University Of Arizona or Purdue University Main Campus

In today’s era, several students study either in their nation or go to universities abroad Universities. Universities are either private or state-funded institutions. It is highly competitive to avail a seat for any institution one applies to, but those who heartily do secure their life. In this article we shall see which is better University Of Arizona or Purdue University Main Campus?

University Of Arizona or Purdue University Main Campus

The University of Arizona is located in Tucson, Arizona that offers Undergraduate and Graduate courses. Its campus is large and situated in a large city. The student population touches around 45,601. Purdue University-Main Campus is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. Its campus is large too and situated in Midsize Suburban and provides both Undergraduate and Graduate courses. It has a student population of 46,665. The majority of them are studying on a full-time basis, whereas, it offers online courses too which is available to 10%-15% of the whole population. Both of them are Public Universities.


  • A minimum SAT score of 1250 is a must.
  • The average ACT score ranges around 25 or above.
  • The GPA score should be 3.0 or above.
  • Recommendations from previous institutions are required.
  • High School Rank is recommended.
  • High School Transcript is required.

International Applicants

  • Degree Requirements such as Bachelor’s Degree are a must for Master’s
  • English Proficiency 
  • Minimum 79 IBT score or 580 PBT score in TOEFL.
  • Minimum overall score of 7 in IELTS i.e. almost 6 in each section.
  • A minimum score of 110 in CESL (Centre for English as a Second Language).
  • Financial Guarantee and Visa Requirements
  • Health Insurance

Courses or Majors

  • The University of Arizona provides more than 250 Majors, which means it touches more than a variety of disciplines. Undergraduate majors like Agricultural, Animal, and Veterinary Sciences followed by Biological and Biomedical Sciences, as well as Computer Science and Information Technology are the top choices. English and Literature, Culture and Language, Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Interdisciplinary Studies are also various courses offered here.
  • Purdue University has around 108 Undergraduate majors, which touches almost 26 broad fields of study. Majors like Engineering, Pharmacy, Marketing, and Management followed Journalism, Foreign Language and Linguistics, as well as Computer and Information Sciences are the most preferred courses.

Diversity or Ethnicity

  • The Racial Diversity at the University of Arizona is high, which constitutes 52% are White, 25% are Hispanic, 10% are Asian and African, followed by 1% American-Indian and 6% are International. Gender Diversity is high states that female students are 22% more than male students i.e. women constitute 55% whereas men constitute 45%. Around 58% of them are from the state, 37% are out-of-state followed by 5% are foreign students.
  • Purdue University consists of around 60% White, 6% of Hispanic, and 13% African and Asian, followed by 22% of other nationalities. Gender Diversity is high as the male students are 34% more than the female students i.e. men constitute 57% whereas women constitute 43%. Almost 50% of them are from the state, 38% are out-of-state, followed by 12% of foreign nationals and other nations.

Campus Life

  • University of Arizona
  • Being a part of the University of Arizona gives one a chance to spectate 18 different sports. Sports like Football and Basketball are the famous sports to see, wherein it has given many sportsmen to the nation. Activities like rock-climbing and cycling can be done easily within a 1-mile radius. It’s also home to many coffee shops where students can hang out and socialize. It has a rating of 4.75 out of 5 for its recreational and energetic activities and ranks #6.
  • Purdue University
  • The majority of them are attached or can be seen leaning towards either Football or Basketball. There are five courts to fill the belly with food and laughs, also Traditional Cuisines are available. Well, sometimes the parties aren’t that smooth as the proportion of males is higher than females.  Traditions like the Old Oaken Bucket tournament and Hello Walk are few among them. This is a sidewalk on Purdue’s Memorial Mall, the tradition is that you are “required” to greet each person you pass while walking down it. The interactions are always interesting.
  • Purdue has a great Black Cultural Center experience for the minorities. Undergraduates have access to several ROTC programs and there is an active veteran group. Several games are played starting from Basketball to Water Skiing, which leads to a Big 10 sports atmosphere, wherein several colleges participate and the spectators have a great time.


Well both the colleges are Public Universities and have an immense amount of Majors and Master’s as well as Research Institutions, it depends upon the applicant where to go. Both of them have a good reputation and are publicly famous, trying to upgrade in academics. When it comes to Faculty, it is good enough but needs to deal with the part-time graduate assistants. The recreational and party culture followed by restaurants and coffee shops and love for sports is spread among everyone. The great thing is the diversity that brings students from various nations and states under one Institution.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the tuition fees, expenses, and financial aids?

The tuition fee is $11,299 for residents of Arizona and $35,326 for out-of-state students. Books and stationery cost $800, extra fee is$1,417, accommodation charge is $13,350 and other expenses touch $3,550. The average net price paid is $15,620 and varies with different financial statuses. 

At Purdue University the tuition fees for in-state students are $9,208 and for out-of-state students is $28,010. Stationary items cost $1,000, other fees $748, hostel charge is $10,030 followed by extra expenses budget is $1,760. The average net price payable is $12,294, which varies with different cases.

  1. What is the acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate is 85.1% at the University of Arizona which states that the admission standards are high. One can easily get a seat as the applicant competition is low.

The acceptance rate at Purdue University is 67.2% and maintains elite admission standards. It’s not hard to avail a seat as the applicant competition is low.

  1. Is it worth reading at either University of Arizona or Purdue University?

It cannot be said to be worth it but it’s a great opportunity to be a part of either University of Arizona or Purdue University. The University of Arizona holds the rank of #57 among the Best Public Colleges in the U.S. and Purdue University holds the rank of #15 among the Best Public Colleges in the U.S.