Brandon University Acceptance Rate


Brandon university is located in the city of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Although it’s a famous university in the world, it’s still one the most affordable universities in Canada and with the added benefit of accommodation in a budget-friendly city in comparison to other major cities in and around Northern America. It accommodates students from more than 30 countries and is believed to provide close interaction with the teacher and other staff members, ask a question without hesitation, and have one-on-one interactions. Let us see about the acceptance rate of Brandon University.

Brandon University Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rate of the Brandon university

Since the university is famous both locally and internationally there are a lot of students that apply to this particular university, so there’s bound to be very tough competition, but what makes it even harder to get accepted is the acceptance ratio.

Brandon University has an acceptance rate of 47.5% approximately which is low, and it can mean that students can get into it very easily or it can be a challenging selection process, and although the ones that do get selected get to study a huge array of programs in the university.

Reasons why you should choose Brandon university 

It’s an announced fact that the university has great courses from all fields of education. They support excellent students through student funds, creating an engaging environment for learning in and out of the classroom. They offer various courses for graduate, undergraduate, and diploma. Down below is provides the information about the courses and what they involve. 

The vast variety of courses available would be:

For undergraduate students



•B. Ed


For diploma programs:

•GRD (Diploma in Rural development)

•BscMn (Diploma in mental health)

For graduate students:


•MMus (master of music)

•MRD (masters in Rural Development)

Among others, some programs are mainly social group Based education courses and many more to be provided by Brandon university.

The courses available in the university have a period of 1 to 3 years depending on the type, of course, a student decides to take and what the courses involve. 

It’s always helpful to know what you may or may not need before applying and heading off to a school. For Brandon, university documentation can be different for each department depending on where the students apply and this is true, especially for international students or transfer students to this university.

Brandon university Scholarship programs

There are several scholarship and award programs awarded by the university:-

Board of governor entrance scholarship (BoG) program:

A student is eligible for this scholarship if they have graduated high school from one of the recognized Schools in Canada. They also have to apply to the university right after completing high school and only a year-long academic gap is allowed with no education program being attended by other universities.

Scholarships can range from $2,000 to $800, depending on your high school performance.

International Baccalaureate scholarship program:

When students who have pursued and completed their IB diploma course and are applying for Brandon university are eligible for the program

The scholarship includes an amount from $2,800 to $1,100, the amount varies according to your diploma course score.

Advanced placement scholarship program:

Students who have not yet attended Brandon university and have high academic scores in their advanced placement courses are eligible for this program

The scholarship ranges from $250 for an AP score of 5 and $175 for an AP score of 4.

 Students would need the following material:

1.      Your academic history and verified records are available at your disposal.

2.      Application form you will get either there when you go physically or online, the form should be filled with all the much-needed information.

3.      The passport of the student taking the admission. 

4.      Bank statements for authentication of funds transferred to the university.

 5.      One thing to note here is that students can get the service of on-campus accommodations. In case any of the students need one they can apply for it during the admission process, and local or global students can apply for it.

 6.      If there are spaces available, they will be provided upon the request of the students.

 Since the university has a heavy focus on quality and close education for its students. Exam scores too are criteria for admission at this university.

Exams that are considered an important option for verification of the student’s applications are as follows:


Pearson test of English or PTEA is a very important exam for applying to international universities or schools. To qualify for Brandon university, students need to have a PTEA score of 58 or above.


For applying these exams are very necessary and students applying especially to Brandon university needs to have a test score of 6.8 or above to qualify for admission and apply.


The final step for being eligible for the application process and enrollment, the students would also require a TOEFL iBT score of 80 or above.


Brandon without a doubt has been one of the best in Canada and not just for study and comprehensive knowledge but when talking about the living and personal finances, in and around the campus which by the way is very, very affordable for the students whenever a student decides to move away from their home they need their expenses to be minimum. In terms of the programs mentioned above, it has the best courses along with opportunities for an internship through faculty contacts and a probability of getting a full-time job after completion of their studies. 

  • How can someone apply to the university to be accepted into it?

There are a lot of ways to apply to the Brandon university

  1. Apply online through their official website.
  2. Fill out the application form
  3. Choose the course you have to take when you enroll in the university
  4. Click on applying
  5. Now pay the fees for admission online you will receive the receipt, and you are done applying to Brandon University.