Tufts Acceptance Rate Class Statistics


According to recent data, Providence College has stood up in the national pyramid for colleges and universities. The school is now ranked as the 54th-best college in the country, up from its previous ranking of 72nd. This increase in order is due, in part, to the school’s low acceptance rate of just 28%. Let us see the statistics of acceptance rate of class in Tufts University.

Tufts Acceptance Rate Class Statistics

Tufts Acceptance Rate Class Statistics

The latest enrollment statistics from Tufts University show that its class of 2023 had an acceptance rate of 13 percent. This marks a modest decrease from the foregoing year’s obtaining rate of 15 percent. Of the 8,983 students who applied to Tufts this year, 1,172 were accepted.

Tufts Class Statistics

Tufts class statistics can be found in various ways. The most common is through the Office of the Registrar, which compiles data for all classes at Tufts University. There are also websites, such as Niche and College Raptor, that publish data from the registrar.

The registrar’s data include class size, average GPA, and median SAT/ACT score. In addition, the data from Niche and College Raptor provides information on gender and race/ethnicity breakdowns. All of this information can be helpful when considering what classes to take and how to best prepare for them. 

For example, if a student is looking for a smaller class size, they would want to look at the average class sizes for each department. Likewise, if a student is looking to improve their GPA, they might want to determine which departments have higher GPAs.

Tufts Acceptance Rate

Acceptance into Tufts University is becoming increasingly competitive. In 2018, the acceptance rate was just 13.8 percent for regular decision applicants, down from 16.1 percent the year before. Therefore, knowing the admissions statistics is crucial for increasing their chances of acceptance.

One of the essential pieces of information is the acceptance rate. On the other hand, Tufts University’s acceptance rate was 13.8 percent for regular decision applicants in 2018.

To put these numbers into perspective, let’s look at the number of applications each school received and how many students were admitted.

Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Tufts University has released its early decision acceptance rate for the Class of 2025. Of the 4,336 students who applied, 996 were accepted, resulting in an acceptance rate of 23. This is a significant increase from Tufts’ early decision acceptance rate for the Class of 2024, which was 16. The rise in the acceptance rate may be because that Tufts received just over 4,000 applications for the Class of 2025.

Tufts’ overall number of early decision applications was down from previous years, but students of color and international students had prior-year increases. More than 34% of early decision applicants at Tufts were students of color, up from 32% the year before. International students accounted for 20% of early decision candidates, up from 18% the previous year.

Student Demographics

Tufts University has now become one of the most popular and prestigious universities in the United States over the last decade. Countless students apply to Tufts every year, hoping to be accepted to the prestigious school.

What are the odds of being accepted to Tufts University? For the Class of 2024, the acceptance rate was only 13.1. That means that out of every hundred students who applied, only thirteen were admitted.

The fortunate few who apply for admission are less wealthy than the typical student. That’s because about 70% of admitted students come from families who earn more than $150,000 per year. In addition, although tuition at Tufts is over $70,000 a year, more than 60% of students receive financial aid to help pay for their education.

The student body at Tufts is also quite diverse.

How Has the Tufts Acceptance Rate Changed Over Time?

In recent years, the Tufts acceptance rate has seen a slight uptick. As a result, the acceptance rate has hovered around 20-30%. However, the school has become increasingly selective in recent years. 

Looking at these numbers, it’s evident that getting into Tufts has become more complicated than before. However, getting accepted is still possible if you have solid grades and test scores. 

What Are the Most Popular Crucial At Tufts University?

Tufts University is a renowned institution of higher learning in Boston. According to data from the university’s Office of Institutional Research, undergraduates’ five most popular majors are Biology, Economics, International Relations, Political Science, and Psychology. These departments have seen an increase in student enrollment in recent years, likely due to the growing interest in these fields of study.

Biology is the most popular major at Tufts University, with over 1,400 students enrolled in the department. The study of biology is essential for understanding the natural world and human health, making it a popular choice for students interested in pursuing careers in medicine or research.

How Do Different Groups Fare in the Tufts Admissions Process?

When it comes to college admissions, the process can often seem opaque. So how do different groups fare in the Tufts admissions process?

To better understand how different groups fare in the Tufts admissions process, we spoke with Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Bruce Poch. Poch noted that while the overall admit rate has remained steady over the past few years at around 30%, there has been an increase in applications from underrepresented groups.

“We are seeing more and more students from underrepresented backgrounds applying to Tufts,” he said. “And we are very excited about that.”

Poch also noted that while standardized test scores are still a significant factor in the admissions process, there are other factors too.

What Factors Contribute To Getting Into Tufts?

Several factors contribute to getting into Tufts, including high grades, strong test scores, and positive letters of recommendation. But perhaps the most crucial element of all is the personal essay.

To get into Tufts, applicants must demonstrate their passion for learning and unique perspective on the world. In addition, the admissions committee wants to know what makes each applicant unique and how they will contribute to the Tufts community. A great personal essay can differentiate between getting into Tufts and being rejected. 


The Tufts acceptance rate is 6.3%. The class statistics are as follows: 75% of the class is in the top 10% of their high school class, while 25% are in the top 2%. Therefore, the middle 50% range for SAT scores is 1290-1460, and for ACT scores, it is 29-34.

In conclusion, the data from the Tufts acceptance rate class statistics show that the school is becoming more challenging. The average GPA of accepted students has increased over the past few years, and the acceptance rate has decreased. So, if you’re considering applying to Tufts, put your best foot forward.


1. What is the Tufts acceptance rate for undergraduate students?

The Tufts acceptance rate for undergraduate students is 13%.

2. What is the Tufts acceptance rate for graduate students?

The Tufts acceptance rate for graduate students is approximately 40%.

3. What is the Tufts acceptance rate for international students?

The Tufts acceptance rate for international students is 10.2%.