Rutgers University Camden admission requirements

Rutgers University Camden is a public research university situated in Camden. It is one of the 3 Rutgers universities. It is one of the best Universities in New Jersey with various programs and courses for the students. The courses and the programs are taught by renowned and experienced staff. It first began as a collaboration between the College of South Jersey South and the Jersey Law School. In 1950 it became the Camden campus of Rutger University. Rutger university is the 8th oldest university in the country. In this article we shall see Rutgers University Camden admission requirements

Rutgers University Camden admission requirements

The admission rate at Rutgers university is approximately 69 – 76% and is a little competitive. The average GPA required at the university is 3.33 and the average SAT score is 1090 and the ACT score is 21. Due to these requirements, the college is considered to be a competitive one.

Rutgers University Camden

Rutgers University Camden is one of the three Rutgers universities in New jersey. It was established in 1929 in New Jersey (Camden).

In 1981 the university started to offer its first master’s degree in the following fields

  1. English
  2. Biology
  3. Business administration 

In 1989 the college opened the school of business in Camden which was also the first business school in the New Jersey region to earn prestigious accreditation from the AACSB International.

In 2007 the university also launched a first of its kind doctoral program, in the nation, in childhood studies.

As of now, the university has an academic staff of 310 and the administrative staff of 430. The Rutger university currently has 6000 – 7000 students approximately out of which an estimated 5000 are undergraduates and the remaining 2000 postgraduates. The average classroom size is 24.

Rutgers University Camden admissions requirements

UG admission entrance requirement

First-year applicants

To get admission to all the schools and colleges of the Rutger University and Camden

  • Camden College of Arts and Sciences
  • Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden
  • Rutgers School of Business–Camden

The applicant’s record must show that he or she will graduate or already graduated with a minimum of 16 academic units with the following additional requirements

  • 3 years of maths including Geometry, Algebra I, and Algebra II.
  • 5 extra academic courses
  • 4 years of English
  • 2 years of science (for nursing school one year each of Biology and Chemistry)

Rutger university Camden reviews the applications that are filled first. 

The decision will be announced on February 15th for early action applicants and March 31 for regular action applicants

Some other factors considered when reviewing applications are 

  • If the high school subjects required for the college are completed
  • Performance in high school
  • Grade trend
  • grade
  • Weighted grade point average
  • SAT or ACT marks
  • Cumulative rank if available
  • English proficiency exam results if required.

The university also considers various other factors in addition to the ones given above like 

  • US military service 
  • Personal essay 
  • Honors 
  • Awards and other achievements 
  • Employment history 
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Volunteer works

Transfer students

For transfer students, the applicant must have completed or will complete 12 college credits at a minimum before entering Rutger University Camden.

The applicant will be admitted based on GED results or college or high school transcripts. Rutgers University has no minimum GPA to be acquired as the GPA of the applicant’s previous institutions is not transferred to this university.

Some courses in programs like social work may require an extra application and some more admission criteria.

The review process of the transfer applicant’s application is similar to that of a First-year applicant‘s review process including 

  • Grade trend 
  • Strength of academic progress 
  • CGPA 
  • English proficiency exam 
  • Number of credits completed 
  • Employment history
  • U.S. military service
  • Personal essay
  • Extracurricular activities
  • community and volunteer work
  • Honors and other achievements and awards.

But on average the students admitted to the university have an average GPA of 3.33.


The Rutger University Camden has one of the highest quality educations in the region. It has 38 undergraduate majors and 29 graduate programs.

The school of business offers the following undergraduate courses 

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BBA)
  • Accelerated Dual Degree Bachelor-Online MAcc Program
  • Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BBA)
  • Accelerated Dual Degree Bachelor-Online MSBA Program

And the following graduate programs

  • Online MBA
  • Online Master of Accountancy
  • Online Master of Science in Finance-Wealth Management
  • On-Campus Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Programs in the Rutger Law school

  • Corporate and Business Law Certificate
  • Criminal Law and Procedure Certificate
  • Immigration Law Certificate
  • Standard J.D. Program
  • Family Law Certificate
  • Foreign Lawyer Program (2-year accelerated J.D.)

Major programs are offered by the arts and science college. Below are the programs for the Arts degree

  • Chemistry
  • Gender Studies
  • German
  • Global Studies
  • Health Sciences
  • History
  • Individualized Major
  • Childhood Studies
  • Africana Studies
  •  Art
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Digital Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • French
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Some programs under the Science are 

  • Biology
  • Individualized Major
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Computational and Integrative Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • General Science

How to apply to Rutger University Camden?

Online application

For undergraduate admission, the applicants can use the apply option from the website or use the coalition application. In the normal application, if the applicant is new to the college website he/she must first create a new community id, or if the applicant has an already existing community id or a net id the applicant can use it too. This method can also be used to know the application status.

For coalition applications, the applicant must first create an account for the collegeNET service. The applicant must provide the email, password, name, and date of birth.

For graduate admission, the applicant must complete the application form for graduate and along with it must submit the application fees, one transcript of school, test scores, and other necessary details.

Offline applications

For your offline application, you can book a group tour around the college and then schedule a meeting with the admission team of Rutger university or also schedule an online meeting with the admission team or raptor ambassadors.


The university has various requirements to be fulfilled before an applicant can be admitted into the university. These requirements may change from one place to another. Rutgers university remains one of the best colleges in the region with many achievements and is one of the best reasons to apply to this university.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is the president of Rutgers University?

Jonathan Holloway is the president of this university.

2. Are there any clubs and organizations in the university?

Yes, there are more than 75 clubs and organizations at this university.

3. Name some of the notable alumni of this university?

  • William T. Cahill, former Governor of New Jersey
  • Daniel Nester, poet and essayist
  • Dana Redd, former Mayor of Camden, New Jersey.