UCSB Acceptance Rate Tuition Requirements and More

The University of California, Santa Barbara is a research university located in Santa Barbara-Isla in California. It is included in the ten systems of universities of the University of California. UCSB is known to have more than twenty-four thousand enrollments in the academic year of 2021-2022 in undergraduate disciplines. Moreover, it also has recorded approximately three thousand graduate enrollments in the same academic year. UCSB is offering more than two hundred undergraduate programs in its three undergraduate schools. Besides, it has ten research centers and two major graduate schools. It has a very good international ranking and students from the entire world want to study at UCSB. Let us know about UCSB Acceptance Rate Tuition Requirements and More.

UCSB Acceptance Rate Tuition Requirements and More

As far as the acceptance rate of UCSB is concerned, it is included in the most selective universities. In recent admissions for the fall of 2022, the acceptance rate of UCSB is 37%. Even in admission requirements, UCSB is also very selective. UCSB does not look only into the academic performance of the candidate. It entirely looks at the profile of the candidate including performance in extracurricular activities and leadership qualities. The tuition fee at UCSB is not defined, yet it can be changed according to the enrollments of courses and changing circumstances. It also varies from course to course and credit hours. Moreover, students from other universities can also get enrolled in the university depending entirely on their capabilities and excellence without any prejudice.

The Acceptance Rate Of Students At UCSB:

The average acceptance rate at UCSB is approximately 37%. It means that the acceptance rate is quite selective and only 37 students get an admission out of every 100 students. Moreover, this acceptance rate is not defined and can be changed according to the courses and disciplines in which students want to enroll. This also varies from year to year.

Reasons behind high acceptance rate UCSB:

Following are the major reasons behind the high acceptance rate at UCSB:

  • The international ranking of UCSB is very good as it is a part of the University of California.
  • International students also apply here to get enrolled.
  • The job prospects of UCSB students are also very bright.

Tuition Fee at UCSB:

The tuition fee at UCSB also depends on the discipline in which the student wants to get enrolled. It depends on them;

  • The total number of credit hours of the discipline and course.
  • Undergraduate programs have more tuition fees compared to graduate programs. The reason behind this is that undergraduate problems have more credit hours as compared to graduate programs. 
  • The programs which have more scope in the job market have more tuition fees.
  • International students have to pay extra fees depending on the country from which they are coming.

Admission fee at UCSB: 

Admission to all the universities under the umbrella of the University of California is $70. Every candidate needs to pay an admission fee before the final acceptance of the application by the university. But, students also apply for a fee waiver. Fee waiver entirely depends on the financial situation of the candidate. International students, especially those students who are coming from developing countries, can apply for admission fee waivers by filling out the application process and then emailing them that application. In most cases, UCSB waives the admission fee for the ease of the candidates.

Fee Structure at UCSB:

 UCSB charges tuition fees per semester in fall and spring. Every time, UCSB gives the proposed amount of tuition fee for every discipline but that proposed amount can be changed according to the circumstances and additional charges of the relevant course.

  • Academic tuition fee for undergraduate programs at UCSB:

                     According to the recently proposed fee structure for undergraduate programs at UCSB, students have to pay $3,814 for each semester of spring, winter, and fall. This amount is the tuition fee only. Additional charges are also applied. These charges include an additional fee for student services of $376 and AS fees of $211.59. Moreover, students also need to pay a lock-in fee of $404.07. So, the total amount of fee which is needed to pay by the students is 14,723.66 per semester. It is also to be noted that this amount is for those students who are non-residents of California. For the residents of California, the amount they will pay is $4,805.66. 

  • Academic tuition fee for graduate programs at UCSB:

           For graduate programs at UCSB, students need to pay the tuition fee of the same amount as that of the undergraduate program of 3,814 per semester of spring, winter, and fall. Moreover, the fee for students’ services for the graduate programs is also corresponding with the undergraduate programs. But, AS fees and lock-in fees vary among undergraduate programs. It is $74.14 for AS and $262.89 for lock-in. So, the total fee that a graduate student has to pay per semester is $4,527.03 per semester. It is to be noted that this amount is for California-based residents. For non-residents, students have to pay an extra fee. 

  • Academic tuition fee for professional program of graduate studies at UCSB:
  1. Tuition fee for Master of Tech Management:

The tuition fee for the MTM program at UCSB is $3,814 per semester. By combining the additional charges with the tuition fee, students have to pay $18,898.03 per semester.

  1. Tuition fee for Environmental Data Science:

The tuition fee for the EDS program at UCSB is $3,814 per semester. Besides, by combining all the charges, students have to pay $11,193.03 per semester if they are California-based residents. 

  1. Tuition fee for Environmental Science and Management:

The tuition fee for the ESM program at UCSB is $3,814 per semester. Students also have to pay additional charges. So, at the end of the semester, students will pay $7,860.03 for all Californian-based students. Those students who are non-residents of California, have to pay resident charges too.

