Texas A&M University-Commerce Admission Requirements

Commerce is one of the highly ranked programs offered by Texas A&M University. The university’s admission is selective, with an acceptance rate of about 36%. What are the Texas A&M University-Commerce Admission Requirements? 

Texas A&M University-Commerce admission standards include a GPA of at least 3.4, SAT of 975, and an ACT score of 62%. To be admitted, students must fulfill the eligibility criteria. That includes ranking top 30% of your graduating class and having the minimum English Language Proficiency scores in SAT, ACT or TOEFL, and IELTS. 

There are more factors to consider when applying for Texas A&M University-Commerce Admissions.  

Texas A&M University-Commerce Admission Requirements

Texas A&M University-Commerce Admission Requirements 

Texas A&M University-Commerce was ranked 299 in the Best National Universities categories. The ranking is based on performance across different indicators of success. As you would expect, the A&M Commerce admissions board receives a large pool of competitive applicants, and to stand out; you should know the scores to aim for. 


Texas A&M University-Commerce is very selective and has a minimum GPA eligibility requirement for the applicants. However, it is not the only discerning factor for admissions. This is often the first requirement most universities use to narrow down the number of applications through disqualification. 

The average GPA requirement for the university is 3.4. However, the admissions may decide to increase the average with time; stay updated. Students should aim for at least 3.5 to increase their chances of selection.  

Current students at the university have an average GPA of 3.38; the university can accept B-students with several As in their GPA. 

To achieve the average required GPA, it is best to avoid Cs and Ds. Often, the admissions board may doubt the capability of students with Ds to handle academic pressure and perform. 

To get a real chance to be selected, you should score the average or a higher GPA. 

However, if the GPA is below the 3.4 average, you can compensate with ACT and SAT scores. With great ACT and SAT scores, you can compete against other applicants with higher GPAs than yours.  


While standardized tests are not the most critical factor in the university admission process, they are still used to make decisions. SAT scores are also used to evaluate the applicants’ reading, math, and writing skills. In some cases, the scores can help identify students that can benefit from specific programs and mentors.  

You may be required to take SAT to apply for Texas A&M Commerce. The average SAT score for the university is 975. This is usually the sum of reading and math scores. 

To stay competitive for SAT, you should get a score close to the 975 average and even better if higher than the average.  

High SAT scores can come in handy in compensating for lower GPA scores. If you want a better chance of getting admitted to Texas A&M – Commerce, aim for an SAT score of over 1000. Note that a score of over 1140 is above average, whereas anything below 960 is below average. 


Admission boards use ACT scores to evaluate applications and get more information on the applicants’ educational needs and achievements. High ACT scores can increase your chances of gaining admission at Texas A&M Commerce.  

The average ACT score for the university is 62%; aim for a score close to the university’s average to increase your chances of admission.  

With the 62% average ACT score, it is safe to say that the university is moderately competitive in the scores. It is also important to note that Texas A&M doesn’t have a firm lockout for ACT scores, but your application will be set aside if the scores are poor; unless other aspects of your application are awe-inspiring.  

The exciting thing about the ACT scores is that applicants have the choice to share the scores they prefer most; they send the highest scores after doing several ACTs. Therefore, you have the opportunity to improve your scores. 

Other Basic Admission Requirements 

Academic excellence is the most important of the admission requirements. In addition to the minimum SAT score of 975, ACT score of 62%, and GPA OF 3.4, here are the other essential requirements you may need to submit. 

  • Thesis, essay, or statement of purpose.  
  • If you are an international student, you must submit a signed international student agreement form.  
  • Evidence of vaccination against Bacterial Meningitis.  
  • Sponsor’s statement for visa to convince the admissions board to admit you.  
  • Official transcripts to verify your previous academic performance.  

How Can You Promote Your Chances of Being Accepted to Texas A&M University-Commerce? 

Some extra preparation and effort can maximize your chances of admission to the university; however, note that this is not a guarantee.  

Extracurricular activities are significant in competitive admissions processes. When there is a large pool of students with high GPA, ACT and SAT scores, and limited vacancies, the admissions team may decide to consider extracurriculars. 

Universities are interested in what students can offer in addition to academic excellence. They want to know your personality, abilities, and the contribution you will make to their community. 

If you have participated in any voluntary activity, don’t fail to mention it in your application. If Texas A&M is a prospect and you have some time before submitting applications, participate in activities that speak to your values and those of the university.  

Applying early is also recommended to avoid the last-minute rush and consequent traffic on the university’s website.


Students who fail to meet the admission requirements can submit an appeal stating why they are interested in the program and their academic strengths.  

If you are accepted, the next steps include participating in new students’ orientation, vaccination, applying for scholarships, signing up for meal plans and accommodation, and meeting the student success team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Application Fee Required Applying to Texas A&M University-Commerce? 

Undergraduate applicants are not charged any fee to apply for A&M commerce. However, international and domestic graduate applicants are charged $75 and $50, respectively.  

Can you Track Your Application? 

You can track the status of your application through the university’s student portal

When are The Intakes for Texas A&M University-Commerce? 

The university accepts applications for fall, spring, and summer intakes.