Umass Amherst Known For

Umass, also known as the University of Massachusetts and the Public Research University, is one of the world’s leading and top universities. Umass started its journey in 1883 as an agricultural college. Umass has five academically affiliated colleges, and the academic staff at Umass is more than 2000. If we count the total number of students at Umass, then more than 32,000 students are pursuing different degree programs at Umass. Umass offers 109+ undergraduate courses and more than 77 master’s programs. Umass is famous for its research facilities because it provides its students with the best facilities available at Umass, and the university spends $211 million on its research and development program. Let us know about ‘Umass Amherst Known For’.

Umass Amherst Know For

Umass Amherst University has many things that make it one of the top and most prestigious universities. It is one of the largest public universities in New England; Umass Amherst is a flagship, public, has affordable student fees, a comprehensive institute, and a few other factors that make this university stand out. The best majors at Umass Amherst are accounting, business, social sciences, psychology, computer sciences, and more. Umass Amherst has affiliations with more than nine colleges where different departments of Umass Amherst are operated, and these colleges offer various courses for students that are job-oriented and have a high ranking among the courses. Umass Amherst has two world-class libraries that are popular among students because they have the best facilities for them.

The facts that we consider to be the best facts about Amherst are things like the fact that Umass Amherst is a member of those five college consortiums where students get extra benefits like borrowing books, attending classes, working with professors, participating in labs, and a few other things. The name and fame of Umass Amherst University are spreading worldwide because the number of enrollments for admission to Umass Amherst is increasing every year, while the acceptance rate of the university is almost 58%, and it gives priority to students who have a good GPA, SAT, ACT, knowledge of the English language, and a few other factors that determine the admission of students to Umass Amherst.

Ranking factors that indicate the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is known for:

Umass Amherst is a prestigious and top university, and students from around the world come here to study. When they see the rankings of Umass, it is easy for them to decide whether they should study there in reverse.

According to Niche University survey results, Amherst ranks first among top universities and sixth among the most liberal colleges in Massachusetts.

If you see the national ranking of Umass Amherst, then Forbes has put it in 155th place, THE or WSJ has given it 160 ranks, and according to the US News and World Report survey, Umass Amherst is at 66th position, while Washington Monthly has awarded it 122 grade in the national rankings of different universities that participate in the successions.

The global ranking of Umass Amherst is as follows: ARWU ranks it from 151 to 200, and QS ranks it from 270 to 250. THE reports rank it from 201 to 250. and US News and World Report rank Umass Amherst 136th among various global university rankings.

Besides, the rankings of UMass Amherst among its different programs are also highly ranked by various survey websites and magazines. These programs attract students worldwide to Umass Amherst, and they want to know in detail about the rankings of Umass Amherst. You can visit the websites.

Umass Amherst’s Best Programs and Majors well-known among students

Here is a list of some programs you can pursue at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and which are ranked best by various magazines and websites.

  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Social Sciences
  • Computer Sciences
  • Finance
  • Psychology
  • Architecture

Not only these majors, but Umass Amherst offers some more popular majors like these that are helpful for students to achieve their goals by pursuing these programs at Umass Amherst.

Why are these programs at Umass Amherst so well-known?

When you pursue these courses from Umass Amherst, you want to know that if you have completed the best programs at Umass Amherst, then you can count them as worth it. So here is a list of some programs at Umass Amherst and how much you can earn when you pass out from Umass Amherst.

Computer science students can make an average of $75,400 annually, accounting students get an average package of $60,700 yearly, marketing program students get an offer letter of $46,100, biology students can earn an average of $34,000, and psychology students at Umass Amherst get an annual salary of $33,200 per year.

Besides, these programs and other programs at UMass Amherst are popular, and the packages of these programs are expensive, which makes these programs valuable and famous among students worldwide.

