Who Else Wants To Go To UNC At Chapel Hill?


Public colleges with four-digit tuition are rare. Residents of North Carolina often go with UNC-Chapel Hill as their first option since it is widely regarded as one of the most cost-effective and prestigious educational institutions in the United States. When you sell a premium item at a reduced price, it is only natural that many buyers wait outside the “shop” to purchase it. Each year, the University of North Carolina (UNC) gets many applications, and the percentage of students accepted into UNC-Chapel Hill is 21%.Let us know more about Who Else Wants To Go To UNC At Chapel Hill in this article!

Who Else Wants To Go To UNC At Chapel Hill?

Who Else Wants To Go To UNC At Chapel Hill?

If you are a state resident, it is “easier” to get admittance into the school than if you were a student from another state or country. However, you must still be at your highest level to be regarded seriously. Applicants who want to wear the powder blue apparel synonymous with this illustrious public institution should thoroughly understand the admissions process before applying.

Those considering applying to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill should read this article to grasp the following subjects better. Let’s start by looking at the most current statistics available on admissions.

Acceptance Rate wants for Students Applying to UNC Chapel Hill for the Class of 2026

Batch 2025 accepted 19%. This university admits fewer non-North Carolinians. The province government limits non-residents to 18% of pupils, while 82% are state residents.

UNC-Chapel Hill still needs to release its Class of 2026 admission rate. Fifty-seven thousand one hundred ninety-eight applications were submitted. Logically, the admittance rate should be less than 19%, given this amount.

The percentage of students accepted into Early Action at UNC-Chapel Hill

There is a discernible benefit to submitting an early action application to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. The EA submission date for such a school is the 15th of October. Applicants who submit their applications during the EA round have a roughly three times higher chance of being approved than those who offer their applications during the RD phase.

The Admissions Process at UNC-Chapel Hill Considers Both the SAT and Your Class Rank

The most recent figures presently accessible (Class of 2025) indicate that the SAT score range for the middle 50% of enrolled newcomers was 1320-1500. Residents of North Carolina had scores in the field of 1340-1490, but students from other states had scores in the mid-50% range, which was 1410-1520. 74% of the first-year students who were accepted for the school year 2021-22 were from the top 10% of their high school classes, and 92% of them earned a spot in the top 20%. 12 percent of first-year students were either the laureate or honor roll of their high school graduating Class and 42 percent of first-year students were ranked in the top 10 students in their category.

Notes and Trends Regarding Admissions

Incoming first-year students were most likely to major in biology, business, cognitive science, computer engineering, and politics.

  • Most of the 2025 high school graduating class (63%) participated in at least one athletic activity.
  • During their time in high school, 74% of students in each of the Classes of 2025 participate in some community service.
  • 19% of those enrolled are the first in their family to attend college.
  • The student body represents all 94 counties in the state of North Carolina.

In conclusion, the institution will keep its test-optional policy until Fall of 2024.

Who Else Wants To Go To UNC At Chapel Hill?

UNC-Chapel Hill considers extracurriculars, aptitude, and ability “extremely essential” in admissions considerations. Admissions officers will remember you if you have a “spike” and one or two standout extracurriculars.

  • Admissions committees weigh different extracurricular activities differently. Colleges evaluate your extracurriculars according to the four levels.
  • Tier 2: High-achieving but more frequent than Tier 1. For instance, winning a Junior Science & Humanities Symposia (JSHS), leading a famous club, or making an all-state squad.
  • Tier 3: Showcase an applicant’s interests without great success or leadership. Tier 3 extracurricular activities include club leadership or tennis captaincy.
  • T|ier 4: Most famous and least significant extracurriculars. Clubs, sports, and volunteering at the food bank are examples.
  • CollegeVine suggests showcasing your many interests by participating in 1-2 Tier one or two extracurriculars and several Tier 3 and 4 activities.

How Applicants at UNC-Chapel Hill are Given a Grade.

