Easiest Traffic Schools Online In California

The traffic school course in California is classified into a single subject, eight hours course, which helps in removing a point in your driving record. The points mentioned in the driving record are related to moving violations done by the driver, such as overspeeding. Online schools also provide the opportunity of an electric court filing in their package so that you do not have to do the hassle of going to the court yourself. Let us know about that the Easiest Traffic Schools Online In California.

Easiest Traffic Schools Online in California

The residents of California have the facility of taking off their driving record points through traffic schools. This also keeps your insurance rates down, and the traffic schools in California charge you around $20 to $45 for their classes. You have many choices for online courses in California, and this article will help identify the most accessible traffic schools online in California.

Those charged in California for violating its moving traffic laws are allowed to attend traffic schools for the full payment of their ticket. The easiest online schools in California include Aceable, GoToTrafficSchool, Self-Paced Traffic School, Easy Fix, iDriveSafely, Traffic101, DriversEd.com, Easy Street, TrafficSchool, and Easy city traffic school. Traffic schools help their students get rid of the full-price payment of their ticket. In addition, online traffic school classes are more accessible to attend because of the convenience of home and personal device availability. Apart from this, they ensure that the insurance companies don’t raise their rates against the violation tickets.

Why are Online Courses Easier to Attend?

Online classes are always easier to attend because you sit in your home, and no one is there to distract you. You can attend the test at the convenience of your device, like mobile, laptop, tablet, etc. Since you are at your home, you are also safe from COVID. 

Online courses and physical classes have similar standards. The department of motor vehicles approves all lesson plans before they are implemented as physical or online courses. But online courses are easier to attend because staying online has its convenience.

How to Choose the Easiest Online Traffic School in California?

Traffic schools should not be chosen based on similar claims of the school, which include the claim of 24 hours day and seven days a week availability. They also claim that they are allowed to appear in the test again if the candidate fails to pass it on his first attempt. You should never choose any school based on these claims.

Instructions provided by different schools are different as some prefer the latest ways of teaching, whereas others prefer traditional styles. You can consider the cost and your personality while choosing the school. If you enjoy learning based on new technological videos and cost is not an issue, then opt for paying a little more and choose classes at the convenience of your home.

Easiest Traffic Schools Online In California


Aceable was approved as an online traffic school in California a little back. This is not a negative point for them because it makes them stand on the list of the easiest online traffic schools in California. They have managed to stand high among their competitors because they developed fresh content for their learners, which is not obsolete.

Mobile App Access

Aceable is offering its course with the help of a mobile app. This makes Aceable the best option to go with because you can learn through your phone. This school is a recent establishment, but it has gained a reputation in a short time and has advanced as well as gained huge success. Quality studies are provided by the school, and it has changed the traditional way of traffic studies which earlier required a lot of your time. The school now offers a fast and convenient course because legal troubles are not on the candidate’s shoulders. Complexities of safe driving can now be learned without any hurry because no fixed timers are applicable in their course.

Student profile and staff

The results of their students are also good because the student profile stays up-to-date, and all their devices stay compatible with the school. The school staff is well-experienced drivers who help you with all the ins and outs of driving. Their customer service is also very responsive and keeps in touch whenever you need them. The time you spend there will be worthwhile and provide complete value for your money. 


The course is designed considering the students, and you have support available at every step. The staff has good knowledge of their work with all the latest technologies available for them and the students.


Some questions might be difficult for some to answer.


This school started its operation in 1999, and it started offering its services at a reasonable price, so it grabbed its clients in a short period. The staff of the company has been there with them since the beginning, that is why their service quality is still the same. The prices are still reasonable, but their service course now requires gradation.


The school’s courses are state-licensed, and their classes can be taken on any available devices by the students. The devices may include a phone, tablet, or DVD course.

It is among the least expensive options for online traffic schools. They guarantee the lowest price and claim to provide the course at a lower price than theirs if any other online school offers it.

Tests and quizzes are easy to pass. It is a mobile-optimized course, and it fulfills the requirement of being fast, cheap, and easy to attend the course.


Few students might find an element of being bored during the course because of the theoretical aspects involved in the course learning.

Self-Paced Traffic School

In this school, you can study online courses and then give your test according to your own pace. So it is kind of a chilled study experience in a traffic school. So if you are a slow learner, you can very well manage according to your ability, and if you are in a hurry, you can speed up the learning process.


Timings can be adjusted as per the candidate’s own learning pace. The school is open 24 hours a day.


How tech-friendly their courses are is not known.


The education techniques which are used by iDriveSafely help their students in achieving their desired results in the least possible time. They have been offering their services for many years and have ensured perfection in their service by helping those who have committed mistakes while driving.


Experienced drivers are part of the iDriveSafely team and have many years of experience. They make you pass the test as early as possible.

