Seton Hall University Acceptance Rates 

Seton Hall University is a private catholic institution founded in 1856 and is located in the suburban village of South Orange, New Jersey, about 15 km from New York City. It’s ranking in the 22nd edition of best college is 127th in the National University of America. Its acceptance rate will be almost 70% in 2022. Let’s check Seton Hall University acceptance rates.

Seton Hall University Acceptance Rates 

What is the Acceptance Rate?

Acceptance Rate is the ratio of the number of students who applied for admission to the number of students who get admission to their applied University and multiplied by 100 for a Percentage.

Seton Hall University’s acceptance rate is decreasing compared to last year of 78%, which means more students are interested in getting admission to the University due to its state-of-the-art facilities and providing more internship and career opportunities for Successful Careers.

In this article, we will explore some reasons behind the increased number of applicants students and the decreased acceptance rate of Seton Hall University.

  1. Location 

Seton Hall University is located in the suburban village of South Orange, New Jersey, which is about 15 km away from New York City. It covers both, Charm and natural beauty of the small town and the luxury and glamorous life of a metropolitan city like New York City.

  1. Academics Excellence

Seton Hall University offers more than 90 academic programs. Some of them are the most popular in the University that, include:- 

  •  Biological Science
  •  Finance
  •  Nursing
  •  Humanities
  •  Marketing Management
  •  Accounting
  •  International Relations and Affairs
  •  Political Science
  •  Psychology
  • Labour & Industrial Relation

And many other academic programs are offered by this University.

Degree Offered:-

  •  Bachelor’s
  •  Master’s
  •  Post-Master’s Certificate
  •  Doctorate (Professional & Practice)
  •  Doctorate (Research & Scholarship)

And many other dual degrees are also offered by the University for learning-based Sustainable career growth in the future.

  1. Personalized education facility

Seton Hall University provides personalized education facilities to its students. The student-faculty ratio at the University is 14:1, which means for every 14 students, there is a faculty for them. 45% of the classrooms have less than 20 students. 

The personalized faculty help and guide the students in their project, research & academics to build their confidence and turn their passion into a profession for a successful career.

  1. State of the art facility

Seton Hall University provides state-of-the-art facilities for the students to enjoy the most precious and innovative phase of their life. The University has Labs with Modern facilities, a Technology and Research center, a Fitness center, a world-class auditorium, and A multipurpose arena for University sports which has a seating capacity of more than 2600 people.

The men’s basketball team is the most famous team at the University.

University is equipped with Modern Classrooms, an Art & Science Hall, an Olympics Size Swimming pool, a Canteen with modern facilities, and varieties of food items.

  1. Internship and career opportunities

University offers more than 17,000 opportunities for students. 81% of the students grab their opportunities and complete their internship from the country’s reported industry and Research center.

 Seton Hall University is ranked as one of the best Universities for Internships by International business Time and the University of Pennsylvania.

More than 550 companies visit the campus every year to recruit the graduates from the Seton Hall University, including ESPN, Johnson and Johnson, The New York Times, and many more reputed companies visit campus for the recruitment.

University also provides a platform to develop innovative business ideas for a successful startup company to become job creators, not job seekers.

  1. Financial support for affordable learning

University also allocates $100 million to give financial support to the students for affordable learning & Sustainable future.

98% of university students receive some form of financial aid, and about 97% receive scholarship grant money directly from the University. 

  1. Clubs and Organisations

In the University, you will get a friendly environment where you can adapt very easily.

University has more than 130 clubs and organizations where you can enjoy and explore yourself and the real world to learn more about society and their lifestyle. 

You can also explore and improve the hidden talent you want to show the world, including singing, dancing, painting, art and crafts, and many other such talents. 

Because every person in the world has a unique talent that needs to be explored, explore yourself and be happy.

Due to all the above reasons, the demand for Seton Hall University is very high. So, the number of student applicants is increasing every year. That’s why the acceptance rate of Seton Hall University has been decreasing over the past year.

Admission criteria:-

If you want to get admission into Seton Hall University, you need to fulfill some admission criteria. 

SAT scores between 1150 to 1310

ACT Score between 24 to 29

GPA of above 3.50 

For Undergraduate applications, you have to pay fees of $75, and for the Graduate application, you have to pay $55. 


Suppose you are looking for world-class academics and Research facilities at an affordable amount with grants & scholarships and one of the best internship and career opportunity facilities. In that case, you can choose Seton Hall University for your learning-based Sustainable career growth for a successful lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Seton Hall University hard to get into?

Seton Hall University is lightly selective, with acceptance rates of 70% in 2022, which is lower than last year. Students that get admission into Seton Hall have an average SAT score between 1150 to 1310 and an ACT average score of 24 to 29.

Do you have to be Catholic to go to Seton Hall?

There is no rule to be a catholic to get into Seton Hall University. It welcomes students from all Communities and races.

What is Seton Hall University known for?

Seton Hall University is well known for its state-of-the-art facilities. It offers more than 90 academic programs. In addition, it is well known for being one of the best facilities for internship and career opportunities for the learning-based Sustainable career growth of the graduates.