UNC-Chapel Hill’s eight “extremely essential” admission elements include high school curriculum, essays, and standardized test results. Instructor recommendations, extracurricular activities, skill, talent, attitude, and domicile favor North Carolina residents. . First-generation Americans, wealthy heirs, and members of certain minority groups are “considered” differently than those who are not.

The admissions staff reviews each application “at length” before offering admission. They said they don’t have an “ideal kid” in mind. We like the surprise of finding each candidate’s interests and talents. All favorites are brilliant, focused, service-oriented, curious, creative, and bold.

  • It’s essential to emphasize recruiting athletes’ huge benefits. UNC-Chapel Hill is home to 28 varsity sports teams in the NCAA’s top tier. 
  • Batch 2025 consisted of the following people in the following percentages based on their ethnicity or nationality:
  • 65 percent of the population identifies as Caucasian or white; 21 percent of the population identifies as Asian American; 10 percent of the population identifies as Hispanic; 12 percent of the population identifies
  • When broken down by gender, the university admits a much larger number of women than it does men:
  • Men make up 40% of members of the Class of 2025, while women make up 60% of those who:
  • 14% of students graduated high school having participated in an internship.
  • 39% of respondents said they engaged in arts and music.
  • 83% of applicants have shown that they are capable of passing AP exams on their own.
  • They want to pursue further study beyond the undergraduate level: 82%

Rate of Yield

The yield rate at UNC-Chapel Hill, calculated as the number of accepted students minus the total number of applicants, is 45%. This number is similar to that of other prominent state colleges such as Michigan State (41%), the University of Virginia (40%), and the University of California, Los Angeles (39%).

Advice for Applicants

If you want to apply to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill during the upcoming applications cycle, you should be aware of the following information:

The university’s selection procedure does not include conducting interviews with prospective students.

You would be given more attention in the application process if one or both of your parents attended the college or university that you are applying. More than twenty percent of first-year students had a parent who earned a degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

UNC-Chapel Hill sometimes doesn’t analyze “demonstrated interest,” including campus visits, communications with admissions officers, and other similar activities.

Should I Apply to UNC-Chapel Hill?

Admission to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is hard, but students who score in the top half of the SAT or ACT and are at the top of their high school class have a decent opportunity. You’re an application from outside North Carolina or the US. That makes acceptance more probable than applying inside the state. If you’re not from North Carolina, you’ll need better test results and maybe a “hook” to get in. 

US News ranks UNC as the fifth-best public university and has vigorous sports. The university’s six schools offer 74 bachelor’s degrees. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business undergraduate program is frequently ranked among the nation’s top.


UNC-Chapel Hill excels academically and athletically. Despite being the first public college, it is considered one of the best. The Tar Heels are one of the nation’s most successful basketball teams. Unc features a roster of NBA luminaries and has won the NCAA tournament six times, third most all-time.

  • Who gets into the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill?

The result for those who are interested in attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Students who rank in the top tenth of their high school class and SAT/ACT scores in the 50th percentile or above. Consider applying to UNC-Chapel Hill. If you are an applicant from outside North Carolina or another country, you will have a considerably easier time being accepted than from inside.

  • Which university, Duke or UNC-Chapel Hill, is more competitive for admissions?

 If you consider the acceptance rate, then Duke University is the only more competitive school for admission.

  • How competitive is the admissions process at UNC-Chapel Hill?

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill received 53,775 applications for the incoming Class of 2021 and had an acceptance rate of 19.2%. The middle fifty percent of students admitted to UNC had SAT scores between 1350 and 1500. In addition, 74% achieved a class ranking in the top 10%.

  • How many students from other states are accepted into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill?

In the autumn of 2022, 57,219 freshmen applied to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The admission percentage was 16.8 percent overall, with candidates from North Carolina receiving a rate of 43.1 percent and applicants from other states receiving an acceptance rate of 8.2 percent. View the 2022 Freshman Profile to find out more.