tuition fees and other allowances could change anytime in any academic year at Wayne State University if the governing board of WSU changes, as it does before every academic year when they determine the fee structure of WSU.


The transfer acceptance rate at Wayne State University is high, with an average acceptance rate of between 78 and 90%. However, it varies from academic year to academic year depending on the number of transfer student applications received and the number of eligible students identified from the applications. Wayne State University transfer applicants must pay a $50 non-refundable fee. Students want to transfer to WSU because it offers quality facilities, such as highly-ranked programs, a high success rate, the lowest fees in the Michigan region, supportive academic staff, and a few more factors that inspire students to get into Wayne State University.

  • Does Wayne State University allow smoking on its campus?

Students, employees, contractors, and faculty are not permitted to smoke on campus, nor are they permitted to consume tobacco or alcohol products.WSU follows a tobacco-free policy on its campus.

  • How many credits are full-time at Wayne State University?

If you have 12 or more credits, you are considered full-time at Wayne State University.