How Can I Convert My GPA From Indian To American?

The 1-5 scale is utilized for some nations, but the 1-10 scale is preferred for other territories. It indicates that there is no unique universal scoring system in schooling over the globe. Here’s how to convert an A grade in India to a 4.0 GPA in the United States. In this article, we will see about ‘How Can I Convert My GPA From Indian To American?’.

How Can I Convert My GPA From Indian To American?

How Can I Convert My GPA From Indian To American?

Indian education institutions utilize a grading system that assigns points or scores and then converts them into percentages. This is especially applicable in institutions, where students obtain 100-point grades for each course from junior through senior year and then calculate their average percentage grade.

What is GPA?: How Can I Convert My GPA From Indian To American?

The Grade Point Average, or GPA, estimates the grades a person has received for the numerous subjects they have chosen over a semester or trimester. GPA results represent a student’s overall achievement across a semester or term. The GPA system comprises five grades: A, B, C, D, and F, with A being the best and F being the lowest.

What is CGPA?: How Can I Convert My GPA From Indian To American?

The cumulative grade point average, or CGPA, is the standard measure of the student’s GPA marks obtained during the program at his institution or university. To calculate a student’s CGPA, add his GPA (Grade Point Average) from all semesters and divide it by the number of his overall credit hours. To achieve a high CGPA, students must have outstanding GPA ratings.

What sets the US apart from other nations in terms of grading?

The United States assigns grades in a somewhat different way. The majority of American universities and institutions use a five-point system to give letter grades to individuals. They’re as follows:

  • The top of the scale denotes excellence.
  • It represents a higher-than-average grade.
  • A grade at the midpoint of the scale is considered average.
  • The required minimum grade.
  • Failure is indicated by the lower side of the measure.

How do you convert an Indian rating to a US rating?

Many colleges and universities in India utilize the percentage method to assess academics, with some outliers that use a 10-point system. It is computed by dividing the percentage by ten.

There is also a point category dependent on percentile or percentage garnered:

  • Distinction or Division First.
  • Second Division.
  • Third Division Pass.

GPA= (X/20)-1 is a more straightforward technique to convert a special rate to a rating of 4.0.

Equivalent in US GradeAB/B+C/C+

Recall that every grade equates to a value point when converting a % or percentage into the US recognized GPA.

GPA may be easily calculated using percentages.

As a result, the most significant grade point on a 4-point scale is 10.0 percentile or 100 percent.

Scale  60 – 100    55 – 59    50 – 54    43 – 49    35 – 42    0 – 34  
  US Grade Equivalent  AB+BC+CF

Most institutions do not need you to adjust your GPA to the 4-point scale.

There is a scientific record review process that considers a variety of criteria before calculating your comparable GPA in the US marking scheme.

What Role Does Your CGPA Play In Entering Into A Prestigious University?

Your educational success reveals a lot about your prospects as a future student at the institution. They will examine your grades to judge your skills in managing their curriculum burden and adjusting to their educational system and subjective parts of your academic background, such as your initiatives and placements.

In India, they use a ten-point system to compute CGPA, with 10 being the highest possible score. Specific colleges utilize a percentage approach in which students are graded out of 100.

Likewise, several institutions worldwide have their grading method for evaluating overseas applicants.

What happened to Grade E?

The letter E is not included in the American grade scheme. It all started in 1897 when the lowest mark a student could receive was E. The student-to-teacher proportion in the United States increased dramatically around the twentieth century. As the number of immigrants rose, these freshly arrived families mistook the lowest rating E for good.

Student presence has become mandatory.

E was replaced with F, which is instinctively known to signify Failure, to make it simpler for families and to lessen the school’s work in explaining the situation.


When enrolling for graduate or master’s degrees at institutions in the United States, one typical question:’state the GPA attained in school or university.’

The best option is to include your CGPA, percentage, or % in your records. This is because there is currently no failsafe technique for converting points. Furthermore, US institutions are cognizant of India’s scoring approach, which is why the country’s top colleges specifically request that candidates not do so. This conversion table of A Grade in India to the US 4.0 GPA system may be used to compute your GPA.