Saint Edwards University Acceptance Rate


St. Edward’s university is a nationally ranked, Holy Cross university located in Austin, Texas. It was founded in 1885. This article is meant to clear your doubts regarding this university. After reading the article you will have gained knowledge about this college with a special focus on acceptance rate and admission statistics. Let us know ‘Saint Edwards University Acceptance Rate’.

Saint Edwards University Acceptance Rate

Saint Edwards University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of saint Edwards university is around 91.3%. So, it is easy to compete and get admitted to this institution. The application fee is $50 and the deadline is 1st May for the upcoming academic year.

About The Location

St. Edward’s university is a beautiful campus situated in Austin, Texas. Austin is considered the best place to live in the United States. This statement has been made by considering the security and peaceful environment of this place. 

Austin is a big city but it also gives you a feel of living in a peaceful small town. It is the fourth-most-populous city in Texas. Austin is also home to numerous lakes, rivers, and waterways including Lady Bird Lake, Lake Travis, Colorado River, etc.


Rankings help us to determine the level of the university compared to other competitive universities in the country. Let me share a list of rankings of St. Edward’s university based on several criteria: –

• Ranked 8th in Regional Universities West

• Ranked 6th in Best Undergraduate Teaching 

• Ranked 6th in Best Value Schools

• Ranked 17th in Top Performers on Social Mobility

• Ranked 4th in Best Colleges for Veterans

By taking all these rankings into consideration, one can say that St. Edward’s university is one of the top universities in the country. 


St. Edward’s University is selective, which means that not all the students who apply for admission will get a seat at the university. According to the officials of the university, dealing with admissions, a student’s GPA (Grade Point Average) plays a vital role in the admission process. A good GPA can spike the chances of getting admission to the university. 

The SAT/ACT scores must be submitted to the university by May 1. The application could be accepted only after the submission of these scores. So, I insist students aim for a good GPA if they are willing to study at St. Edward’s university. 

During the application process, students will be asked to provide a class preference list that consists of 10 preferred courses. It is necessary to use your intelligence while making this list. It is recommended to provide a mixture of classes in your major and classes outside your major. This will create a balance. You can attain the required credits to get graduated as well as gain a wonderful learning experience using this strategy.         

Application Procedure for International Students

Here you can find a step-by-step procedure to apply for a seat at St. Edward’s University.

1. The application is available in the university’s official website. You can download it from there. 

2. Upload your passport photo.

3. Fill in the application form and upload the Certificate of Finances Form. This form is required as proof to show the source of your funding.

4. Upload proof of financial support.  

5. Proof of English proficiency must be submitted. This can be IELTS  or TOEFL . Note that APU has different English proficiency requirements. 

6. An official transcript is required.  The final grade for the recent completed semester should be included in the official transcript. If in another language, you must include an English translation. 

7. In order to perform class registration, the administrative officials will review a list of 10 classes you are interested in taking at St. Edward’s University. Thus, a class preference list is required from your side. Link for reviewing the courses: click here to review courses.

8. Finally, you must provide proof of health insurance. As per government law, it is mandatory for students to have a health insurance and this insurance should also meet the requirements of the state.  

9. Complete the online insurance acknowledgment form. You can also opt for the insurance plan provided by the university itself. You can find the details of this plan on the health and counseling center website. 

Campus Life

I have included an overview of campus life and the facilities provided at the St. Edward university campus. Based on this information provided, you can decide does it is worth getting admitted to the university. 

Several student services are offered at St. Edward’s University campus. This includes paramedical tutoring, placement services, and health services. Students can also feel safe inside the campus as the campus provides security services like 24-hour vehicle and foot patrols, late-night transport services, 24-hour emergency telephones, controlled dormitory access, etc. It has a campus size of 160 acres. 


Thus, I conclude that St. Edward’s university is a nice university to learn if you prefer an urban environment. Also, it has a good position in various rankings. I hope that the above information will help in making your decision of choosing a place to get educated. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What much salary does the alumni of St. Edward’s University get?

The median salary of alumni of St. Edward’s University is $ 44,800.

2) What are hilltop views?

 The student newspaper published by the School of Humanities and is completely maintained by the students of  St. Edward’s university is known as Hilltop Views.

3) Who founded St. Edward’s University?

Edward’s University was founded by Reverend Edward Sorin

4) What is a topper radio?

Topper radio is Edward University’s radio station which operates exclusively online. It was founded by two freshmen in the college.  It was ranked number 1 in Live365’s non-commercial college radio category.

5) Do St. Edward’s University have any partnership with other universities?

Yes, St. Edward’s University has partnered with the University of Texas Medical Branch, Valparaiso University, and Washington University.

6) Can students from other states and countries join St. Edward’s university?

The answer is yes. Students from other states as well as countries can learn in this university.

7) How many international students are studying at St. Edward’s University?

Around 7% of the University’s population is international students.