Trinity University Transfer Requirement


Trinity University is a private university. It was founded in 1869. Founded by Cumberland Presbyterians. Trinity schools first started in underdeveloped lands and a few houses with 7 students and 5 faculty members. By the end of the year, students increased to 100. It is a co-educational college. From 1920 new developments are established and new programs are introduced, those are education, sociology, psychology, and religion. In 1920 after new departments were established the enrollment reached 800. Trinity and San Antonio were merged between 1942-1952. This merger is the best advantage for Trinity university. Trinity campus architect was O’Neil Ford. He gives the best architecture for the university campus. Let us know Trinity University Transfer Requirement.

Trinity University Transfer Requirement

Trinity Transfer Process

A limited number of transfer students will be invited to the transfer process. Students who completed their first semester in their current institution can apply for transfer.

There are two types of transfer admission processes at Trinity University

  1. Fall Term Admission Process
  2. Spring Term Admission Process

Fall Term Admission Process

Students who want to apply between March-April quarter come under the fall term admission process. The priority deadline for students to submit their applications is April 1st. Students who applied for transfer applications in April will receive a late decision.

Spring Term Admission Process

Students who want to apply between October-November quarter come under the spring term admission process. Students who want to begin their studies in spring are required to complete the application by November 1st. If the students submit applications in November, they will receive a decision by mid-December

Steps to follow in Transfer Application

Step 1

Common Application form for transfer needs to be filled for transfer admission.

Step 2

Mid-Term report submission. Submit the midterm report electronically or print and email it to trinity college.

Step 3

Need to submit Official Transcripts. 

Step 4

The transcript is the official record of the student scores. A student has to submit the final high school or GED transcript. GED Certificate issued by an education agency online.

Step 5

Transfer College report

This report must be submitted by students from the current institution. If a student is currently not enrolled in any institution, the report should come from the most recent school attended.

Step 6

Academic Report 

An academic Report means an academic letter of recommendation from a recently attended school. A student has to submit this academic report.

Step 7


 Every university wants to know student-specific interests other than transcripts to join that university. In Trinity University, submitting an essay must be less than 300 words.

The student has to pay$65 a non-refundable application fee.

Step 8


After submitting all applications, the student must attend an interview. The interviewer wants to know the student’s interests other than those mentioned in the transcript and essay.

These guidelines are for local students and international students. International students must submit some additional applications. Those are

  • English proficiency exam results 

English proficiency exams like TOFEL or IELTS etc. Students have to qualify for those tests to study at US universities.

  • Financial Documents

International students need to submit their financial documents. Students need to maintain a minimum bank balance in their accounts.

  • Credential evaluation of non-US college /University transcripts

Students must create transcripts and need to submit them.

 SAT/ACT Score Requirements

SAT/ACT scores are not required for transfer applicants. Trinity college has no mandatory SAT OR ACT Scores for students. If students want to submit their SAT/ACT scores to show their academic potential, they can submit. But the admission selection committee shows no difference while selecting students because of the SAT/ACT Scores. These scores are not taken into account while selecting students.

Resources to help Transfer students

Every year Trinity University celebrates the first-year orientation program. In the first-year orientation program transfer, the student orientation program was also conducted by Trinity University. In this orientation program 140 student clubs and organizations with representatives on hand to help new students. New students will get involved in this orientation program.

Departments in Trinity 

Transfer students who want to choose their courses according to their previous studies need to check the official website of Trinity University. some of the departmental courses are listed below

  1. Art and Art History
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Classical Studies
  5. Communication
  6. Computer science
  7. Economics
  8. Education
  9. Engineering Science
  10. English
  11. Geoscience
  12. Music
  13. Philosophy
  14. Religion
  15. Political Science etc.

These are the major courses offered by Trinity university. Excellent teaching faculty is there at Trinity university. Faculty will clarify all the doubts of the students within the time. Libraries and student athletic clubs are also there at Trinity college. The research program is started as early as possible for trinity students. First-year students get into research and discover things.

Fee Structure

In Trinity University students have to pay student activity fees and general fees. 

Operation of student centers, student clubs, student lab fees, admission to trinity athletic events, vocational testing, etc comes under general fee.

Student activity is paying for admission to Austin art centers, WRTC, and campus radio stations and 140 athletic clubs are there in Trinity College, their admission fees, etc.

Approximately tuition fees are nearly $62.A total of $81 students need to arrange in their academic year.


Trinity University gives more importance to athletics. In 2022 Spring student Athletics from trinity university are named as Nescac all sportsmanship team. Men and women athletes have the same importance in trinity. Some of the recent events in the trinity are men’s track and field, Men’s rowing and women’s track and field, etc.

Every athletic event in the trinity is live streaming and every Athletic Event Schedule is on their official website.


    The transfer requirement for Trinity College is simple compared to other colleges in the United states. It is one of the oldest colleges in the world. Transfer students are required to live on campus. Trinity is the best option for fresh and transfer students.