PTS Admission Requirements and GPA

To know what are the admission requirements and GPA for Princeton Theological seminary(PTS)…read on this article…

Princeton University counted as among the most esteemed universities globally, has set its standards par excellence in addition to its theological seminary that boasts of similar standards. The Princeton Theological Seminary distinguishes itself by the requirements it has set up for its students who, unfortunately, need to be arduously adhered to to secure a place at this prestigious institution including the trivial requirements for a GPA.

PTS Admission Requirements and GPA

The Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS)  has identified a series of distinct parameters to give off the impression of an independent institute yet it sufficiently relies on the air that Princeton sustains itself with. Here are some of the requirements that the Princeton Theological Seminary has set for its students to be deemed worthy of a university:

  • GPA
  • Standardized Test Scores (SAT or ACT)
  • Extra-curricular Activities

PTS admission requirements and GPA

Unlike Princeton University, PTS prides itself on placing a minimum admission requirements of an average GPA of 3.15. However, to borrow a leaf from Princeton University itself, it does so to communicate the reputation of being selective. Recently, it has raised its GPA to at least 3.31, perhaps to assert the reverence of the institution PTS has been invariably attached. To be fair, that’s a steady GPA that one can strive to maintain depending on the major the student is interested in including Divinity and Ministry, Theology and Theological Studies, Religious Education, and Theological and Ministerial Studies. 

Up until now, PTS has evaded revealing the acceptance rate that it admits students to, thus only fueling more speculation. Some have speculated that PTS does not provide data for its acceptance rate as it seeks to be known beyond such numbers and lets its distinguished alumni do the talking. Among the alumnus include Bart.D Ehrman, Dave Brat, Elijah Parish Lovejoy, and Henry Van Dyke.

Let not these standards for GPA intimidate you as this only can be perceived as a way to gauge and arrive at a decisive conclusion regarding the college that suits you the most. Follow those pursuits that lead you to the college of your dreams and hopefully, your efforts will allow what you envision to complete a jigsaw puzzle.

SAT Scores

PTS, like Princeton, gratefully accepts both SAT and ACT scores and GPA, In terms of what SAT scores are required, no specific sets of admission requirements have been laid out. Frustratingly so, PTS has been incredibly vague about the set of SAT scores that presides over their admission process. Although it does showcase its professionalism by determining the number of times the SAT or ACTs can be taken which is 6, one should aim to go for a score that inevitably falls within the competitive scope of the scores of 1600. The average of each component, Maths, and English for which the latter includes Reading, Writing, and an Essay if one opts for it to be selected in an esteemed university.

What can be inferred from PTS’s vagueness with its SAT and ACT scores is that it perhaps does not accept scores that do not exceed 800 for the former and 35 for the latter. Such high scores may be considered an exception to some standards yet as it is strongly affiliated with Princeton University, PTS strongly wishes to remind its applicants where it originally descended from. Setting an implied requirement for SAT and ACT scores is one of those measures that PTS subscribes to.

Extra curricular activities

However, if you remain on the verge of curiosity to find out which college is willing to admit to, here is a link that you can try . I should assure you that this is not a complete assessment of what achievements and accomplishments but this might help you to consider whether the odds can fall in your favor or

On a similar spectrum of other universities, PTS encourages participation in extracurricular activities as long as they align with the degree that the applicants are choosing to apply for. For instance, volunteering as an activity is highly taken into account if an applicant is equally invested in that activity. For PTS, volunteering, generally, benefits the individual and the community at large including their institution as it forms an integral part of their values. PTS itself includes these activities that inculcate and instill these values of communal attachment.

On the other hand, other activities such as joining a band, being involved in sports, or even cheerleading are equally welcomed that should attempt to a student’s personal growth, confidence and self-efficacy. Most importantly, PTS takes into account what a potential student has been up to during the summer whether it be employment or group activities that accentuate one’s leadership qualities and other characteristics that are not always quantifiable like grades and test scores. 

Grades and test scores are a pivotal aspect of securing one’s admission but extracurricular activities help elevate one’s potential and strengths as an individual and this is a notion that PTS does not want to neglect. Equally striking a balance between all three may make you eligible for admission but individual satisfaction is also paramount.

PTS stands at the position of 2879 out of 14134 globally, 842 out of 2597 in North America, 17 out of 47 in New Jersey, and 114 out of 1011 in Theological and Divinity Studies yet it remains elusive as ever. As a student myself, all I can recommend is those potential applicants to keep up with their student resume, assemble reliable recommendations from their teachers and provide themselves a good head start with their applications. Completing it at the last minute would only increase the chances for multiple mistakes which won’t be possible to reverse once the application is submitted. It does not matter whether a student nails an application or not; it matters as long as their heart remains in it. This includes one’s college essay, which in PTS’s dictionary, be stellar enough to compel them to admit you. If this is insufficient to fall within their good books, then I have run officially run out of id