Crucial Facts About Umass Amherst That Make It Famous

  • Umass Amherst University has various sports teams that are also leading, such as basketball, football, and hockey, which are top sports played by the group of Umass Amherst known as the Minutemen and Minutewomen. In 2021, when the national hockey championship was played, the Minutemen beat St. Cloud University and won the NCAA tournament.
  • Umass Amherst University is popular among the students as one of the best party schools in the US, but this statement seems uncertain because it was not a good sign for Umass Amherst, so with time, it changed its policy regarding parties, and today, only some events like parties are organized on the campus of Umass Amherst. It was also known as ZoomMass because of the large number of parties at Umass Amherst, but it has now controlled the controversies surrounding parties on its campuses.
  • The Greek Life Facility for Students at Umass Amherst is a quality feature of Umass Amherst because connecting students with society and letting them know about the current circumstances of society develops their personality and makes them responsible citizens. Niche polled 21 schools, and Umass Amherst came out on top with the best student life in Massachusetts, ranking first and fourth.
  • Umass Amherst’s campus expansion is the largest of any Umass System campus because it is 1,400 acres in size, whereas other Umass System campuses, such as Umass Medical School, Umass Lowell, Umass Dartmouth, and Umass Boston, are smaller.

Some notable Umass Amherst alumni who contributed to the school’s success include:

Here is a list of some inspiring personalities who spread the name and fame of Umass all around the world and inspired many students to get into Umass Amherst, from where they could achieve their goals.

  • Russell Hulse
  • Catherine Coleman
  • Robert Miller
  • David Lowy
  • Jack Welch
  • Steven Sinofsky
  • Serena Williams
  • Black Francis

Not only does Umass Amherst have such great alumni, but it also has some great personalities who have worked brilliantly in their field and inspire millions of students from all over the world to achieve their goals.

Umass Amherst Known for its fees and other costs

The students who will go to study at Umass Amherst should know the tuition fees and other costs they must pay while students pursue their programs. It will help them plan their budget accordingly.

Students attending Umass Amherst as in-state livings students must pay an average gross cost of $32,168 for an academic session. Tuition is $15,791, books and supplies are $1,000, room and board is $13,329, personal expenses are $1,400, and some additional fees at Umass Amherst of $648. It is the fee for in-state residence students who want to study at Umass Amherst.

Umass charges a total average of $52,156 from the students who have out-of-state residence, including tuition fees of $35,779, which are higher than those of the students who have in-state living. Other stipends for non-resident students are the same, such as $1,000 for books and supplies, $13,329 for room and board, $1,400 for personal expenses, and $648 for out-of-state residence students.

The fees may change in any academic session if the governing buddies of Umass Amherst decide, and to get updates on the financial aid of Umass, you can download its financial aid or visit its official website. The students can also apply for scholarships, which may reduce their expenses at Umass Amherst.

 Umass Amherst is known for: Library, Campus, and Students Facilities

The campus of Umass Amherst has expanded to almost 1,450 acres, which seems to be in a ring form because the academic buildings and research lab buildings are surrounded by some residential areas and the university’s apartment complexes. The Umass Amherst campus is beautiful because the buildings and open zones are decorated with flowers and plants.

The W. E. B. Du Bois Library at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is a 26-story building that is one of the world’s tallest and the second-tallest university library. It has a collection of books related to different programs operated at UMass Amherst. You can read about social change movements, history books, journal articles, news articles, and other topics that will help you become a better person and advance your career. Umass Amherst has one more library, which is known as the Science and Engineering Library. It has some film libraries, and museums are attractive. People can also see its museums for free.

The students of Umass Amherst can live in 52 residence halls where they get quality dining, enough space to live, and other options and facilities such as gyms, athletics, swimming, clubs, cultural festivals, student communities, disabled sites, and more.


Because its campus is the largest in the Umass System, Umass Amherst has many features. Umass Amherst, also known as the University of Massachusetts Amherst, is a public research university that offers its students excellent facilities such as working with professors, discussing issues with professors in their spare time, and gaining expertise in lab sessions that are regularly scheduled at Umass. It has a test-optional policy, which means you can apply to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, even if you did not participate or submit your ACT and SAT scores. 


1. Can students bring their car to the campus of Umass Amherst?

You can bring your car to the campus. You should ask for a permit for parking, and you can park your car only at that designated place. You cannot drive your car faster on the campus of Umass.

2. Do Umass students travel for free on buses?

The buses whose routes are through Umass Transit offers fare-free service for five college students and staff of Umass.