Qualities Sororities Look For

Sorority is a chapter of Greek life observed in the universities of USA and Canada. Its main purpose is to foster friendship and community along with different things across the campus of the university, women join the sorority and men join the fraternity which is mainly based on the traits of their personality, campus activities, academic achievements and participation in the community as a whole and it also includes different elements in its criteria while they’re studying in the university. The greater part of you as of now have these characteristics. It’s simply a question of moving past the nerves and ensuring the sororities see these characteristics in the students they look for. Let us know about that the Qualities Sororities Look For.

Qualities Sororities Look For

Qualities Sororities Look For

Sorority focuses not only on multiple activities that they’ve decided on achieving but also focuses on the sisterhood and bonds that the team members have indulged into, various fresh members of college students join the sorority to get associated with the culture of the university as the Greek life is related to certain lifestyle that helps the students fit in with like minded individuals as sororities have greater purpose to serve its members. 

The main element of getting into sorority is the qualities which they look for in the candidate who has applied to get admitted into the sorority life, the qualities are as follows:- 

Social Skills-

The term sisterhood can be described commonly among the women in sorority. The extroverted women are attracted because it lets them meet and interact with new people and gives them exposure about the culture. The students in this community must have strong communication skills as they interact with tons of people. They tend to maintain a network who’re great at social skills which is a plus point as it’ll be easier for them to recruit new and outstanding members in the community. 

Public participation-

The fundamental principle of sorority is giving back to others, as they select a philanthropic approach for the community because it symbolises the commitment towards their community. The work instills the meaning of service lifelong as they practice giving back to people and bring meaning to the community as a whole. The students have a great opportunity of working with renowned student leaders and enriches the campus of the university. 

Strong passion and values about something- 

The recruiters for sorority always have a keen eye for women who are passionate about something and have for the ones who inculcate strong values and follow them. Having serious areas of strength for a framework and imparting your enthusiasm to your potential sisters is an extraordinary method for standing out enough to be noticed. Enthusiasm satisfies you, and that bliss shows in all that you do. Set aside some margin to make yourself more open to during enlistment by offering your interests and values to your possible sisters. Sororities are composed of such countless sorts of ladies. They all have their own interests and worthy frameworks. No one can really tell who you are conversing with during enlistment. By sharing your qualities and interests, you could be conversing with the individual in the sorority who matches you the most. Regardless of whether that individual matches you, by sharing more about you, they can sort out whether or not you would find a place with the sorority. They might know somebody who might be ideally suited for you to meet.

Positive mindset-

A positive mindset is highly impressive and likely to be a plus point to get into the sorority because as the students will be assigned with tasks and commitments they equally want them to be done in good faith and with a positive attitude because nobody wants a negative person on their team as it’ll hamper the other sorority sisters with the same. 

Durable friendship-

Perhaps the earliest motivation to join a sorority is that you’ll acquire many sisters inside your grounds’ section, other schools’ parts and graduated class all over the planet. You immediately make a gigantic family nearby and across the globe. Discuss at absolutely no point ever being forlorn in the future! Setting off for college without a decent emotionally supportive network or a gathering of companions is difficult to manage inwardly. While you will make companions in alternate ways, joining a sorority will interface you with an enormous gathering that shares normal interests and values. While asking for what reason to join a sorority, turning out to be essential for the sisterhood makes it simple to make companions and have support, even as another youngster nearby.Most companionships you make in Greek life will endure forever. It’s normal to see individuals have their sister or even their Large as their house cleaner of distinction at their wedding.In the event that you’re without a solid companion gathering and asking yourself, “Would it be advisable for me I join a sorority?”, we trust this persuades you. Be that as it may, this isn’t the main justification for why you ought to think about joining a sorority. There are different advantages also!

Meet New and Different Individuals-

With such countless young ladies in a sorority, you will undoubtedly meet different individuals from a wide range of foundations. You’ll meet individuals from various states and, surprisingly, various nations by simply joining a sorority. Moving from your old neighborhood to a bigger, and entirely different, school climate will toss you along with a wide range of individuals you presumably could never have met in any case. Joining a sorority makes it more straightforward to meet these new individuals who you probably won’t have met without hurrying or joining.


We’ve rambled about associations and meeting new individuals, and that doesn’t stop after you leave the grounds. Sorority graduated classes are incredible associations while you’re searching for occupations, summer entry level positions or open doors after you graduate. While the association probably won’t get the occupation completely, you’ll as of now have shared conviction and comparable qualities from being in a similar Greek association, which possibly gives you something the other work competitors don’t have. Greek associations could be a critical assistance during your post-school pursuit of employment. 


Every sorority commits themselves to various altruistic and administration projects to reward the local area and the world. This includes chipping in, putting together raising money occasions, facilitating administration days from there, the sky’s the limit. In the event that generous work is important for who you are, joining a sorority will allow you to reward both your local area and the bigger local area around you. You can truly assist with having an effect on many individuals’ lives through joining a sorority.  

Socials and Occasions-

We should not imagine that sororities don’t give admittance to fun get-togethers and gatherings. Nothing bad can be said about needing to associate in school: that is perhaps of the greatest aspect! Greek life associations frequently have blenders with one another, which offers you an incredible chance to meet others. Backing and Mentorship- At the point when you join top sororities, you’ll quickly get an enormous emotionally supportive network. Heading off to college can be overpowering and loaded up with outsiders. A sorority will limit your group of friends and give you close, private help. This can make the change in accordance with school life less frightening and distressing. You’ll likewise get coordinated with an “Older sibling” who will carry on like a guide to you in your sorority. They’re typically more seasoned and have more involvement with school, which can help you when you really want guidance or somebody to rest on.

What do sororities talk about? 

The sorority members usually talk about philanthropic events, social events throughout the year. 

What is the most desirable quality do sororities look for?

The most desirable quality that sororities look for is the ability to get along with diverse cultural personalities. 


To get into sorority the student has to pay attention to details and follow a plan with good management, communication skills with added advantage of qualities. If the students fit into the criteria of sorority life they are easily bided and admitted into the community by having a sense of true self identity. Their main mission is to follow the Greek life which is the commitment of the values that they inculcate in themselves as it speaks volumes about them as individuals and most of the students already have the above qualities and values it only matters on how they present it during the recruitment process to the recruiters and fellow sorority sisters. 

Frequently asked questions- 
  • How do sororities choose who they wish to admit into their community? 

The sororities take the option of Chapter Vote which helps them pick for the students they wish to admit into sorority. 

  • Why do sororities have dry periods? 

The sororities have dry periods because it’ll help them to connect and make bonds with their new members. Dry period simply means non alcoholic time span as the sororities aren’t allowed to have alcohol or throw parties in the sorority house. 

  • Do sororities have curfew? 

No, the sororities don’t have any curfew.