Requirements to get admission to UCSB:

To get admission to UCSB, students must have to attain certain criteria to get the attention of the relevant department. Students must have a good CGPA and academic record. Moreover, UCSB also looks at the overall performance of the candidate along with the academics. UCSB looks at the extracurricular activities of the students and their leadership qualities. Besides, UCSB also depends on good SAT and GRE for its students. For international students, English proficiency tests such as TOEFL-IBT, IELTS, etc. are also required. 

Following are the details of the requirements of the UCSB:

For undergraduate programs:

  1. CGPA:

To get admission to undergraduate discipline at UCSB, the minimum CGPA requirement for students at high school must be in the range of 4.04 to 4.28. It means that UCSB requires a very good GPA if someone wants to get admission there. But one thing should be kept in mind that if students have lower GPAs, they can also get admission there depending on the overall profile of the candidate.

  1. SAT score:  

For undergraduate programs at UCSB, students must get a minimum SAT score in the range of 1280 to 1520. For reading, it should be between 630 to 730 and for math, it should be between 650 to 790. 

  1. ACT score: 

         For undergraduate students, they must get ACT scores in the range of 26 to 31. 

Other requirements:

Other requirements to get admission at UCSB include attempting Personal Insight Questions. Out of eight prompts, students must answer four prompts. It is a very important criterion to access the creative and leadership skills of the candidate. Moreover, it also gives an insight into the personal background and accomplishments of the concerned students. 

For graduate programs:

  1. Submission of online application form with application fee:

Candidates for the graduate program first need to fill out the application form of the relevant department within the deadline. Students who want to apply for an application fee waiver must apply for a fee waiver at least two weeks before the closing date. Moreover, students also need to submit supporting documents to the relevant department of ICSB.

  1. Documents of all post-secondary education:

Students must report all information about their transcripts of education on the online application form.

  1. Checklist of supporting documents alongside transcript:

Candidates also have to submit all supporting documents with the transcript. These documents include:

  • Personal statement of all the achievements.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • CV or resume.
  • Cover letter.
  • Diversity statement.
  1. Letter of recommendations from instructors:

Students need to submit three letters of recommendation from the supervisors and instructors. This letter must be shared by the instructors online via the email link sent by the relevant department.

  1. GRE score:

If GRE is the requirement of any program, students need to send their GRE score in an online form. Moreover, students also need to send official GRE scores to the graduate institution at UCSB via institution code 4835. But, GRE is not the requirement for all programs. Due to COVID, many departments waive the requirement of the GRE. Students must look at the graduate requirement list before applying to UCSB.

Additional requirements for international graduate school applicants:

International students must send their TOEFL or IELT scores on the online application. Moreover, they also need to send the official score to the graduate institution at UCSB with the institution code of 4835. 

Scholarships for students at UCSB:  

UCSB also gives scholarships to its deserving students. Some of the scholarships awarded to students are listed below:

  1. Recruitment scholarships from Bren School:

Those students who receive recruitment scholarships from Bren School get an email from the BARC about the required fee they need to pay in the fall of the quarter.

  1. FAFSA and financial aid:

Students also get financial aid scholarships from UCSB. All eligible students get student loans from their relevant department. For FAFSA qualifiers, students need to do work as well along with studies. This work-study scholarship helps students to get a gross wage. Students must do the proper paperwork to attain this scholarship.

Employment opportunities for academic students:

Following employment opportunities are awarded to the academic students at UCSB:

  1. Teaching Assistance:

Ph.D. students get a five-year scholarship package to make their doctoral education affordable. Students avail of this by enrolling in teaching assistant positions awarded on campus. Students receive payment and health insurance. Moreover, these positions help students to get teaching experience at UCSB.

  1. Graduate Student Researcher:

This scholarship helps students to get a salary by assisting fellow students in their research projects. It also helps them to get their names in the publication of their assisted research projects. All students need is to talk to their advisors to avail this package. 


In a nutshell, it is concluded that UCSB is one of the leading institutions in America. Students from all over the world want to get admission there. Its acceptance rate is also quite a selective standing at 37%. Students must get a good GPA in their high school to secure admission to undergraduate discipline. Moreover, they also need to get good scores on SAT and ACT. For graduate candidates, candidates must have a good CGPA with a good score on GRE if needed. Besides, international students must have to appear for English proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL-IBT. Students must see the tuition fee structure of their relevant disciplines to avoid any discrepancies. UCSB also provides the best scholarship opportunities to its students. Especially for Ph.D. students, they give positions as teaching assistants and research grants to eligible students. So, UCSB tries to facilitate its students in the best possible manner which makes it one of the best institutions in the entire world.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What GPA is required to get admission to a graduate program at UCSB?

To get admission to a graduate program at UCSB, students need to get at least a 3 GPA.

  1. How many letters of recommendation are required at UCSB?

Three letters of recommendation are required at UCSB.

  1. Does a GRE score require all disciplines at UCSB?

A GRE score is not required in all disciplines. Students need to look at the official requirements of their relevant discipline.