Video Course

The facility of video course is also available for candidates who are not willing to read too much, but the cost for this is more than an ordinary course. They use multimedia tools in their courses along with good-quality audio and video of 3D Graphics. It results in disturbance-free learning.

Flexible hours

This is another crucial feature of their online service because the customers can cope with the course at their speed and in their spare time. You finish the course and attempt the final exam in your free time.


This course teaches you the driving laws of California, defensive techniques of driving, and fundamentals of driving. The learning procedure is easy as it is online and based on the latest technology, and prices are also reasonable. You learn to drive more safely with their staff’s instructions. Short animated videos and written lessons have been designed by the school’s instructors. As a result, you make the best use of your time with the help of experienced staff and become better drivers in lesser time.


Their course provides value, but they are not among the least expensive courses available online in California.

Easy Fix Traffic School

Language flexibility can also be enjoyed in this school. The course offered by this school is in Spanish and English language as well. You can take the course in any of these languages. It depends on you to complete your course in one go or take days to finish it online whenever you are free to learn. You can repeat your course lessons whenever you want to. 


Time flexibility is a positive factor in their service.


The charges of the course are not known, and advertising is not much effective for the school.


This school focuses on following the easiest, old-style, and simple approach to teaching their course to the candidates. You cover and finish all topics and then give an exam to pass and succeed. They do not have videos or pictures to teach but simple reading material to go through and understand safe driving. They teach you how you can avoid getting involved in any sort of accident or traffic violation in the future. This teaching technique might not be attractive for all.


When you have to do reading only, learning possibilities are faster. You have to go through it and give the test in the end.


This much of simple studying approach might not be fun learning for all because reading is the only option in their course, which seems a little outdated as well. Complicated details might get skipped because of that.

Lazy Traffic School

Lazy drivers who have committed traffic errors while driving can go to this school because they simply guide you in the study material precisely and efficiently. If you want to get over your driving mistake in any way possible and the easiest one, then their course has been designed for you. 


They make you pass with maximum information in the easiest way possible. 


How user-friendly their online courses are not known.


This is the most reputable school in the state of California. They deliver their instructions conveniently and in fun ways. They have mobile-friendly courses, and their service is active 24 hours and seven days a week.

Their videos use realistic 3-D animated scenarios to make you understand how you can do principle-based safe driving.

Customer review

Their instructors have experience of more than two decades, and they are available to guide you through customer service 24 hours a day. The experience of customers is analyzed by the school. More than tens of thousands of students have given them 5-star ratings online.


Easy video learning in the course with expert drivers for your guidance and a completion certificate is given to you with no extra charges. Learning techniques are well up to date.


Sometimes customer support is hard to reach, and the quizzes may contain mistakes. The arrival of certificates can be late sometimes. Bugs in the website can cause a delay in the learning process.

Easy Street Online Traffic School

Their presence has been on social media for many years, and you can go through reviews of customers to know the worth of this school. This school has been providing its service since 1998 in California. In case of any trouble, email and chat support are available. Their passing rate is almost 99%, and their final paper consists of only 25 questions.


They have been in business for a long time and have experienced staff. Their passing rate is very high because of their easy testing approach.


The easy-passing approach is questionable as far as conveying complete knowledge to the clients is concerned.


Traffic School gives the option of video learning, learning by reading, and workbook delivery to your home. It is your choice if you want to learn, just be reading or use video-based learning or want the workbook delivered to your home. The course costs $19.95. You can learn and pass the test at your convenience, and the certificate will reach you soon after passing.


The course is not very difficult to learn because you can flexibly arrange your schedule. Questions are easy, and the test can be retaken if you fail it.


Topics covered in the course appear to be repetitive, verification service is costly and has many issues in the system, according to the students. In addition, result reporting is not a very satisfactory process.

Easy City Traffic School

If you feel that you would not be able to pass your test on the first attempt in any other school, then easy city traffic school must be your choice as it allows multiple attempts to pass the test. This course can be taken many times if you keep on getting failed. This school’s course has many quizzes as part of the course, and you must pass those quizzes.


Multiple attempts are allowed to pass the test.


The driving experience of the instructors and the course designers is not known.


If you want to remove a point in your record of driving, then you must join any one of the above driving schools. All of them provide good service to their clients, but they also have some negative points, which have also been mentioned in this article. You can go through all of them and decide which suits you the best to join for training classes. 


How long does it take to complete a single traffic school session online? 

Starting from the beginning in an online course of traffic school, you may finish a session in 1 to 3 hours. You can cover this session at the convenience of your home.

Does traffic school help in removing tickets from the record in California?

Yes. It is allowed by the state of California to join a traffic school if you want to remove a ticket point on your driver’s license caused due to moving violation of traffic rules.

What is the process of joining a traffic school after traffic rules violation?

First, you pay the traffic school amount in court. Then Agreement to Attend Driver Improvement School comes from the court. Then you can register for any state DMV-approved traffic school to join it for removing traffic violation ticket